What is the best hairstyle for thinning hair?

thinning hair
What are the common problems of thinning hair?

As we get older and because of bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and staying up late, many people start to lose their hair and hair fall. When realizing the seriousness of the problem of thinning hair, nothing can be done about it. So, what hairstyles are suitable for thinning hair? What are the common problems of thinning hair? What to do with thinning hair?

What hairstyles are suitable for thin hair?

1. Boys hair thinning hairstyles

1.1. Sharp short hair

Many people, faced with their own less and soft hair, want to keep it long to make it look more, but keeping long hair will make the original less hair look even thinner, and the soft hair will likewise make the long hair tightly close to the brain, which looks like the hair is very oily and sticking, which makes it even more unsightly.

Regular hair trimming can improve the situation where the fall is noticeable. We recommend a graduated hairstyle, which is easier on the roots and has more defined features than shorter hair, giving it a more voluminous and weighted look. As long as you put a little more effort into your outfit, the whole person will look more personalized and immediately stand out from the crowd.

1.2. Layers, thickness progressive short hair

Regarding the level, many people with less hair will have this confusion, the level will look more fluffy if you play high, but considering the popular trend, the abridged version of the watermelon head instead of giving people a kind of concise and sharp feeling.

1.3. Dye light colors appropriately

Many people with less hair and who are very soft, go to the barbershop to do styling, designers generally suggest that the hair be dyed a little lighter because hair dyed lighter has two advantages: the visual effect will be lighter; the second is to look younger.

2. Girls hair-thinning hairstyle

2.1. Slightly curly medium-length hair

The length of the hair is more girls want hair length, but also more suitable for girls with thin hair, to medium-length hair iron out a little bit of the effect of micro-volume, not only appears to be more hair, but also more fashionable foreign-style oh.

2.2. Button short hair

Button short hair length degree is different, but more people like shoulder short hair, in the hair position hot a button volume, instantly let – a monotonous hairstyle into the fashionable hairstyle. If you add a translucent sense of air bangs, cute and cute age, is a young girl and student a good choice?

2.3. Outwardly curved short hair

If you have a small face, you can try a short haircut with less hair, which is also easy to handle. The end of the hair will be slightly hot outward curls, quite cute and playful, without bangs will be more fresh spirit.

2.4. Eggrolls for medium-length hair

Some people prefer long hair, even if the hair is less to stay in the long hair of many hairstyles will appear less, can not stop them the love of long hair, then, here is recommended an egg roll in the long hair, hair length in the chest and shoulders in the middle can be, and then ironed out the Korean egg roll head, making the volume of hair will appear to be more than a few if you match with the leather jacket and the cool feeling Oh! The most important thing to remember is that it is not a good idea to have a cool feeling.

Causes of hair thinning

1. Seborrheic Alopecia

Also known as male pattern baldness, it often appears in young and middle-aged people with very obvious hair loss characteristics, that is, hair loss starts from both temples and the top of the head first, and at the same time, it is manifested as thick oily secretion on the scalp, shiny, thin and fine hair, or dry hair, dandruff, lustreless, thin and slim hair.
This kind of hair loss is usually hereditary and has a high chance of occurring commonly in the family, and the treatment needs to go to regular hospitals to take medication or hair transplantation and other professional treatment means.

2. Pathological hair loss

Mainly due to viruses, bacteria, and high fever on the hair mother cell damage, inhibits the normal division of the hair mother cell, so that the hair follicle is in a state of shock and leads to hair loss, such as acute infectious diseases, long-term use of certain drugs and so on.
Some diseases and treatments can also cause hair thinning. Diseases such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and lupus erythematosus can cause hair loss or hair thinning. Some skin conditions, such as ringworm infections, can also disrupt the functioning of hair follicles. In addition, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which are commonly used to treat cancer, can lead to hair loss, but the situation will gradually improve as the treatment ends.

3. Excessive hairdressing

A fashionable dress although bright, will also leave hidden dangers, hair gel firmly fixed upright hair, all tightly gripped hair, is a huge test of hair roots and hair follicles. Coupled with the harmful chemicals contained in hair dyes, high-temperature perm tongs, and hair dryers, may cause damage to your hair.
When your hair is harmed, it naturally doesn’t grow well enough. Many people lose their hair after hairdressing, and when they lose more hair, it becomes very thin. Therefore, before pursuing novelty hairstyles, think about the tolerance and sustainability of your hair.

4. Nutritional hair loss

Digestion and absorption dysfunction causes malnutrition leading to hair loss. Hair growth relies on protein. If you consume too much junk food in your diet, overload sugar, salt, and oil, or eat only vegan food, you may suffer from protein deficiency, which may lead to hair thinning. In addition, people with iron deficiency and excessive weight loss may also have hair loss.

5. Hereditary hair loss

Hair loss is also hereditary, usually dominant in men and negative in women. Some people have thinning hair because of genetic reasons, the hair root is less, the hair is naturally very little, and there is no way to change these.

