Where to buy wooden combs? How to buy?

buy wooden comb
Where can I buy a wooden comb? Geeshair can help!

Wooden combs have always been regarded as part of traditional culture, representing traditional values and hair care practices.

As people become more environmentally conscious, more and more choose to use wooden combs made of natural materials to reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment. Wooden combs are considered a hair care trend, so where to buy wooden combs? And how to buy it?

Different channels to buy wooden combs

1. Traditional shop purchase

Professional hair care shops: traditional professional hair care shops often offer a wide range of wooden comb products, which are usually carefully selected and crafted for quality.

Antique shops: Some traditional wooden combs can also be found in antique shops, which may have historical value and unique craftsmanship appeal.

Craft fairs: Wooden combs can also be found at craft fairs or market stalls, where they may be works of art crafted by local artisans.

Search for “wood comb near me”, or “wooden comb nearby” to see which shops sell combs near you and buy them.

2. Buy online

E-commerce brands such as Geeshair, for example, will introduce the material, efficacy, care, and use of wooden combs in detail, so that consumers can quickly get an in-depth understanding of sandalwood combs so that they can choose the right comb for themselves.

What are the tips for buying wooden combs?

In our daily life, we often use the comb, especially the wooden comb, more good. It is important to buy a good wooden comb, what are the specific skills?

1. The density of the comb

Basically, the denser the density, the more it can increase the brightness of the hair. The surface of the comb is smooth, glossy color.

2. The thickness of the comb

Comb comb back different parts should be thick and thin excessive uniformity, also thin easy to break.

3. The material of the comb

Wooden: wooden comb, especially sandalwood comb;

Made of animal horn: keratin is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, the horn comb made of it is the best choice to take care of hair. Comb hair with a horn comb, you can remove dirt without staining, relieve itching without pain, warm and not hanging hair, and accelerate blood circulation of the scalp, enhance immunity, clear inflammation, and cool the blood, analgesic and anti-itching, to prevent static electricity, do not lose hair, eliminate dandruff and hair care, soothe the tendons and activate the blood, tranquilize the spirit and brain, and promote the growth of hair, and other unique health care effects. For example, cow horn comb has the health care effect of heat removal.

Jade: also very good, not static electricity, very beautiful, excellent gift.

In addition, there are plastic, rubber, and metal combs: contact with the hair friction will produce static electricity, and stimulate the scalp, regular use will make the hair dry, and yellow, and even lead to hair loss, dry hair should not be used. But because it can be made into different shapes, suitable for modeling practical.

4. The teeth of the comb

Buy wooden combs, to choose the top is rounded particles, the former million do not choose pointed, pointed easy to hurt the scalp, so the more round the better, dealing with the scalp is not hurt, but also has the effect of scalp massage.

5. The size of the comb

The comb is divided into large, medium, and small, generally recommended by the length of the hair to choose, the longer the hair should be chosen, the larger the comb, and the comb is best to choose soft and flexible, so that it is not easy to pull the hair, or hurt the scalp.

6. The bristles of the comb

The lower the degree of damage to the hair is animal hair, the best hair is pig bristles, plastic or nylon material is easy to cause hair static electricity, which will also make the hair knot as well as the hair scales.

7. The process structure of the comb

Can be divided into one-piece moulding and comb handle comb teeth inlay combination. Compared with the inlaid structure, the one-piece molding comb is easy to break. In the inlay structure, the comb teeth part of the wood grain direction and the comb back part of the perpendicular. So that the back of the comb and the teeth of the comb combined, the overall breaking strength is greatly improved.

8. Comb style and size

Flat comb VS V-comb: A flat comb is suitable for combing long hair and disc hair, V-comb is suitable for fluffy and pompadour hairstyles.

Big comb VS small comb: Long and thick hair is suitable for the use of a large comb, and hair fine and soft people suitable for the use of a small comb.


Comments Off on Where can I buy wooden combs? There are two channels, online and offline. But choosing the right wooden comb needs to take into account the type of wood, texture, manufacturing process, and personal habits, only to buy a wooden comb that meets the requirements and needs, better hair care, and enjoy the fun of combing.

Love Tips

But for healthier hair, try a sandalwood comb.

Geeshair can help!

Static electricity from comb friction can increase hair loss. Choosing a wooden comb will reduce hair loss, and sandalwood combs reduce friction with the scalp, create a massaging effect on the scalp, protect the scalp, reduce hair loss, and stimulate healthy hair follicle development!

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