What to do with split ends?

split ends
How to fix split ends and dull hair?

After the test of the summer sun and high temperatures, many people’s hair will appear split ends, dry, yellow, and a series of problems. The emergence of these problems means that you should take care of your hair, otherwise, once the problem accumulates more and more, affecting the quality of your hair, it will be very difficult to repair. So, how can you fix split ends and yellow hair?

What are the reasons for split ends?

1. Personal factors

1.1. Poor nutrition

Because of a long time of malnutrition, resulting in the hair can not absorb nutrients from the body, which directly leads to hair-splitting dry and so on.

1.2. Lack of sleep

Because of the long time in the lack of sleep, this will directly lead to the body’s metabolic rate, which will lead to poor hair quality, become split ends.

1.3. Bad dietary habits

Long-term alcohol consumption and smoking will directly cause damage to the hair, and the damage to the hair is very big.

2. Environmental factors

2.1. Excessive perming and dyeing of hair

Perm, dye, bleach, and other chemical treatments, these treatments will bring harm to the hair, once in a while the impact may not be very big, but many times excessive perming and dyeing of the hair, damages the hair very big, which can easily lead to damage to the hair.

2.2. Proper use of shampoo

In daily life, many people like to use those suitable for oily hair, anti-dandruff effect, and other efficacy shampoos, these efficacy types of shampoo is very hurtful hair.

2.3. Sun exposure

Not only does human skin to sunscreen, but hair also needs sunscreen. If you often work in a sun environment, hair for a long time the impact of the sun, will lead to serious damage to the head, which will also directly cause the hair to fork, be dry, yellow, and so on the emergence of the situation.

2.4. Long-term use of hair dryers

Although the hair dryer accelerates the speed of hair drying, because the temperature is too high will lead to damage to the hair tissue, which will directly lead to hair yellow, split ends, and other situations.

What to do with split ends?

1. Choose a good shampoo

Choose a mild shampoo, or a maintenance and moisturizing shampoo, so that even if you wash your hair every day, it will cause less damage. So choose the shampoo, pay attention to see the ingredient list, and generally have a very detailed description of the above.

2. Clever use of essential oil hair care

After washing your hair dry, choose the right essential oil. The hair is first partitioned, after the partition the scalp first massaged down, and then the essential oil in the palm is rubbed until hot, and then pressed on the scalp, routine scalp massage can be done. A time of 20-30 minutes is appropriate, through the penetration of essential oils, can bring the plant’s active ingredients into the deep layers of the scalp, effectively helping the hair follicles to eliminate toxins, and back to the hair’s healthy vitality.

3. With fire

Take a handful of hair, play circle shape rolled up, and then light a candle (lighter can also be), from the hair about 1, 2 cm, back and forth to burn, pay attention to not lean too close. Use your thumb and forefinger to run through your hair to dial down the burnt hair, loose hair will find that the hair is much smoother!

How to Fix Split Ends and Yellow Hair

1. Trim the ends of your hair regularly

Even if you don’t have that series of problems, you need to trim the ends of your hair regularly and trim the ends of your yellow split ends in time, because when hair problems are about to appear, the ends of your hair basically can’t absorb the nutrients, and naturally, you’ll have a series of problems.

2. The correct perm-dye hair

If you want to change the colour of your hair, you may want to use semi-permanent and temporary hair dyes, and it is best to choose the colour that is closest to the natural hair colour of your hair. If you dye your hair, you should also control the frequency, frequent dyeing is very harmful to the hair.

3. Don’t forget to condition your hair after shampooing

After you wash your hair every time, choose a good keratin moisturising milk for hair care, the very easy-to-split ends of the hair are evenly coated with moisturising milk, you can choose to use a hair dryer to heat up a little bit, and then wash it can be.

4. Pay attention to blowing hair

After shampooing, choose to dry your hair naturally, because the high temperature of the hair dryer can damage your hair. When the hair is dry to 80%, apply a layer of heat protectant to the hair, and then use a blow dryer and a round comb to style the hair. Choose a high-powered hair dryer, those small hair dryers rely on high temperatures to bake the hair to dry the water, which is very harmful to the hair.

5. Don’t let your hair get sweaty

To avoid rabbit damage to healthy hair, we recommend tying your hair up while you work. In this way, rubber bands will protect the roots of the hair, and you can also find the tips of the hair with split ends in time.

How to prevent hair-splitting

1. Daily care

1.1. Do a good job of sun protection

Avoid going out during the sun’s strongest hours of the day, using umbrellas and hats is the most direct and effective way. When you go out, carry a hair nutrient spray with you, because hair in the sun, is easy to lose moisture and nutrients, ready to replenish to keep your hair in the best condition.

1.2. Use less hair dryer

Because of the high temperature of the blow dryer, if you use the blow dryer too many times, especially when your hair is dry and you still use the blow dryer, your hair will lose too much moisture, resulting in split ends. If you reduce the use of a blow dryer, and let the hair dry naturally, you can prevent hair-splitting.

2. Diet care

2.1. Eat more mineral-rich foods

Insufficient mineral intake will also affect hair growth. Black food contains more minerals, such as black beans, black rice, black fungus, black jujube, black sesame, and black bone chicken. Black sesame, rich in lecithin, oleic acid, palmitic acid, vitamin E, folic acid, protein, calcium, etc., can effectively nourish the hair, improve the hair to break and other adverse conditions have a significant role.

2.2. Eat more protein-rich foods

Including eggs, fish, monkey head mushrooms, lean pork, beef, milk, dairy products, and soy products. Among them, eggs, fish, meat, and milk can promote the synthesis of hair keratin, promote cell regeneration, and have an auxiliary effect on the reduction of hair loss; monkey head mushrooms have a very good effect on the promotion of hair growth; soybeans, black beans, and other legumes can prevent hair from splitting or breaking, and it is the best food for the middle-aged and old people to prevent premature baldness.

2.3. Eat more vitamin-rich foods

Vitamin A, B, C, and E-rich food. Examples of vitamin A-rich foods include carrots, spinach, lettuce leaves, almonds, kernels and mangoes. Vitamin E-rich foods include sesame oil, walnuts, olive oil, corn, malt, peas, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cabbage, and fresh lettuce.

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