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Vietnam buffalo horn comb
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Vietnam is an agricultural country with a tropical climate, and buffalo horns are naturally larger. There is a large amount of buffalo horn, handmade by traditional craftsmanship. Therefore, the Vietnam buffalo horn comb is cheaper, thicker, and has fine workmanship, a smooth surface, and is strong and durable. It is understood that the authentic and natural buffalo horn comb has stronger pharmacological effects and better health care, so many consumers love it.

Basic information on Vietnam buffalo horn combs

A buffalo horn up to 1 meter long is not rare in Vietnam. It is because of the horn that Vietnam people have developed horn products, starting with horn combs, horn spoons, horn ornaments, horn beads, and other handicrafts. Vietnam’s earlier development of buffalo horn products, given Vietnam’s technology, China’s Guangxi has some places began to do buffalo horn craft products, and very quickly, the process also exceeded Vietnam.
Vietnam’s horn crafts are relatively cheap, the craft is relatively rough, while China’s craft is relatively good. Ox horn comb has a long history, is beautiful and durable, as scraping, health care supplies, is a good helper in life.

Ox horn comb quality characteristics

1. Chinese herbal medicine

Ox horn is a kind of green natural material that, since ancient times, has been a kind of good Chinese medicine. Legend has it that buffalo horn products can avoid evil spirits, townhouse, often use both itching and detoxification, treat insomnia and hair loss, white head, migraine, and other head diseases, have peace of mind and brain, dandruff hair care effect, but also can be soothing the tendons and collaterals, and enhance the immune system of human cells.

2. No static electricity

It can massage the scalp while combing, and enhance the blood supply of hair roots and hair nutrition. There is no static electricity when combing hair in autumn and winter, hair will not be sucked up, very easy to set.

3. Promote blood circulation

It can help remove dandruff, increase hair lustre, and massage the scalp to promote blood circulation.

4. Health care effects

Authentic and natural buffalo horn comb has a strong pharmacological effect and better health care efficacy.

Characteristics of buffalo horn combs

  1. Often has a natural texture or small white spots or mottles with the horn.
  2. The colour of the comb body is black and shiny, with good hand feeling, and very comfortable combing;
  3. The comb body is heavier, heavier than a chemical synthetic comb;
  4. Easy to stain, not easy to deform, or break, and can keep normal at room temperature.

Types of ox horn combs

1. Yellow horn

The colour is yellow translucent, more or less mixed with black or brownish-red bloodlines.

2. Buffalo horn

The colour is bright black, good reflectivity, if there is a white powder in the horn comb grinding process of powder, gently wipe it. A good horn comb feels warm and thick. White buffalo horn fibre tissue is small, fine texture, product colour and lustre. White buffalo horn is also black and white, distinguishing it from sheep horn with less black texture and more bloodlines. Ox horn colour and lustre rounded, feel good, not static electricity. Natural shaped horn comb will not be deformed because of near water, because the horn product is to keep the natural shape of the bone and horn itself, so it will not be deformed. But try not to get near water, otherwise, it will lose its lustre after a long time.

3. Yak Horn

Yak horn, also known as banner yak, yak cow, yak cow, yak horn, etc., is the horn of yak, which is an animal of the genus Bovidae. The horn is sawed off when yaks are slaughtered, dried in shade or at low temperatures, and used in medicine to clear heat and detoxify toxins, cool the blood and quench the wind, and has therapeutic effects on high fever and epilepsy, blood-heat haemorrhage and other diseases.


  1. The ox horn comb should not be used when bathing or washing hair. Ox horn combs should never come into contact with hot or lukewarm water, or they will be easily deformed and cracked. Ox horn is afraid of heat and humidity. After touching the water, dry it in time and put it in a cool place. Cleaning: Use a piece of cotton thread and pull it back and forth between the teeth of the comb, or use a paper towel to drag it between the teeth of the comb. Let all the dirt come out from the teeth of the comb, then rinse the comb in cold water for a few moments, then dry it with a soft cloth and put it in a cool place to dry.
  2. Horn combs are easily bent when exposed to moisture. After bending, you can use an iron at home to soften it, then press it flat with a heavy object and let it cool.
  3. The difference between black and yellow horn: buffalo horn is black, wet, relatively brittle, and relatively cheap. Yellow horn has a different pattern, each does not have the same color and pattern, mostly yellow translucent, tough texture, price is more expensive than buffalo horn.

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