Can I wash ox horn comb?

wash ox horn comb
How to clean a dirty ox horn comb?

Ox horn comb is a kind of comb with health effects, can promote blood circulation in the head, prevent static electricity, no hair loss, eliminate dandruff hair care, soothe the tendons and blood, and tranquilize the mind and brain. Ox horn comb in use after some time there will be grease and dirt that need to be cleaned, in general, people will wash it, but the horn comb is different from the ordinary comb, can not be washed, and it is easy to deformation, then how to wash ox horn comb dirty?

Can be wash ox horn comb?

Horn products, generally can not be cleaned with water, can not be immersed in water for a long time, the same horn comb can not be washed with water, the natural material of the horn comb is afraid of water, and water is very easy to deformation. The horn comb absolutely can not contact hot water or warm water, otherwise easy to deformation crack. Because the horn comb is afraid of heat and humidity, after touching the water, we should dry the water in time and put it in a cool place.

How to clean a dirty ox horn comb?

  1. The traditional and safe method is to use cotton thread to remove the stains on the horn comb. Firstly, prepare a piece of cotton thread. Fold it a few times, insert it between the teeth of the comb, and pull it back and forth. Pay attention to the strength, light can not remove the grey, and heavy can be the teeth of the comb will be stretched Oh. Once all the dirt is out of the teeth, rinse the comb in cold water for a few moments, then dry it with a soft cloth and leave it in a cool place to dry.
  2. Use a soft brush to remove stains from the horn comb. Prepare shampoo and a soft brush by applying some shampoo to the brush and rubbing the brush to create a lather. Then use the soft brush to scrub every part of the horn and every tooth directly. After the comb is cleaned, use gentle water to clean the comb, then use a soft cloth to dry the comb, and finally place the comb in a cool and ventilated place.

Maintenance of ox horn comb

Ox horn is brittle, avoid dropping, so be sure to pay attention to the protection oh! Some ox horn combs will have different degrees of bending or deformation, that is because the horn comb is afraid of moisture, often time in a humid or water environment, it will be bent and deformed, and serious cracks may occur, so please pay attention to combing through wet hair after timely drying, and placed in a dry ventilated place. Be especially careful not to put it in hot water. If there is bending, you can put it on the fire for a while, and then press it with appropriate heavy objects for a period to recover.

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