Round wooden combs in a hair salon

Round wooden combs in a hair salon
Become a master hairdresser with wooden round combs.

Round wooden combs are made of high-quality natural wood, such as cherry, birch, sandalwood, etc., with a hard texture and clear grain.

The process of making round wooden combs usually needs to go through several procedures such as wood cutting, sanding, carving, polishing, painting, and so on, and the combs made are smooth and delicate in appearance, with a comfortable texture.

Types and functions of round wooden combs

1. Different shapes of round wooden combs

1.1. Hair straightening comb

Straight hair combs are usually long with dense teeth, suitable for combing straight and long hair.

1.2. Curly hair combs

Curly combs are usually round or semi-circular in shape, with wide spacing between the teeth, and are suitable for combing curly or wavy hair.

1.3. Splint combs

Splint combs have sparsely spaced teeth and are suitable for working out knots and tangles.

2. Functions and effects of round wooden combs

2.1. Hair combing

The teeth of the round wooden comb are designed to allow hair to pass through smoothly, thus combing hair and preventing knots and static electricity.

2.2. Promote blood circulation in the scalp

Using a round wooden comb to brush your hair gently can stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and promote hair growth.

2.3. Relieves stress

The sensation of massaging the scalp can be relaxing and pleasurable, reducing stress. Adds luster to hair. Using a round wooden comb to comb your hair can help it secrete natural oils and make it shinier.

Useful in beauty treatments

1. Professional combing and conditioning

Professional hairdressers in beauty salons or salons often use round wooden combs to comb and condition their clients’ hair. Round wooden comb teeth spacing, can effectively comb long hair or easy to knot hair, to avoid hair breakage and damage.

2. Scalp massage

Hairdressers often choose to use round wooden combs when doing scalp care and massage for their guests, through gentle massage and combing to promote blood circulation in the scalp, slowing down the problem of dry scalp and unbalanced oil secretion.

3. Hair styling and modeling

Round wooden combs can be used not only for combing hair but also for styling and modeling. In some hairstyling or styling processes, hairdressers will use the features of the round wooden comb to create a natural, smooth hairstyle effect.

4. Hair care and maintenance

Round wooden combs can treat hair more gently, reduce static electricity, and minimize damage due to the natural wood material and delicate manufacturing process. Using wooden round combs for hair care and maintenance in hairdressers or salons can help maintain healthy and shiny hair.

Using a round wooden comb at home

1. Comb your hair

You need to use a wooden round comb to gently smooth your hair, starting from the roots, in the direction of the natural flow of the hair. This will remove frizz and knots from your hair and make it smooth and silky.

2. Use after shampooing

After shampooing, your hair will be in its natural state of softness and smoothness, and this is when using a round wooden comb can be more advantageous. It can comb and shape your hairstyle better.

3. Adjust your hairstyle according to your needs

You can create various hairstyles such as curly, wavy, and straight by using a round wooden comb. You can start by gently holding your hair in place, then use the wooden round comb to gently twist and glide through your hair, starting from the hairline, to mold the shape you want.

4. Styling

For a longer-lasting effect, you can use some styling products such as hairspray and wax. To use these products, rub heat in your palms, then apply in the direction of your hair’s texture before combing evenly with a wooden round comb. This will enhance the styling effect while giving your hair a natural look.

5. Daily maintenance

A round wooden comb is also one of the daily maintenance tools for your hair. You can use it to massage your scalp to improve blood circulation and also reduce static electricity and tangles.

6. Precautions

  • When using a wooden round comb, be careful to operate it gently and avoid excessive pulling and friction to avoid damaging your hair.
  • Avoid using plastic or metal combs as they may create static electricity in the hair, leading to knots and tangled hair.
  • If you want to create more complex hairstyles, you may need to prepare more tools and products such as curling irons, bobby pins, and hair cords.


Overall, the round wooden comb in modern life in the application and development of many aspects, covering beauty care, traditional medicine crafts market, and other fields. They are mainly used for combing hair, massaging the scalp, improving blood circulation to the scalp, and reducing stress. The advantages of wooden round combs include anti-static, durability, anti-breakage, and other characteristics, which make them suitable for combing all types of hair, especially long hair or hair that is prone to knots.

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