How do I use a roller comb to blow-dry my curls?

roller comb
Curly hair, do you really take care of it?

There are all kinds of combs in life, such as big combs, cylindrical rollers, flat combs, shaving combs, and so on. But in the hairdresser’s shop, we still see the roller comb most often, after all, for long hair beauty, the roller comb is the tool to create beautiful hair.

How to blow out curls with a roller comb?

  1. Apply a heat-energizing lotion or heat protection spray to your hair and part your hair into two layers.
  2. Take a strand of hair from the first layer and smooth it out with a roller brush, working from the roots to the ends and blow-drying it with hot air in the process.
  3. Then roll the roller comb inwards around the ends of the hair, slowly towards the roots of the hair, and blow-dry the hair through the rollers, using hot air. When the hair rollers are almost at the roots, turn to cold air to set the hair.
  4. Repeat the above operations until all the hair is processed into curls.

The difference between straight and angled roller comb

1. The straight rolling comb is suitable for straight hair

For straight hair MM can use a straight rolling comb to deal with tangled hair, for fine and soft hair MM effect is quite good, because it can help to create a more voluminous hair effect.

2. Skewed roller combs for curly hair

If you have curly hair or want to create curls with the help of a comb, get your hands on a slanted roller brush. Use a hair dryer with your roller comb every time you use it, so you can get nice tousled curls.

How to clean the roller comb?

  1. Get all the hair out of the roller comb, either with tweezers or by picking it out with a comb. If the hair is tangled in the roller comb, you can use your hands and, if necessary, scissors.
  2. Put the roller comb in warm water and add shower gel, rub it well, and clean the roller comb with a paper towel until all the grease is removed, then wash the roller comb again with water.
  3. If you don’t want to waste too much time cleaning the roller comb, we suggest you shorten the time of cleaning the roller comb, once every 2-3 days is more suitable.

How to choose a roller comb?

  1. Hold the teeth of the comb, feel soft and not stinging, and quickly rebound the teeth of the comb, the texture is more resistant to high temperatures.
  2. The shaft of the comb with teeth should be longer. 3.
  3. The spacing between the plastic teeth and the brown hairs should not be too dense or too sparse.
  4. The plastic teeth should be one-third of the length of the brown hair, not too long.

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