What is a hairline?

What is a hairline
What do you know about it?

With the growing demand for aesthetics, more and more people begin to pay attention to more than just the nose, glasses, mouth, and other features, the hairline has also become one of the images that everyone focuses on. The Hairline is the boundary between the face and the tip of the hair root, the face is big and small and the hairline has a lot to do with the height of the hairline, so the hairline has a direct impact on the proportion and coordination of the entire five senses. However, young people nowadays, more or less due to various reasons, will have hair loss troubles, resulting in the phenomenon of hairline receding, seriously affecting the face value. So, how much do you know about hairline?

What is a hairline?

The Hairline is the borderline of the hair, and generally mostly refers to the line where the hair and skin meet above the forehead on the face. Hairline is a very important part of the human face, different forms of height affect the coordination of the five senses, and the impact on the value of the human face is huge.

The standard position of the hairline

The three distances from the hairline to the eyebrows, eyebrows to the nose, and nose to the chin are equal, and such a hairline is what we call the standard hairline, which can greatly enhance the image and temperament of the whole person. The shape of the rounded natural beauty, according to the traditional oriental aesthetic should be the hairline should be undulating, forming a natural “M-shaped”, that is, to have a “beauty tip” is the standard with the beauty of the hairline.

What kinds of hairline?

1. M-shaped hairline

Also known as the beauty tip, this hairline protrudes downwards in the middle, making the hairline look like a peach heart, It is very cute and dynamic, not only is it a symbol of beauty and beauty, but men with this hairline have a better development in their careers, and look at things from a long-term perspective. However, if the hairline appears only in middle age, it may be caused by hair loss.

2. Square hairline

This kind of hairline with a wide forehead, gives people the feeling of atmosphere. Women have this hairline, which gives a person a kind of shrewd, capable strong woman image; have this hairline man, acting style is more rules, down-to-earth, and will not go to speculation.

3. Round hairline

The round hairline is generally more common in the girl’s head, round hairline, with a small round forehead, giving people a kind of playful, lovely feeling, and generally temperament character is more gentle, understanding, more smoother in dealing with people.

4. Uneven hairline

This hairline generally looks more messy and will make the face look a little deformed, and in the face, this may be the early years of luck is not too good.

What are the reasons for a receding hairline?

1. Often permed and dyed hair

Frequent perming and dyeing are not good for the scalp, and if you choose poor-quality hair dye, it is even worse, and it is easy to cause the hairline to move back.

2. Hair tie too tight

If you tie your hair too tightly for a long time, it will make the pulling force too big, which will easily lead to scalp pressure and damage to the hair follicles, resulting in shedding.

3. Skin care products apply large area

The applied area is too large, resulting in the beard corner part of the hair follicles because of excess nutrients and indigestible hair loss.

4. Stay up all night

Staying up late will affect the body’s metabolism, resulting in endocrine disorders, and affecting the stability of the scalp oil balance, scalp nutrition can not, hair loss problems.

5. Too much stress in life

Mental stress is too big to cause the scalp contraction of the erector spinal muscle, so the blood circulation is not good, causing the sebaceous glands to secrete too much oil, reducing the quality of survival of the hair.

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