What is the best way to care for men’s hair?

the best way to care for men's hair
Men’s hair care tips

Boys are generally to short hair styling mostly, but hair care can not be ignored, but also to pay attention to certain methods, so that the hair can be more healthy. What are men’s hair care methods? Men’s hair care should be from diet, shampoo temperature, shampooing method, blow-drying, and so on.

Men’s hair care methods

1. Reasonable diet

“Control your mouth” is the key to keeping the men in shape, but also has a healthy head of hair secret weapon Oh. Eat less high sugar, fried food, and other stimulating foods, and supplements rich in vitamin A (such as carrots), vitamin B (such as soy, and tomatoes), and protein (such as meat, and dairy products) and other nutrients can effectively make hair healthy and shiny because the lack of vitamins and high-quality protein is one of the culprits of the hair dull and dry. Seaweed and legumes also work wonders.

For men over 30 years old, the body of the thyroxine secretion capacity has declined, and the gloss of the hair depends largely on the role of the body of the thyroxine, eat more seaweed food, rich in iodine can supplement the nutrition of the hair so that the hair texture becomes bright shiny, hair naturally disappeared. Soybean products can not only increase the luster of the hair, but also prevent hair-splitting, and breakage, and can promote the metabolism of nerve cells, but also prevent white hair.

2. Low-temperature water shampoo

Many people mistakenly think that using hotter water to wash hair can inhibit head oil shampooing at the most appropriate water temperature is about the same as the human body temperature of 38 ℃, should not be too high temperature, otherwise it is easy to make the scalp stimulation, and even rinse off the necessity of sebum to protect the scalp, which will make the hair dry, the situation is worse and even lead to scalp aging, hair loss.

In addition, shampooing should first understand the nature of the scalp, such as a dry scalp lack of moisture, you can choose a more moisturizing shampoo product, while a neutral scalp is more will not have a big problem, but excessive cleaning or moisturizing or avoid, the oily scalp has more sebum secretion, so be sure to do a good job cleaning.

So pay attention to shampoo product ingredients that can control oil, itchiness, and dandruff, but also effectively protect the skin on the head is the ideal choice. At the same time when you wash your hair, you should pay attention to the fact that you should never pour shampoo directly on your head. This ocean is a very hurt scalp, should be rubbed in the palm foam before washing, but also use the fingertips rather than nails to wash, and massage the head, so as not to scratch the fragile scalp.

3. The correct use of a hair dryer

People often think that after washing hair using a hair dryer is mainly to blow dry hair, in fact, not, the focus is to blow dry the scalp, and hair as long as the blowing eight dry; The hair dryer is turned on when the temperature is not too high, with warm wind, cold wind blowing in the direction of the root to the end of the hair, it will not lead to excessive hair scales and become more frizzy, damaged, blowing with the fingertips into the scalp to check whether it is dry.

In addition, if you always like to use a towel after washing hair on the hair back and forth by rubbing a pass, please quickly change this habit, this is very hurtful hair, as long as the towel is easy to focus on the moisture dripping hair below the package, a little pressure to absorb the moisture on the good.

4. Avoid alcohol stimulation

Men’s hairstyles often need the help of styling products, and need to pay attention to the styling of hair do not use products containing alcohol, alcohol-containing products will make men’s hair more dry and frizzy. Men can choose leave-in conditioner, before spraying on the styling products, coated with a layer of leave-in conditioner, can form a protective film on the hair to avoid the impact of alcohol products on the hair.

5. The correct use of shampoo products

To make it easier, boys are often lazy to reduce the steps of hair washing to just “wash”. Hair washing should be divided into two steps, one is to wash, and the second is to protect. Shampoo should be shampoo in the palm of your hand rubbing a little, producing foam in the hair after the massage. Many men like to wash their hair with nails to buckle hard, thinking this will be thoroughly clean nails to clean the hair not only hurt the scalp, but also very easily cause hair loss, and the correct way to wash the hair is to use the fingertips to gently massage the rotation.

Hair care is a very important step after shampooing, you should use conditioner after each hair wash. Conditioning for many boys is very troublesome, but nowadays many boys use hair gel hair wax products, but these products are harmful to the hair, and the use of conditioner words can improve the situation. In addition, the process of washing the hair is not washed clean shampoo products will remain in the hair, the hair itself free of the protective film also has some damage, and the use of conditioner can form a protective film on the hair. At the same time, it should be noted that the opposite of laziness is the excessive use of hair care products.

6. Timely scalp massage

It is recommended to get up every day and go to bed before using fingers to massage the scalp and promote blood circulation in the head. Massage the fingers gently squeezed on both sides of the ears, and then the scalp as a whole for even pressure. Repeat the massage once on the top of the head with a little pressure, but not on the rest of the head.

Combing Hair Care Tools

Pick a sandalwood comb that suits your hair type.

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