Which is better, ox horn combs or goat horn combs?

goat horn comb
What is the goat horn comb benefits?

Ox horn comb and goat horn comb are both well-liked by people in life. Because they both have the health effects of the two combs, these combs look very fine, many people in the choice of comb, do not know whether to choose the horn comb or goat horn comb good. What is the difference between the ox horn comb and the goat horn comb?

Difference between ox horn comb and goat horn comb

The ox horn combs and goat horn combs on the market are collectively known as “ox horn combs”. Sheep horn combs are also known as “white horn combs” because sheep horns are yellowish-white in colour. The first step in understanding horn combs is to differentiate them by the type of cow or sheep. The finished comb can be seen from the general appearance.

1. Ox horn

A black buffalo horn, white buffalo horn, yellow horn, and yak horn.

2. Black buffalo horn

Most of the body is black, a few have green-black lines, basically no colour, warm and thick.

3. White buffalo horn

Crystal clear, texture like jade, white buffalo horn comb body is greenish white, or with brown, dark green and other stripes.

4. Yellow horn

Colour to gradient mostly, the colour is very rich and gorgeous, generally reddish-brown, white, black, brown and other intermingled.

5. Yak horn

The colour is rich and varied, with brown, yellow, white and so on. White lines and horns are especially prominent, which are not found in other horns.

6. Sheep horn

Sheep horn, goat horn. The colour is beautiful and transparent. The colour is yellow, earthy yellow, light yellow and white, generally will be a bit, strip, block or filament red blood and black lines dotted in between, excellent toughness, is to do the horn comb of the finest materials.

Goat horn vs Ox horn comb

1. From the appearance

Sheep horn comb will look more beautiful than the horn comb, pattern, colour and lustre, sheep horn comb than the horn comb looks good, and appearance, sheep horn comb than the horn comb to be more toughness, will be than horn comb is not easy to break.

2. From the composition

Ox horn comb to be more than the density of the sheep’s horn comb some, will be more feel some, take in the hand will be more feel hand cool some, and, after the density of the ox horn comb high, will be more than the sheep’s horn comb is not easy to deformation.

3. From traditional Chinese medicine

Of ox horn comb is contained in the compendium of materia medica, its ingredients on the human body have a great benefit, and goat horn comb has not been recorded, goat horn comb raw materials, the price is low, while the ox horn comb material is relatively rare, the value is also high.

4. From the efficacy and role

The ox horn comb is better than the sheep horn comb and more conducive to health. Ox horn functions for heat, cool blood, shock, and detoxification, and goat horn is good for liver, lung fire, and antispasmodic, efficacy is quite good, for the treatment of fever, convulsions of the hands and feet of the important medicine.

The ox horn in the comb is a pure natural biological product. Its colour is miscellaneous green, warm texture, its nature of warm and cool, combing feel very soft, no sense of static electricity. Long-term combing, medicinal properties slightly infiltrated, nourishing Yin beauty, hair care …… Ox horn raw material is large, you can do wide teeth thick comb, morning and evening combing massage the scalp, stimulate acupuncture points, improve blood circulation, wake up the brain, eliminate fatigue, and comb up more comfortably.

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