What’s the best hairstyle for too much thick hair?

best hairstyle for too much thick hair
What are the tips for managing hair that is thick and voluminous?

For some reason, some girls are born with thick hair, such hair has a lot of suffering, tie hair is not, emanation is not, and many girls do not know what to do. The best way is to go to the hairdresser, thin, or make a good-looking hairstyle. So, what hairstyle is suitable for too much hair too thick? How to take care of too much hair too thick?

Is hair too thick how do it?

1. Barbershop thinning

The quickest way to get less hair is to cut it, as a girl, cutting short hair is more or less a little reluctant, then the more appropriate way is to thin the hair, that is, not all the hair is cut short, just cut off part of the hair, so that the thickness of the hair becomes thinner.

2. Beautiful hair

Some beautiful hairstyles the more hair to do the better, if the hair is longer, the hair quality is very good, you can do big wave volume, very temperament, very beautiful if you feel that you are not quite suitable for this kind of hairstyle, you can simply straighten, hair straightening will be a lot softer, basically straighten after the thickness of the hair will become smaller, and more supple, hair more frizzy people can try to straighten the hair to make the hair thinner.

3. Soften hair

Go to the hairdresser to do softening, after the hair is softened the hair will become thin and soft a little bit, but also close to the scalp. The hair will be soft and smooth, and it will be very easy to take care of.

What kind of hairstyle is suitable for too much thick hair?

1. Natural straight hair

Hair more girls do not have to be too deliberate in getting the hairstyle, staying natural straight hair is also a good choice, if the hair is too much, you can go to the barber shop first slightly cut the hair less a little bit the affect the long hair cape is also quite a goddess model.

Natural straight hair and Big wave curls
How would you choose?

2. Big wave curls

Hair more girls can try wave curls, because big wave curls to hair more girls interpreted out to look good, some girls may worry that the hair will appear bigger wave curls the effect is more atmospheric, even if it is a little heavy, but it does not affect the oh if it is a small wave curls will make the hair look a lot.

3. Shoulder-length hair

More hair girls cutting shoulder-length hair is quite good, if a little more hair can first cut the hair thin, and then cut an air fringe, the tips of the hair slightly hot a sense of curls, but also quite ladylike.

Shoulder-length hair and Long straight hair
Will you try it?

4. Long straight hair

If you have a lot of hair, then it may be worth straightening long hair so that the hair is flattering, reducing the fluffiness of long hair so that the hair does not appear to be a lot, and then dyeing a fashionable hair color, instantly allow you to throw off the trouble of more hair, if the hair is too thick, then it may be worth calling the hairdresser to cut your hair a little bit thinner and then straighten it.

5. Short broken hair

Girls with a lot of hair can try cutting their hair thinner and then cut a short chopped haircut to look fresh.

Short broken hair and Short straight hair
Want a wooden comb of your own?

6. Short straight hair

Hair and thick girls with short straight hair can try short straight hair, A tail neatly cut, with short straight hair is also very cute, plus air fringes immediately transform into a small loli. If the girl is worried about her hair being thick and may wish to go to the barbershop to pull a straight, not only temperament and repair the sense face is also good, that will be much better. In the middle of oblique bangs and is full of femininity.

7. The short hair within the buckle bobblehead

Although the trend of fashion modeling is fluffy and three-dimensional, sometimes thick hair is also a kind of trouble, so many girls love the beauty of the pain, as a universal hairstyle bobble head short hair, but also very suitable for hair thick girls Oh, slightly buckle with thin air bangs, set off a small face at the same time, light hair will not appear to be a lot of hair.

Short hair within buckle bobblehead
Starting with a wooden comb

Is hair too much too thick how to take care of it?

1. Shampoo

  • To use shampoo suitable for their hair.
  • Wash the appropriate amount of shampoo poured into the palm with water and rubbed gently, foaming before contacting the scalp and hair.
  • Hands in contact with the hair do not rub hair too hard, because wet hair is fragile and vulnerable to damage.
  • After washing generally add conditioner, if necessary, add moisturizer.

2. Dry hair

  • Wet hair is fragile and easy to damage, so dry hair is appropriate to use a dry towel to press and pat dry, should not be rubbed with a towel.
  • The high heat of the hair dryer has a damaging effect on the hair, the use of blow drying temperature should be low rather than high, attention is still dripping, and the hair is not suitable for blow drying.

3. Combing hair

  • Choose a wide-toothed wooden comb, not an easy-to-produce static electricity plastic comb.
  • Comb the hair in the direction of the natural sagging section.

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