What are the types of wooden comb you know?

types of wooden comb
What is the best type of wood for comb, would you choose?

Choosing the right comb is still very important, the comb did not choose the right one, making the hair worse and worse, falling out. So, which types of wooden comb is good for hair?

Types of wooden combs

1. By wood

Can be divided into boxwood/mahogany/sandalwood / Tongli wood/silk wood / black briar/incense wood/jujube wood/mahogany, etc., and special bamboo. The rarer the wood used, the more expensive the comb. Sandalwood comb is the first choice for gift-giving, and it also smells good for self-use.

2. By tooth pitch

Can be divided into wide tooth comb and fine tooth comb, which usually see most of the fine tooth. The former does not knot, does not pull hair, is suitable for hair and more dense, dry forked, while the latter is more suitable for hair in general, easy to fall.

3. By effect

Can be divided into function combs and health combs, like hair-washing combs, massage combs, etc. are function comb.

What is a health comb then?

1. Functional comb

For example, nanmu comb, combing hair with a comb made of nanmu can improve metabolism and stabilize mood, especially gold nanmu, long-term contact with friends will show that it is helpful to improve the quality of sleep.

2. Health care comb

Jade comb is also a kind of health care comb, and jade gua sha board is almost the same, If it is a good jade or jadeite, more can nourish the hair, promote blood circulation, relieve headaches, be friendly to the brain crowd.

How to choose the right wooden comb for your hair.

As for using a horn comb, because the horn can absorb some of the oil, more warmer than the wooden comb, and hair friction is small, with less damage to the hair scales, to prevent the scalp from secreting more oil.

3. Neutral hair – fine-toothed bamboo comb, mahogany comb

This is an enviable hair type, nothing wrong with choosing the right size of fine-toothed comb.

Combs made from bamboo make denser teeth, while nanmu has a softer texture than wood and is also light enough to be comfortable to comb.

Peachwood combs go without saying, as peach wood has the symbolism of driving away evil spirits and bringing good luck, and is most commonly used in everyday life.

4. Curly hair – mane comb

Curly hair, in addition to not good combing, will be hair root oil, hair end dry problems, with this pig bristle comb can be fixed.

It is now popular to design the bristles in a jagged shape to be able to comb curls of different shades at the same time. In addition, the bristles also penetrate deep into the hair and bring oil from the tips to the ends for a balanced oil and water effect.

There are also coarse and fine bristles in the bristles. Thick and hard big waves are suitable for coarse bristles, and soft pear curls are suitable for fine bristles.

5. Long straight hair – sandalwood comb

If you ask which kind of wood comb is comb in the top stream, it must be sandalwood comb; if you then ask sandalwood comb in the best is what, it must be purple light sandalwood comb.

Sandalwood is wood in the aristocracy, gift comb is sandalwood comb, such as green sandalwood, better will use rosewood. Sandalwood comb’s teeth tip is more rounded, on the scalp damage is very small, so also will not produce static electricity, suitable for no special requirements of straight hair people.

Sandalwood also gives people a sense of tranquillity and nobility, in addition, buy one for yourself, green sandalwood, rosewood, or ebony, etc., but also can be given to elders and friends, gold sandalwood comb can also be given to children, is also excellent.

6. Hair loss hair loss – beech wood airbag comb

An airbag comb is a two-in-one comb made of natural and artificial materials.

The handle and teeth of the comb are mainly made of wood, the general will use mahogany, the best will use beech, because beech is softer than sandalwood, and the airbag with match, is very suitable for dry hair, easy to hair loss hair loss people.

In particular, the comb teeth are made into a large round head, with the cushioning effect of the airbag, when combing the hair, you can have a large massage of the scalp, promote blood circulation, relax the head nerves, conducive to the healthy growth of hair.

7. Permed and dyed hair – Nanmu health comb

You can choose the nanmu health comb. Mainly the stimulation of acupuncture points promotes blood circulation in the head, improves memory, insomnia, dizziness, etc., and has better results than other wooden combs.

Different combs have different characteristics, so choose the right one for yourself to receive the best results.

Love Tips

But for healthier hair, try a sandalwood comb.

Anti-static and scalp massage.

Geeshair can help!

Static electricity from comb friction can increase hair loss. Choosing a wooden comb will reduce hair loss, and sandalwood combs reduce friction with the scalp, create a massaging effect on the scalp, protect the scalp, reduce hair loss, and stimulate healthy hair follicle development!

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