What are the common problems of thinning hair?

1. Children with thinning hair

1.1. Lack of sleep

The growth and development will be affected, and the hair growth will also be disturbed. And for babies, lack of sleep can also lead to intellectual development, so must let the child sleep well.

1.2. Poor Nutrition

Hair growth and nutritional intake have a great relationship, if the nutrition is insufficient, it will lead to children’s hair being yellow or thinning.

1.3. Disease

Some children are born with thick hair, but after a few months, their occipital hair decreases more and more, forming “occipital baldness”. Moreover, these babies are irritable, sweaty, easy to cry, and other discomforts, this symptom is the lack of vitamin D performance, and there may be rickets.

1.4. Hair cleaning is not clean

Some new mothers are afraid of washing their children’s hair off, they rarely wash or often do not wash, so the scalp will secrete a lot of oil, coupled with the stimulation of sweat, which will affect hair growth.

1.5. Heredity

If the parents have a baby is likely to be inherited, if both parents have good hair, there is no need to worry about it, usually to about 2 years old baby hair will grow very well.

2. Hair thinning in middle age

If a person reaches middle age hair loss, generally with genetic and physical factors is not a very big relationship, and there may be more stress and a bad lifestyle.

2.1. Mental stress

Mental stress in middle-aged men may cause the endocrine system to be uncoordinated, with sympathetic nerve excitation and increased androgen secretion. Androgenic alopecia may become permanent once effective treatment is missed.

2.2. Lifestyle habits

Never stay up late anymore, live in moderation, and don’t play with computers and mobile phones all day long.

2.3. Brush your hair diligently

Diligent combing of hair helps to prevent the occurrence of baldness, and at the same time, do not use shampoo indiscriminately, try to reduce the damage of chemical substances on the scalp, and alleviate middle-aged men with thinning hair. Do not comb your hair immediately after shampooing, so that wet hair does not cling to the scalp. Apply both hands haphazardly on the head upward scratching and teasing, or with the hands on the top of the head rotary friction, so that the hair appears fluffy, and then comb after the hair is dry, on the prevention and treatment of hair thinning has a certain role.

2.4. Adequate sleep

Sufficient sleep can promote the normal metabolism of the skin and hair, the metabolic period mainly occurs between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., this period to sleep enough, you can make the normal metabolism of the hair, to solve the problem of thinning hair in middle-aged men.

3. Postpartum hair thinning

  • Postpartum hair loss refers to the abnormal hair loss of women after giving birth, which usually occurs 1-2 months after delivery, especially after 3-4 months, and usually lasts until the end of the breastfeeding period.
  • Postpartum hair loss is characterized by hair loss from the hairline, causing the front hairline to recede or be poorly defined, and overall thinning of the hair on the head. This is a result of hormonal changes in the mother’s body.
  • Pregnant women’s body estrogen increase will extend the life of hair follicles during the anagen phase so that the hair is “overdue for service”; and when the baby, the body estrogen content begins to decrease, those “overdue for service” of the hair have to be retired, at the same time, the new hair can not be grown out at once. This short-term “green and yellow” situation, results in an anomalous hair loss illusion.

4. Hair on both sides of the thinning

  • Sideburns on both sides of the hair became less, a genetic reason, generally male hair loss gene is dominant, female hair loss gene is invisible, this means that the genetic probability of male pattern baldness has become very large, and the age of onset will be relatively early, generally 20 years of age will slowly begin to develop.
  • The other type of hair loss is pathological hair loss, which is related to the acquired diet and work routine, the body’s androgen secretion disorders, metabolic imbalance, and then lead to hair loss.
    Hair follicles control the growth of hair, as long as the follicles are not necrotic, frontal hair loss on both sides of the frontal head can cause new hair.
  • Of course, you can’t just sit back and do nothing about thinning hair, but you should have confidence in the treatment, keep a cheerful mind, combine work and rest, and try to get enough sleep for the growth of hair.
  • At the same time, to diet regulation, you can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as some of the food containing iron, these can be supplemented with all kinds of nutrients for the hair, thus reducing the phenomenon of hair loss. Then there is the habit of washing and caring. When shampooing, choose shampoo with a soothing effect, both can keep hair clean, and reduce excess oil, but also can make the scalp healthy, strong hair, but also can prevent frontal hair loss.

5. Frontal hair thinning

5.1. Reasons for thinning frontal hair

Thinning frontal hair, dealing with hereditary hair loss is determined by congenital factors, the rest are caused by personal habits, such as mental stress, unbalanced diet, staying up all night, smoking, dyeing and perming, illness, exposure to the sun, and so on, several other undesirable factors.
The root cause of frontal hair loss is damaged hair follicles, which are in a state of “pseudo death” and cannot absorb nutrients from the scalp. When the hair bulb cells stop growing and begin to atrophy, the hair will become thin, yellow, and withered. When the hair follicles degenerate and atrophy, the hair will stop growing and gradually wither and fall off.

