Why do sandalwood combs turn green? “Fluff”? “Spitting”?

sandalwood combs turn green
Sandalwood combs turn green? Don’t be alarmed. It’s nature’s magic.

Sandalwood comb is a common comb with special material and efficacy, many people like to use sandalwood comb. There is a kind of sandalwood comb that will turn green after a long time to place, this may be the characteristics of the wood itself, but may also be oxidation, moisture light and heat caused by it.

Reasons why sandalwood combs turn green

1. Oxidation of sandalwood causes it to turn partially green

People call this kind of sandalwood that can turn green sandalwood. Its open material looks like jade and has a distinctive fragrance, so it is also called jade sandalwood.

2. Sandalwood combs turn green mainly because the wood is damp

Green sandalwood is usually yellowish-green in colour, but it will turn blue-green or brownish-green if it is exposed to moisture or heat from light. Therefore, when storing sandalwood combs, you need to pay attention to keep them dry and avoid moisture.

3. Sandalwood is rich in organic substances

Green sandalwood combs are initially brown and will gradually turn green over some time. Green sandalwood is rich in organic substances, in the closed film, organic substances can not volatilise out and will form crystal clear crystals on the surface of the wood. It looks like “fluff”, but it is not mould. This is because green sandalwood is rich in organic matter, but also the easiest way to determine the true green sandalwood.

Tip: For this crystallisation of “fluff”, please do not worry, you only need to use a cotton towel to gently wipe, sandalwood products will be new.

How to make green sandalwood greener?

1. High quality green sandalwood

To become greener, you first need to choose high-quality green sandalwood. High-quality green sandalwood usually has a uniform colour and fine texture, so that it can better maintain and enhance the green colour.

2. Natural oil care

Proper care can help green sandalwood maintain its vivid green colour. You can use natural oils, such as olive oil or linseed oil, to apply a thin layer of green sandalwood, and then gently wipe it with a clean soft cloth, so that the oil penetrates the interior of the string, and plays the role of conservation.

3. Avoid prolonged contact with water

Prolonged contact with water will affect the colour of its surface. Therefore, in the daily use of green sandalwood products, try to avoid prolonged contact with water.

4. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun

The ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause the colour of green sandalwood to fade or even fade. Therefore, it is best to store it in a cool and ventilated place and avoid exposure to sunlight.

5. Clean regularly

Regular cleaning will keep its green colour vibrant. You can use a soft toothbrush dipped in a small amount of soapy water or mild detergent to gently brush over the string rinse it off with water, and finally dry it with a clean soft cloth.

Green sandalwood identification methods

1. Spitting

Green sandalwood in the new processing in the closed film content easily generates crystal clear flocculent crystals. They are commonly known as “spitting”. This is the unique characteristic of green sandalwood, this one can distinguish the authenticity. But “spitting” exposed to the air will quickly disappear with the wind.

2. Density

Green sandalwood has an air-dry density of 1.30g/cm3 and will sink quickly when placed in water.

3. Smell

Natural green sandalwood smells fresh and eternal, but not pungent. The smell can make a person quickly quiet, God. The counterfeit green sandalwood smell is mostly strong and pungent, getting fainter.

4. Colour

New green sandalwood is mainly yellowish brown. It will turn green in a day or two. The green colour will gradually deepen. Because its wood surface contains substances of oxidation discolouration, gently wipe with a white cloth dipped in water, the white cloth will not have green, such as violent friction, due to any surface reaction optical discolouration substances are also a natural pigment, so you can wipe the light green down, but wipe the parts of the light and heat by the role of the light and can be restored to green.

Green sandalwood maintenance

1. Ventilation

Green sandalwood is placed longer the colour greener, and yellow-brown in the sunlight, in dim light changes to green, humidity and temperature increase, and changes to dark blue, a naturally beautiful wood grain, magical and beautiful. Placed in a ventilated place, usually rubbed with a dry cloth can be.

2. Polishing

Green sandalwood cut surface has different shades of green and high water content. Generally, it is to take the shade dry method of processing, processing the surface of the wood and relatively strong oil, to protect the lustre of green sandalwood. Often wipe with cotton cloth material, pay attention to the cotton cloth, can not use the wrong, otherwise, it will affect the lustre. Green sandalwood has a permanent strange fragrance, which is one of the reasons why people love it. Some people worry that taking it out from time to time will make the fragrance fade we do not need to worry at all. Green sandalwood items should be sparred regularly so that the lustre can be made more vibrant.

Green sandalwood comb benefits

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