The overlooked wooden massage comb

wooden massage comb
Wooden massage comb, massage and comb your hair at the same time.

Wooden massage comb, health from the head. The daily stress of work and staying up late with a vengeance has made the hair loss problem worse for many young people. In addition to the hair loss problem, the adult world will be annoyed by migraine. Prolonged irregular life and staying up late can easily damage the liver and kidneys, depleting qi, blood, and essence, leading to insufficient liver and kidneys, and the internal movement of liver and yang, resulting in migraine headaches. In order not to let their bodies collapse, contemporary young people but for their “health”, make a lot of effort.

What is a wooden massage comb?

Head health is the body’s weathervane; shoulder and neck are the body’s bridge. The comb is our most common household item, wooden comb and there are many kinds of comb, mahogany comb, boxwood comb sandalwood comb, etc., which sandalwood comb is the most precious. Wooden massage comb and ordinary comb are two different kinds of comb, they each have different effects, and each has its advantages.

1. Wooden massage comb

  1. Massage wooden comb Compared to an ordinary comb, a massage comb brushes teeth more softly and hard, and its teeth width spacing is larger, so the use of a massage comb can be more gentle in combing hair, to avoid hair being pulled and damaged.
  2. Massage wooden comb also has the role of scalp massage, can promote scalp blood circulation, and scalp fatigue, prevent hair loss and dandruff, and other issues.

2. Ordinary wooden comb

  1. Ordinary wooden comb does not have the massage function of the massage comb, but it has a better combing effect, and can effectively comb the hair more neatly.
  2. The width of the teeth on a regular wooden comb is also much tighter, which makes it easier to style and manage your hair by combing it out thoroughly.

If you wish to pamper your hair and scalp more gently while combing and adding shine to your hair, then choosing a wooden massage comb is a good choice.

If you wish to comb your hair more neatly, suitable for a variety of hairstyles, then choosing a plain wooden comb is a more suitable option.

What are the effects of hair massager comb?

1. Promote blood circulation

Massaging the scalp with a wooden massage comb can promote blood circulation in the head, can improve the situation of insufficient blood supply to the head, and to a certain extent, can also relieve dizziness, headache, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

2. Relieve fatigue

If the patient is in a prolonged period in a state of excessive stress, which may lead to head fatigue, this time can be improved using a wooden massage comb, which can promote blood circulation in the head and, to a certain extent, can also relieve fatigue.

3. Improve hair roots

Massage comb can stimulate the scalp, help to improve the health of the hair root, and promote hair growth so that the hair becomes more dark and shiny.

4. Improve sleep quality

Massage comb can relax the muscles of the head, can also promote blood circulation in the head, to a certain extent, can also improve the quality of sleep, suitable for long-term insomnia crowd.

5. Relieve headache

If there is a migraine and other diseases, there may be a vague pain in the head, and even accompanied by nausea and vomiting symptoms. At this time, you can use the massage comb to relieve, to achieve the effect of improving the disease.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the strength of the massage comb, and avoid too big, avoid too small, according to their own to adjust to achieve the effect of scalp massage.

Why have these effects?

No need to be curious, this round-head comb can comb hair. Also, use up very comfortably?

  1. Because the human head has a head of Wei, Baihui, and other acupuncture points, with sandalwood massage comb, is equivalent to, in traditional Chinese medicine, the “five fingers combing method”.
  2. The curvature of the teeth of the comb fits the head, there is no other comb, and hair against the feeling. When combing the hair is like using the fingertips to massage the scalp, so that the head acupoints get soothing. Like a pair of hands that have been precipitated over the years, delicately through the hair, combing out every little kink in the hair, only the warmth of the touch remains in the hair.


Don’t think that sandalwood massage comb can only comb your hair, like long hours on the computer, the cervical spine is uncomfortable when you can also take it to massage. The teeth of the comb are perpendicular to the skin of the shoulders and back, gently point and press the shoulder and back acupoints, or gently scrape the skin until the skin is slightly red. The ancient formula for a more relaxed body and mind!

The large round head presses acupoints on the head, shoulders, neck, and hands; massage the shoulders and neck to unblock lymph nodes; massage the legs to relieve the fatigue of the day!

It can also be given to those close to you around you, offering a piece of your heart, so that happiness can start from the beginning!

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But for healthier hair, try a sandalwood comb.

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