Does the ox horn comb smell bad? How to get rid of it?

horn comb smell
Don’t like the ox horn comb smell, you can remove it.

Ox horn combs are favored by people for their powerful health benefits, but people are wondering about their smell. What is the horn comb smell?

Why does a horn comb have a bad smell?

  1. An ox horn comb with a bad smell means that the ox horn comb you bought is genuine.
  2. Real horn comb, first smell, can smell a fishy smell, if you can not smell it, you can use hot water to soak, as a horn comb will have a taste.
  3. Cow horn comb is made of cow horn, and the main ingredient is keratinized protein, without too much treatment cow horn comb is wet with water after emitting the smell of cow horn, and this tastes for a long time, and it will become fainter.

How to remove the ox horn comb smell?

The taste of the horn comb smell is a natural smell, and will gradually fade over time, if you can not stand the fishy smell of the horn comb, you can use the following methods to reduce it:

  1. Put the horn comb in the rice water inside soak it for half a day, and then take it out, so that the taste will be significantly reduced, this method of horn comb loss is easy to deform, do not recommend this.
  2. In the horn comb smear a little usually we use hand cream or hair care oil, and wipe evenly, so you can cover off the fishy smell of the horn comb.
  3. Prepare a wet towel and use its aromatic properties to break down the odor of the comb by pulling down on the heat generated by the friction of the wet towel. You can also put the horn comb vertically and put the wet wipes on the horn comb vertically. Press down on the comb with both hands until the teeth of the comb pierce the wipe. Continue to pull the wipes downwards until you reach the bottom of the comb so that the wipes can effectively remove the odor from the comb.

How to maintain the horn comb?

  1. Natural materials are smooth fiber production, avoiding wrestling, pulling, force, folding, and avoiding high temperatures.
  2. Avoid hard object collision friction or scratches.
  3. Please do not place the horn comb at a temperature more than 40 ° C environment, bear in mind that the comb can not be placed in a place where the sun shines.
  4. avoid soaking the comb in water for a long time, after cleaning, wipe it clean with a dry towel immediately and put it in a cool place to dry.
  5. If the comb is deformed, please use the hairdryer to heat it up and then press it flat with a heavy object.
  6. If the weather is dry in winter, it is better to apply hand cream on the surface of the comb after each cleaning.

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