Ox horn comb vs wood comb

ox horn comb vs sandalwood comb
Ox horn comb vs wood comb. Which one would you choose?

Most of the combs we use in our daily lives are wooden combs, ordinary wooden combs, although not static, with no health effects, so some people in the choice of combs will be inclined to ox horn combs as well as higher-end sandalwood combs. Ox horn comb compared to ordinary wooden comb is of course better chip, but compared to sandalwood comb is also slightly less.

ox horn comb vs wood comb

  1. Wooden comb and ox horn comb are perfect, the wooden comb is more suitable for young people, and the ox horn comb is more suitable for the elderly.
  2. Ox horn comb and ordinary wooden comb comparison, of course, is the ox horn comb is better, can play a preventive effect of static electricity, we can become more comfortable in use.
  3. Ordinary wooden comb is made of fiber, can’t be pulled or dropped, and it’s very troublesome to recover if deformation occurs.

Ox horn combs are better than ordinary wooden combs. Its main role is to make the blood circulation of the scalp faster, enhance the immune system, and very wet, not easy to pull the hair down, but also stops itching, removes hair dirt, refreshes, and wakes up the role of the brain is also very obvious, but also to make the hair growth rate faster, can be shu Jingju, tranquillity and brain, every morning and evening can be combed with an ox horn comb, first from the front to the back of the comb, and then from the rear The first time you can comb from front to back, then from back to front, each time you can comb more will be.

ox horn comb vs sandalwood comb

  1. Sandalwood combs its texture close and hard, colorful and varied, fragrant and eternal, and not invasive, but also can avoid the evil cure, so it is also known as the sacred sandalwood, people often take it as a good-luck charm, to protect the peace and good luck.
  2. Sandalwood comb can relieve headaches, and ear smart eyes, slow brain decline, remove fatigue, and benefit the brain to wake up. It does not easily cause static electricity induction, and its drive chain is round and smooth, combing does not easily cause skin irritation, and can reduce hair loss.
  3. Sandalwood comb can promote the blood circulation system of the human brain, ensure blood supply to the human brain, lower blood pressure, and prevent cerebral hemorrhage and other diseases.

In many material combs, the best or sandalwood comb, like mahogany series of ebony, sourwood, and rosewood, some of which are more expensive, under cost-effective, or ox horn comb is more cost-effective some. Ox horn comb itself is medicine, for headache, rheumatism, and fear of cold people! In the Compendium of Materia Medica, it is recorded that ox horn has medicinal effects such as clearing heat and removing toxins, nourishing yin and cooling blood, lowering blood pressure, and removing rheumatism. So buying sandalwood comb as a priority is recommended, followed by a better choice of ox horn comb, which is more cost-effective.

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