Ten reasons why scalp care has to be done

Ten reasons why scalp care has to be done
8 practical ways to take care of your scalp

Most people don’t care or don’t even realize that they have problems with their scalps. Often, they are concerned only when scalp problems have already occurred, such as itchy head, dandruff, hair loss, and other conditions. The occurrence of scalp problems is gradual, not overnight, so it is necessary to pay attention before it is too late. So, how to effectively maintain scalp care?

Ten reasons why scalp care has to be done.

  1. Can slow down aging.
  2. Can tighten the skin of the face.
  3. Can detoxify and nourish the face.
  4. Can alleviate headaches, and regulate internal organs.
  5. Can prevent hair loss and grey hair generation.
  6. Can eliminate dandruff, and clean hair follicles.
  7. Can remove the head oil, and strong hair roots.
  8. Can improve scalp allergy symptoms.
  9. Can eliminate chemical residues such as perming and dyeing.
  10. Can deeply nourish the hair so that your hair is the inside out healthy and beautiful inside.

8 practical ways to maintain the scalp.

1. The choice of shampoo

Different people’s scalp conditions are not the same.

  • Excessive oil, we must choose to wash the stronger shampoo, (the use of stronger shampoo, do not forget to do the corresponding maintenance of the law).
  • If you have a sensitive scalp, you should choose a softer shampoo.
  • Everyone’s scalp has a different ability to accept the pH value of acid and alkali and the improper choice of shampoo can cause damage to the scalp, so it is important to choose a shampoo according to the habits of the scalp.

The standard of shampoo is to wash once a day, just like washing the face, we need at least one to two times a day to wash the face, to maintain the cleanliness of the skin of the face, the scalp in fact, also need to be washed every day to keep clean and healthy.

2. The correct way to shampoo

  • When shampooing first with 40 degrees Celsius of warm water thoroughly wet hair, the temperature should not be too high or too low, so as not to clean or scalp burns.
  • Avoid pouring shampoo directly on the hair when shampooing, can be poured in the hands first, rubbing foam, and then coating the hair.
  • At the same time, do not scrub too hard, and do not scratch the scalp with nails or hair coiled heaps on top of the head (long hair), because the nails easily destroy the scalp cuticle, easy to harmful substances, bacteria invade the dermis.
  • Application of finger belly to gently massage hair, finally, rinse thoroughly.
  • Each time you wash your hair for 5-6 minutes is not easy to shampoo stay scalp too long, shampoo contains dirt alkaline substances, so stay too long instead of harming the scalp.
  • Dry hair also has a lot of skills, with a cotton towel will be pressed out of the moisture, absorbent, with a wooden comb to open the knotted hair, (can not use a towel to rub the hair, it is easy to the epidermis of the hair to play a protective role in the damage of the hair scales).
  • To let it dry naturally, or if you are accustomed to using a blow dryer, pay attention to the temperature and distance is not too high or too close (at least with the hair distance of 10 cm), and constantly change the blowing position.
  • Shampooing focuses on washing the scalp, shampooing is not only washing hair but also cleaning the scalp. Sebum accumulation in the scalp makes it easy to breed bacteria to produce dandruff, but also easy to fall out of the hair, only the scalp environment is good, for breeding healthy hair.

3. Away from tobacco and alcohol

  • The habit of smoking is harmful and has no benefit, tobacco stimulation will cause capillary contraction, affecting the fertility and growth of hair. Where hidden things to quit is very difficult, so no matter how busy and tired, smoke this thing is best not to touch them. The delicate white-collar girl leaned back in the armchair, hand clamped a long thin cigarette, in the smoke curls in thought. This scene looks very elegant to outsiders, the damage to the body is only known to themselves.
  • Drinking a lot of alcohol can also lead to hair loss, especially spicy liquor, which will make the scalp produce heat and moisture, and damage the hair follicles. Even beer, and wine, after all, also contain alcohol, so drinking should be moderate.

4. Beware of computers

Prolonged use of computers is prone to hair loss, one because of too much computer radiation, the second the computer operation requires a high degree of concentration long will make the brain’s excitement continue to increase, the related endocrine function flocculation, sebaceous gland disorders, the hair follicles are prone to be embolism, so that the supply of nutrients to the hair obstacles, ultimately leading to increased brittleness of the hair and fall out. If your work is inseparable from the computer, then the key to preventing hair loss lies in the scientific use of the brain, and the specific measures.

  • Pay attention to rest: in front of the computer, every half hour of work should take a break, leave the computer screen, look into the distance for a while, turn your head and neck, or simply close your eyes for a few minutes.
  • Ensure adequate sleep: no matter how stressful the work, 7-8 hours of sleep per day is essential, to ensure the quality of sleep, so that the cerebral cortex of the blood circulation gets the right time to regulate.

5. The dyeing and perming of hair

Nowadays, with the advancement of social trends, perms, and hair coloring an essential need in people’s lives, but perms and hair coloring is a big killers of the scalp and hair, hair straightening agents inside the benzene diamine chemical agents substances belong to carcinogens, the scalp, and hair bring a lot of harm, so to control their hair straightening times, hair straightening, to be timely and many times rinse the scalp of harmful substances, if you need hair coloring, it is recommended to choose a choice of scalp and hair, if the scalp and hair, the scalp and hair. If you need to dye your hair, it is recommended to choose a better quality hair dye water, which has less harmful substances.

6. Sports and exercise

Moderate sports and exercise can strengthen blood circulation and promote metabolism, increase the elasticity of hair, and reduce the production of dandruff. Hair as a part of the body, sometimes will send a little “temper”, and bring you a variety of unpleasant, in fact, as long as she understands her temperament and the right medicine, she will also work well.

7. Adhere to the scalp massage every day

Regular massage scalp can stimulate the scalp capillaries, so that they expand thick, blood circulation, supplying the brain tissue with more nutrients and oxygen. Scalp blood circulation improves, but also conducive to the growth and development of hair, to prevent hair loss and grey, the elderly often massage their scalp, but also able to prolong life. You can try to use a sandalwood comb, combing hair at the same time with the efficacy of scalp massage!

8. The attention to the diet

The scalp needs enough vitamins and protein nourishment, and a greasy, spicy diet will bring bad scalp stimulation, and increase sebaceous gland secretion so that the hair more quickly becomes dirty and falls off. While maintaining the scalp, it is equally important to have a well-balanced diet. A diet that is too salty and too spicy is also harmful to the body and is never advisable.

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