5.2. What can I do about hair loss on the sides of my forehead?

5.2.1. Keep hair clean

Pay attention to hair hygiene, keep your hair clean, and develop good shampooing habits. Although you have to wash your hair diligently, but not too often, the general situation of 2-3 days to wash once appropriate. In the choice of shampoo products, should also be careful, do not use too strong alkaline soap shampoo, do not abuse the hair care products, and try not to dye hair perm, as far as possible, as little as possible with the hair dryer blowing hair.

5.2.2. Balanced Nutrition

Hair growth needs nutrition, if the nutrition is insufficient, the hair will have problems, or even fall off, so to treat frontal hair loss let the hair have the necessary nutrition for growth. In our daily life, our diet structure should be diversified, to overcome and correct the bad habits of partiality. It is not advisable to eat greasy, spicy and stimulating food, such as chili, fatty meat, and fried food.

5.2.3. Head Massage

To treat frontal hair loss, you can learn some simple hair massage, before going to bed every night to easily massage the head for ten minutes, not only relieves the fatigue of the day, but sleep has a very good role in promoting, but also helps hair loss treatment. Head massage can improve the microcirculation of blood in the scalp area, which can be combined with the role of hair growth agents, increase the nutrition of the hair root, and promote hair growth, which is also a very good method.

6. Head hair thinning

6.1. Drinking too much alcohol

Can look around us there are a lot of such men and women, weekdays more social drinking more, it is easy to appear bald or head of hair a lot of reduction in the situation. This is because drinking too much alcohol causes a burden on the internal organs, triggering a series of problems, which leads to the body’s need for protein and other nutrients, resulting in hair loss.

6.2. Excessive smoking

According to a study, long-term smoking and excessive smoking will cause a large number of hair loss phenomena, this is because too much smoking causes scalp capillary blockage, so there is scalp can not absorb nutrients promptly, thus affecting the growth of hair, directly caused by the phenomenon of hair loss.

6.3. Computer radiation

In general long-term use of computers very easy to see the phenomenon of thinning hair on top of the head. Firstly, because of the reason of computer radiation, secondly, long-term face computer, brain attention is too concentrated, it is easy to cause endocrine disorders that can promote hair growth.

6.4. Excessive hair coloring and perming

Especially some middle-aged women, because the top of the head hair thinning, so will choose frequent hair dye, to achieve a visual illusion, such as the choice of a brown series of hair colours. But as the number of hair coloring increases, the hair will be less and less, resulting in such a vicious circle.

6.5. Mental tension

Once a person is in a long-term mental tension and emotional ups and downs of the situation, it will be very easy to experience hair loss or a series of problems. The emergence of these mental problems, leading to metabolic disorders in the body, then the top of the head hair loss situation will only become more serious.

How to take care of thinning hair?

1. Shampoo method

To choose the shampoo suitable for their hair, wash the appropriate amount of shampoo poured into the palm with water and gently rub, foam before contact with the scalp and hair. Hands in contact with the hair, do not rub the hair too hard, because wet hair is fragile and vulnerable to damage, if you can follow the natural hair down position shampooing is better.

2. Dry method

Wet hair is fragile and easy to damage, dry hair with a dry towel to press and pat dry, should not be rubbed with a towel. The high heat of the hair dryer has a damaging effect on the hair, the use of blow drying temperature should be low rather than high, pay attention to still dripping water and already dry hair should not blow dry, let the hair dry naturally.

3. The correct combing of hair

Application of wide-toothed wooden, do not use easy to produce static electricity plastic comb. When combing hair, should be in the natural sagging direction of segment combing, segmentation refers to combing the distal end of the hair section, and then combing the proximal end of the hair near the root of the hair.

4. Avoid frequent coloring

To solve the problem of low hair, it is necessary to reduce the frequency of hair dyeing and perming. Dyeing and scalding will make significant changes in the structure of the hair, now perm technology, generally assists the chemical solution to deal with the hair, and perm hair dye contains some substances, that very easy to damage the hair oil, resulting in dry hair, easy to break, loss of luster.

5. Reduce the late-night, contact with the computer time

Prolonged use of computers, and attention, over time, will make the brain’s excitability continue to increase, and hair growth related to endocrine disorders and sebaceous gland secretion, it is very easy to block the hair follicles so that the nutritional supply of hair obstacles to the hair brittle and easy to hair breakage, hair loss. Staying up all night due to biological clock disorders, will make the human nervous system and gastrointestinal difficulties, and then cause serious kidney deficiency, resulting in hair loss.

6. Pay attention to diet

Hair thinning, do not blindly supplement, which will not only cause excess body heat but is harmful to health, but the consumption of green vegetables, fruits, animal protein, food easy to digest with high protein, low fat, high vitamin, and iron-rich food will be conducive to hair growth.

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