How can I comb my hair to prevent hair loss?

prevent hair loss
Four major benefits of regular hair combing?

Hair loss is a common problem in modern society under the pressure of heavy life and work, and prevent hair loss is important for maintaining the personal image. For people prone to hair loss, a good comb can be used to pamper your beloved hair every day, and can also be used as a massager, which is very helpful in preventing hair loss.

So how do you comb your hair to prevent hair loss?

First of all, of course, a good comb, horn comb, and wooden comb is the best. Secondly, you should comb your hair in the morning and evening, and ensure the number of times, hundreds of times, or need. Below take a look at the specific knowledge of combing hair to prevent hair loss!

The four major benefits of regular combing

1. Shu meridian blood

The head is an important part of the body, but also the body of all the veins of the Yang convergence place, the human head acupuncture points and veins are distributed more, often combing the head, on the meridians of the dredging, blood has a great auxiliary effect.

2. Maintenance of hair

Ancient people believed that hair is the embodiment of the health of the body’s blood, so there was a winter solstice night time, combing the head a thousand two hundred times to praise the Yang Qi, through the age of the five viscera circulation. The name of the “immortal hair washing method”. Modern medicine to comb hair to raise the explanation is that the growth of hair scalp tissues needs to provide continuous nutrition and oxygen to maintain, people comb the hair when gentle stimulation, through the nerve reflex, promotes blood circulation in the head to meet the scalp and hair blood and oxygen needs, speed up the metabolism of the cells, so that the hair becomes black and moist.

3. Health care refreshing

Frequent combing in addition to hair care, but also effective health care body. Regular combing of hair, not only can brighten the eyes, relieve headaches, prevent colds, and even help the body reduce blood pressure, and reduce the chances of brain diseases. In busy work, often combing hair can also relieve fatigue, delay brain aging, and can be said to be multi-purpose.

4. Clean head

Regular combing can also effectively remove part of the head of hair loss, hair breakage, floating skin, dirt and secretions, etc., to keep hair, and scalp clean, promote sebaceous glands in the head for secretion, and increase metabolism.

How to prevent hair loss by combing?

The first is to choose the appropriate comb, horn comb, wooden comb, etc. will not produce static electricity, nylon, or plastic combs easily produce static electricity, and hair, and skin damage, should not be used, comb teeth sparse and dense moderate, the teeth can not be too sharp, and to keep the comb clean at all times.

1. Morning and evening combing

Day morning and evening combing hair a hundred times can stimulate the scalp to improve the ventilation between the hair. Because the scalp is easy to sweat in dirty places, diligent combing of hair may help prevent baldness and dandruff. We’d better be able to spend a little effort on our hair so that the hair maintains a state of light and moisturizing.

2. Change the direction of combing

If the direction of combing stays the same, the area where the hair is separated from the seams will become particularly dry or thin due to the constant exposure to the sun. If the parted area starts to become thin, you should massage it after applying hair milk or head oil to moisturize the dry scalp. Sometimes it is good to change the direction of the parting, not only to enjoy the fun of hairstyle but also to avoid the dryness of the parting, which may lead to the trouble of baldness.

Daily practice of combing hair to prevent hair loss

  • Comb hair, through the Hundred Club, the sun, jade pillow, wind pool, and other important points, can dredge the blood, so that the blood flows, thus improving the blood circulation of the head follicles under the endings, regulating brain function, enhance the nutrition of the brain cells, such as long term adherence, but also to slow down the aging process. Some people say that combing is a kind of brain health massage method, which is reasonable.
  • Regular combing can nourish the scalp, and prevent and treat hair loss, some people can even so white hair black. Regular combing, and brain, ear, and eyesight roles can relieve headache symptoms, and eliminate excessive brain lead-up fatigue phenomenon. Because the head has many acupuncture points and specific stimulation areas, combining constant knocking and stimulation of these points and stimulation areas, can dredge the meridian gas, and adjust the blood, so also can migraine, eye disease, insomnia, etc. have certain prevention and treatment effects.
  • Three combs a day method is not difficult, the most important thing is to insist. Get up early in the morning with the toilet and rinse finished, with 10 minutes to comb your head. Before and after the left and right, combing against combing, combing from the forehead to the neck; from light to heavy, from slow to fast, eyes closed, mind and soul stability, do not think about other, concentrate on combing. Stimulate the hair and acupuncture points, scalp will feel slightly numb slightly painful, and then will feel relaxed and comfortable. Combing the end of the hair, hands on the face pull ears and neck, so that the whole head blood flow.
  • After lunch, use another 5 minutes to comb your hair. Repeat the morning method times (but may not have to jack face pull ear grasp neck), re-enliven the head blood, and continue to stimulate the head acupoints.
  • At night before going to bed, and then use 10 minutes according to the above method for combing the head, including jerking the face and pulling the ears to grasp the neck, so that the head acupoints to get more effective stimulation and activation. However, the evening combing action can be slow, and some, eyes closed tightly, put aside all distractions, the right to make the head massage before going to bed so that sleep feels better and, of higher quality.

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