How to identify white buffalo horn combs?

white buffalo horn comb
White buffalo horn comb efficacy and function?

Buffalo horn comb has natural white buffalo horn comb and natural black buffalo horn comb two kinds of natural white buffalo horn comb are rare, health effects than the black buffalo horn comb. So what are the effects and functions of white buffalo horn comb?
Because of the rarity of white buffalo horn comb, so many fake white buffalo horn comb appeared on the market, so how to identify the real white buffalo horn comb? With these questions, let Geeshair and you together to open the window of knowledge of white buffalo horn comb.

White buffalo horn comb benefits

  • White buffalo horn comb is made of cow horn, which has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times. White buffalo horn comb, you can remove dirt and not stain, relieve the itch without pain, warm and not hanging hair, accelerate the blood circulation of the scalp, enhance immunity, clear inflammation and cool the blood, analgesic itch, prevent static electricity, do not lose hair, dandruff hair care, soothe the tendons and activate the blood, tranquillize the spirit and brain, and promote the growth of hair, and other unique health care effects.
  • As the saying goes, “A thousand times comb your hair, your head is not white”. Every morning and evening with a white buffalo horn comb, from the front to the back, and then from the back to the front gently touch the scalp comb scraping a few times, to force the average, long years with the horn comb, can dredge the meridians and promote the blood circulation in the head, to prevent the hair nutritional deficiencies caused by the growth of grey hair, yellow hair and hair loss.

How to identify white buffalo horn combs?

1. Colour

Natural white buffalo horn is not pure white, like green jade, yellow jade, or white jade colour, the tip of the thick part of the colour is more sedate green and accompanied by white annual lines and black bloodlines, the horn tube part of the slightly thin colour transparent more accompanied by black bloodlines, very few horns as a whole or part of the colour red.
White buffalo horn combs finished product colour and lustre are rich, often black and white colour, while the poor quality of the horn comb lacks lustre, colour and lustre of the dull, goat’s horn comb colour and lustre of the yellow, black stripe texture less, more bloodlines. Yellow horn comb is mostly translucent yellow, colour and bloodlines are not as rich as white buffalo horn.

2. Smell

White buffalo due to protein-rich, light burning with an open flame, and can be emitted with hair, and nails the same burnt smell, The horn dipped in water will smell fishy (in the mouth is not felt), these are the characteristics of the horn, but also to identify the real and fake horn products a method. Natural buffalo horn is keratin composition, protein in water can be decomposed into a kind of amino acid, decomposition process will have this smell. This keratin amino acid has cool blood detoxification, clearing heat and moistening the lungs of the Chinese medicine effect, the folk ancient use of cow horn to make cow horn cups, cow horn bowls, cow horn teething sticks, cow horn smokers is the use of this natural Chinese medicine effect.

3. Feel

White buffalo horn comb because the fibre tissue is small, fine texture, so feels very good and comfortable, yellow horn, sheep horn, or other inferior comb do feel not extremely white buffalo horn, the two put together to contrast can be felt.

4. Static electricity

White buffalo horn combs do not carry static electricity, whereas yellow horn, sheep horn, or another inferior comb easily carry static electricity. Very few hair especially poor hair in a particular environment (dry climate) contact with anything will produce static electricity, the use of a natural horn comb is no exception, but only a very individual phenomenon and not every time there will.

5. Weight

Usually, the same volume size of white buffalo horn combs as yellow horn, sheep horn, or other inferior combs is heavier.

In summary, white buffalo horn combs effects and functions, identify the real and fake, you learnt it? Does not it have a deeper understanding? Good want to have their exclusive comb, Geeshair may be helpful to you.

Love Tips

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Static electricity from comb friction can increase hair loss. Choosing a wooden comb will reduce hair loss, and sandalwood combs reduce friction with the scalp, create a massaging effect on the scalp, protect the scalp, reduce hair loss, and stimulate healthy hair follicle development!

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