Do you know the Chinese wooden combs?

chinese wooden comb
Chinese wooden comb meaning LOVE?

Combs are an essential tool in people’s lives, and as people become more aware of their health, more and more people are looking at wooden combs made from natural materials.

In China, the gift of wooden combs often represents the love of each other and the love of beauty. So, are you interested in learning about Chinese wooden combs?

Hometown of Chinese wooden combs

Jing County, Anhui Province

The global comb is the world’s largest comb processing production base, which occupies nearly 70%. Existing comb production and processing enterprises of more than a hundred, with dozens of comb brands, developed health care comb, craft comb, bamboo comb, and other eight series of more than 300 varieties, now the annual output of hundreds of millions of combs, products are exported to Europe, America, and Southeast Asia.

Today’s Chinese wooden hair combs selection process is more elaborate, the top-grade boxwood, sandalwood, mahogany, pear, incense wood, jujube wood, and other natural wood, after cutting discs, slicing, steaming, opening teeth, grinding, and other 28 procedures.

The transformation from wood to wooden comb is gradually realized in the hands of comb makers. Handmade teeth are the most crucial step in the whole comb-making process, which is also characteristic of Chinese comb-making craft.

Do teeth this step to ten processes, if the handmade teeth do not smooth, will pull the hair and scalp, so this does teeth in the handmade is the most delicate process, after all, the comb is the main function of combing hair.

What is the meaning of giving combs in China?

1. Combs represent lovesickness

Chinese wooden combs mean that the other person misses you!

Combing hair is a meticulous action that represents deep thoughts and attachment to the other person. Every combing is a kind of hint, expressing the heart.

2. Comb also represents love

In ancient China, Chinese wooden combs generally have the meaning of making love!

In ancient culture, the comb is often used to fix love gifts, representing sincere feelings and commitment to each other, symbolizing deep love, and is the witness and symbol of love.

3. Comb represents closeness with you

Chinese wooden combs represent the white head and old age!

Combing hair is a detail of daily life. Being in close contact with the comb every day represents stability and closeness in life. It symbolizes long-lasting companionship and the promise of holding hands until the end of one’s life.

4. Comb represents health and happiness

Chinese wooden combs clear away worries and open up knots in the heart, and the combing of the hair gives a person a sense of energy and confidence!

The touch and movement of the comb soothe the scalp and promote blood circulation, which contributes to the growth of healthy hair and the luster of the hair. The process of combing hair can also relax one’s mood, remove worries, and add happiness and confidence. Comb hair is not only the care of the appearance but also the inner soothing and relaxation.

Why do you give China wooden comb?

1. Wish people health, longevity

I believe that some people who know how to take care of their health, will often comb their hair as a self-care approach and the main way of health, in the period of the Wei Jin and North and South Dynasties, there was a well-known medical doctor came up with: the head is the most important part of the human body, often combing the hair, will let the blood flow, the face becomes more beautiful, rosy.

According to the relevant historical records, Empress Dowager Cixi that year, the first thing after getting up every day to the eunuch with a special comb to comb the head, which makes her the aged flower still has a full head of hair.

So when sending a comb, it also means wishing that person a long and healthy life, forever young.

2. Wish to live with you forever

If couples give each other combs, it means that they want to grow old with each other and get married.

Legend has it that in the past, if a girl got married, the family would comb her hair, of course, this is also to the present still a handed down custom, which is not only on behalf of the family of the girl’s deep blessings but also hope that the girl can be with their hearts and minds of the gentleman to be able to grow old together and always be with each other.

These romantic feelings thousands of years ago, and even across the ocean to other countries, in the Tanabata Festival to send the custom of the comb they are also so passed down, until now, in Japan, some of the old custom comb shops, in Tanabata time is still in short supply it.

3. Ward off evil spirits

Will be engraved with the Chinese zodiac sign of the comb to give the year of the friend, it is hoped that the other party can be a lifetime of peace, warding off evil spirits and blessing each other, but also has a good significance.

Types of wooden combs

The wooden comb has boxwood/mahogany/sandalwood/pear wood/silk wood/black heather/incense wood/date wood/mahogany and other materials.

1. Natural bamboo comb

Traditional craftsmanship, handmade. Comb shape never deformed

The unique natural hardness of bamboo makes it more durable and comfortable to comb.

The unique natural surface of bamboo material makes the surface of bamboo comb more polished, more beautiful, more cool, and more comfortable to the touch.

2. Flowering wooden comb

It refers to ironing all kinds of patterns on the practical wooden combs, most of which are characters, animals, flowers birds, etc., which makes them more chic and beautiful.

3. Carved wooden comb

Carved wooden combs with a wood carving style a rare craft gifts and collectibles.

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How to clean the wooden comb?

China wooden combs are not put in the water for a long time soaking. Cleaning methods:

  1. Usually, after use should pay attention to cleaning up the dirty things.
  2. Comb teeth in the dirty things you can first use a toothpick to remove.
  3. And then soak some washing powder in water, use a soft toothbrush dipped in water to brush the comb, and then use a soft toothbrush to brush the comb, and then use a soft toothbrush to brush the comb.
  4. The last water rinse clean immediately after the dry cloth on the water is sucked dry.
  5. If you find that the teeth of the comb are not straight, you should put flat natural cool dry, or another one.

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Love Tips

But for healthier hair, try a sandalwood comb.

Geeshair can help!

Static electricity from comb friction can increase hair loss. Choosing a wooden comb will reduce hair loss, and sandalwood combs reduce friction with the scalp, create a massaging effect on the scalp, protect the scalp, reduce hair loss, and stimulate healthy hair follicle development!

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