What are the benefits of yak horn comb?

yak horn comb
Do you know how to tell the difference between the real thing and the fake thing?

Yak horn comb is made of pure natural yak horn refined from the snowy plateau. It is well-liked by people because of its unique efficacy and modelling. So what is its efficacy? And how to distinguish the real from the fake?

Yak horn comb

Because yak grows in the highland alpine area above 3000m above sea level, the growth cycle is much longer compared to buffalo or cattle, so the yak horn has high density, high hardness, and strong toughness, and the protein fibre contained inside the horn is also richer, and the durability of yak horn combs processed by yak horn is high and the effect of using yak horn is much better. Due to the characteristics of yak horn, the processing of yak horn combs is also more difficult than that of buffalo horn and yellow horn, and the process is more complicated.

Yak horn comb benefits

Yak horn comb does not produce static electricity, as the saying goes, “A thousand over the comb, the head is not white”, every morning and evening with the yak horn comb, from the front to the back, and then from the back to the front to gently touch the scalp of each comb scraping a few times, even force. Adhere to regular use, can dredge the meridians, promote blood circulation in the head, refresh the brain, and improve sleep. Prevent hair malnutrition and long white hair, yellow hair and hair loss.

How to identify the real and fake?

1. Weighing

The real yak horn comb is heavier, the plastic one is lighter, If you put the horn comb into the water, the horn comb will sink to the bottom of the water, while the plastic one will float on the water’s surface.

2. Smell

The real horn comb has a smell, you can put the comb on your breath or dip the comb in hot water, the yak horn will emit a smell, and the smell is similar to the smell of burning human hair or nails.

3. Burning with fire

Yak horn comb is powder after burning, plastic is sticky after burning, and yak horn will be accompanied by a strong smell when burning.

4. Look at the static electricity

Yak horn comb has high anti-static, using horn comb comb is no static electricity, especially in the winter when hair is dry. The plastic comb used is powerful static electricity. You can also use some paper to rub the comb a few times, yak horn is no static electricity, and plastic comb is static electricity.

5. Feeling

The real yak horn comb has a cool feeling, while the fake one has no such feeling.

6. Look at the grain

The real yak horn comb carefully looks at the comb on some natural lines, these textures are natural growth, but the fake one is not.

How to choose a yak horn comb?

The yak horn combs on the market are of different quality, you can choose yak horn combs from the material, craftsmanship, feel, comfort, colour and beauty.

1. Materials

A good horn comb is made of high-quality materials so that the comb will be thicker and free of flaws, cracks and colours.

2. Craftsmanship

In a good horn comb, the horn comb body should be smooth and rounded, polished to be flat and glossy, open teeth should be even and neat, tooth tip should be rounded and smooth.

3. Feeling

A good horn comb should have a good hand feel, and it should be comfortable to hold.

4. Comfort

Good horn comb in combing the scalp when the teeth across the scalp are very comfortable, to not appear too sharp to scratch the scalp, so that better to comb the scalp massage at the same time, to play a better health care effect.

5. Colour

Because yak horn comb are processed using natural yak horn material, so each comb is unique, because the texture of yak horn is relatively strong, and a good yak horn comb colour is very beautiful.

6. Beautiful

A good yak horn comb should be beautiful and generous, beautifully modelled and well-proportioned.

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