How many days is the healthiest to wash your hair?

wash your hair
How often is it better to wash your hair?

Many people as long as two or three days do not wash their hair, hair will not be able to oil, hair will be raked on the top of the head is particularly difficult to get close to the smell and will also emit a stench; to keep the scalp fresh, many people will choose to wash their hair every day or even twice a day, but frequent washing of the hair as well as will lead to scalp problems, and the hair will become more than the previous oil, so in the end, how many days to wash your hair the most healthy it?

How many days is the healthiest to wash your hair?

Everyone’s scalp nature is different, and hair quality is different, according to personal specific conditions to decide the frequency of washing hair.

  • If the skin of the scalp is on the dry side, and the hair is also on the dry side, the frequency of hair washing can be less, about 3-4 days to wash once.
  • If you have an oily scalp, and the hair is greasy and fast, you should wash your hair frequently, once every two days.
  • Some young people, especially young men, with very oily heads have no problem washing once a day.

What will happen if you don’t wash your hair for a long time?

1. Not washing hair for 3 days

You may feel happy like never before, after all, it is so fragrant to play games, read novels, and sleep with the time you save.

2. 7 days without washing hair

Your head began to itch a little, head oil and dandruff secretion increased, vaguely a little stink, the comb will also leave a strip of gear marks; for the heart of the big people may be a little uncomfortable psychologically, but still acceptable.

3. Half a month without washing hair

With the increase in scalp oil secretion, oil from the top of the head penetrates the hair tail, from a distance, like a “big oil field”, which also allows Malassezia to take advantage of the opportunity, it will make the scalp cuticle overgrowth, resulting in abnormal shedding of cells, resulting in a large number of dandruff; Malassezia will also cause an inflammatory reaction of the scalp, resulting in scalp itching, so that people hate to scratch the scalp. The scalp scratching.

4. 1 month without washing hair

The scalp environment will further deteriorate, and serious seborrheic dermatitis can be induced; this is chronic inflammation, that will damage the scalp cuticle barrier, so that the cuticle can not be metabolized normally, a large number of pathological dandruff; at the same time, the head of the accumulation of a large number of sebum will also be adsorbed in the air a variety of dust, particles, so that your hair into a pile of silky hair; over time, your hair will also give off similar to the stale trash Stench.

5. 3-6 months without washing hair

Exudes a stench, piled up with dust, fungal hair is also very suitable for the survival of lice, they will be in your scalp to pass on and to bite people to suck blood for a living, they have bitten parts, itchy; and in the process of scratching your itch, lice excreta and pathogens on the body may enter the scalp, so that you suffer from a return to fever, chills, fever and other symptoms.

6. 1 years without washing hair

A large amount of excess oil secretion will make the hair follicles clogged, causing large hair loss, accumulated years of fungi and lice may also travel throughout the body, triggering rashes, folliculitis, psoriasis, and other diseases.

The correct way to wash your hair.

  1. Shampooing hair should be combed first, do not use strong alkaline shampoo products, so as not to stimulate the hair, or increase dandruff; at the same time, strong alkalis will also damage the keratin protein of the hair, so that it denatured, brittle, easy to break.
  2. The water temperature of hair washing to 40 ℃ 45 ℃ is appropriate; a low water temperature, not easy to wash off the grease and other dirt; and a high water temperature will cause necrosis of the scalp surface cells, dandruff increase, curly hair straight.
  3. The shampoo is evenly smeared to the hair, gently rubbing to produce foam, and then rinse off the foam; if the first hair wash foam is not very rich, you can repeat the wash.
  4. When washing hair should pay attention to not using nails to scratch the scalp, the application of hand gently push can be done, and shampooing should be done along the hair, so you can avoid shampoo direct contact with the hair follicles leading to clogging.
  5. After washing the hair promptly to tease dry or blow dry, such as the use of hair dryers, do not let the wind turbine too close so that the hair will blow scorched. Causing mild scalp burns.
  6. With a sandalwood comb, comb out the most beautiful hairstyle!

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