How to tell the real from the fake ox horn comb?

natural ox horn comb
Do you know how to tell the difference between natural ox horn comb?

Ox horn comb is a kind of comb made of ox horn as raw material, ox horn itself is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, so ox horn comb has certain health effects. However, there are a lot of poor-quality combs on the market pretending to be ox horn combs, how should we identify them? Follow Geeshair to learn more about ox horn hair combs.

What is an ox horn comb?

  • The natural ox horn comb is made of ox horn, handmade by traditional craftsmanship.
  • Natural ox horn comb materials include buffalo horn, yellow ox horn, yak horn, sheep horn, goat horn, screw goat horn, and so on.
  • Using a horn comb will not produce a sense of static electricity.
  • Early in the morning with a horn comb several times, its pharmacological properties in the massage of the human brain scalp and head nerves to promote blood circulation, and invisible penetration into the human body.
  • In the evening, massage the head with the horn comb, its pharmacological properties make people relax the tension and fatigue of the day.
  • Regular use of a horn comb can effectively reduce and eliminate hair loss, and broken hair dandruff.
  • Long-term use can eliminate headaches and other head diseases so that you are clear-headed, refreshed and agile thinking.

How do you distinguish between real and fake horn combs?

1. Texture comparison

The real horn comb is straight and lubricated, the surface is smooth like a mirror, has no flaws, is crystal clear, looks thicker, feels good, and the colour is obvious. Imitation products are far from catching up with the real thing, the surface is rough, the colour is dull, lack of lustre, and some with impurities, a lot of holding in the hand is light and fluffy.

2. Smell

The reason why the name of the horn comb is because it is made of ox horn, so the genuine smell will have a kind of horny odour, blowing a breath against the comb, or using a finger dipped in water to rub back and forth on it, there will also be a unique fishy smell of horns. Counterfeit usually has a plastic taste, friction will not appear fishy odour.

3. Sinking experiment

In addition, you can also identify the authenticity of horn combs by sinking water. Prepare a clean container full of water and then put the comb in, because the density of the horn comb is greater than the density of water, the real horn comb will sink, sinking faster. Fake horn combs will float above the water.

4. Static electricity test

Rubbing the horn comb with fabric, prepare a small handful of confetti, and put the horn comb close to the confetti to observe its reaction. Genuine products generally do not react when close to the confetti, meaning that they do not suck up the paper. Imitation products are mainly made of plastic, so they will suck up the paper shreds.

5. Look at the appearance

The comb body of a natural horn comb will generally have a slightly curved phenomenon, which is not inferior, but the unique natural curvature of the horn of the cow and goat, which is made by the natural shape of the horn of the cow and goat. Counterfeit horn comb style single, pieces are almost the same, most of which are machine-pressed. Natural horn comb style variety, a thousand combs have a thousand looks, but there are not the same two combs.

6. Grinding powder identification

With nail clippers on the edge of the horn comb slightly grinding and scraping to see if it is easy to grind and scrape out the powder, just like our manicure, because they contain keratinized protein, so friction will appear when the powder. Cow and sheep horn products ground out of the powder has cow and sheep horn unique horny odours. Counterfeit plastic products or synthetic resin products are not able to grind out powder in this way.

7. Destructive testing

This method is destructive, but it is an effective way. To use a lighter to burn the comb, burn a corner can be, natural horn comb will have the horn of the stench, is black, burned with a finger to pinch, was carbon end. Counterfeit horn combs are generally made of plastic, burned into a piece, like glue, and sticky, with a finger to pinch will become silk, and the taste is pungent.

Which kind of horn comb is good?

1. Yellow horn comb

Horn comb can be used by the general public, its nature is warm and suitable for hair thinning, and hair loss situations. At the same time, the yellow horn comb is more durable and cost-effective.

2. Buffalo horn comb

Harder texture, not easy to bend and crack. It is suitable for people with dense hair and good hair quality. Buffalo horn comb has white buffalo horn comb and black buffalo horn comb, of which the black buffalo horn is more common, most of the body is black, and a few have green-black lines. Natural white buffalo horn is rare, white buffalo horn comb body is green-white, and a few also have lines. White buffalo horn can be used as medicine and is cool.

3. Yak Horn Combs

Yak horn comb has a solid texture and fine grain, which can effectively prevent static electricity.

4. Rhinoceros Horn Comb

Firm texture and is better at preventing static electricity, but its price is more expensive.

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