What is a wooden roller comb?

What is a wooden roller comb
Is a wooden roller comb good? Or is plastic better?

Wooden roller combs, as an ancient hair tool, have their origins in ancient civilizations. The earliest wooden roller combs date back to the time of ancient Egypt when they were used for combing and styling hair. Over time, wooden roller combs were brought to different regions and developed unique designs and uses in each culture.

During the ancient Greek and Roman eras, the wooden roller comb became a symbol of nobility and wealth, used for grooming and combing hair. Wooden roller combs also have a long history in Asia, especially in China and Japan.

In ancient China, the wooden roller comb was considered a precious accessory, representing nobility and status. In Japan, wooden combs are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and elegant design and are used in traditional Japanese hairstyles and rituals.

Features of wooden roller combs

1. Protects and cares for the hair

  • The wooden roller comb’s rounded surface and delicate tooth design make the combing of hair smoother and gentler, reducing hair pulling and damage. Compared to metal or plastic combs, wooden rollers are gentler, reducing static and tangles.
  • The wooden roller combs’ natural wood surface helps maintain the hair’s natural oil balance, preventing excessive dryness or greasiness. This oil retention gives hair more shine and bounces, effectively reducing dryness and frizz.
  • As wooden roller combs produce no static electricity, they cause less damage to the hair. Long-term use can reduce hair damage and breakage, keeping hair healthy and beautiful.

2. Craftsmanship and material

  • Wooden roller combs are made in various processes, including wood collection, drying, cutting, carving, and sanding. Among them, handmade wooden roller combs are usually more popular because they can better preserve the grain and characteristics of the wood and are carefully processed.
  • Selecting quality wood is the key to making wooden roller combs. Common high-quality woods include cherry, oak, walnut, mahogany, etc., which are beautiful and have anti-bacterial properties and durability, which are suitable for making wooden roller combs.
  • The craftsmanship and choice of material used to make wooden roller combs directly affect the quality and effectiveness of the product. Excellent craftsmanship and high-quality wood can make wooden roller combs more durable, beautiful, and comfortable, which can satisfy consumers’ needs and quality requirements for hair care tools.

How to use the wooden roller comb correctly?

  1. When turning the roller comb, use the thumb and forefinger to hold the roller comb in place and the rest of the fingers to hold the rotating part. There are three positions of the roller comb, namely horizontal inward, vertical backward, and diagonal, and the diagonal direction is divided into diagonal forward and diagonal backward. When in use, the roller comb is usually held in the left hand and the hair dryer in the right hand. When blowing, the arm should be opened as far as possible to facilitate the change of angle.
  2. When holding the hair dryer, the fingers should be controlled to adjust the position of the air blower to regulate the temperature and wind power.
  3. When demonstrating with a head mold, stand in an I-step with the front and back feet parting the hair piece, the hair piece should be within the control of the roller comb, approximately 3/2 of the width of the comb.
  4. When blow-drying, the angle of the air blower and the roller comb should be kept at a low angle, following the flow of the hair to increase the temperature, and the air nozzle should be about 1~2 centimeter away from the roller comb. Position the hair piece vertically to smooth the hair, and keep the air blower following the swing of the roller comb to keep it vertical. Place the hair piece obliquely to smooth, the angle should be raised appropriately. When the roller comb is on top of the hair piece, it should be turned to the side of the hair piece to ensure that the roller comb is on top and the hair piece is on the bottom.

Daily Maintenance

  1. After each use of the wooden roller comb, warm water, and neutral shampoo should be used to clean the surface of the roller comb and between the teeth of the liquid and scalp residue.
  2. Every once in a while, wipe the surface of the wooden roller comb with a damp cloth and apply a light coating of protective oil to keep the wood shiny and moisture-resistant.
  3. Avoid exposing the wooden roller comb to sunlight or humidity for a long period to avoid the deformation of the wood or mold.


What should I do if my hair gets tangled in the roller comb?

When we use the roller comb when we find the hair tangled in it, don’t tear it hard, you can apply olive oil or tea oil on the tangled place of the hair and comb, it 2 minutes later, then rinse it with water, take the comb gently while rinsing, so that the hair can be taken out from the roller comb.

What to do with hair all tangled in the roller comb?

The first thing we should do when we find the hair tangled in the roller comb is to use scissors to neatly cut the hair on the comb every 2 to 3 rows. Then take them off the comb, and for the remaining hair on the comb, we can prepare a basin of warm water with a little detergent to soak inside the comb. Finally, scrub the comb vigorously with an old toothbrush and leave it to dry in an airy place.

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