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Fine-Toothed Sandalwood Rat Tail Comb for precision styling. The more complicated the style you’d like to achieve, the finer the hairstyling tool that you need. Our wooden rat-tail comb is up for the job! Use it to part your hair into various sections. Count on our rat-tail comb to do the job with great precision. Although fairly pointed, our comb has a rounded edge that goes easy on your scalp. You’ll love how it feels against your skin!

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About Sandalwood Rat Tail Comb

  • ECO-Friendly Material – Anti-Static. This comb actively reduces static from your hair by using natural materials such as sandalwood. Get rid of flyaways while you groom!
    Versatile Design for Professional Results – With its finely spaced teeth and rat-tail end, our comb is perfect for a variety of hair applications. From foiling and root color application to teasing and backcombing, it’s a versatile tool that delivers professional-level results right at your fingertips. It is also suitable for teasing and styling, paired with hair gel, mousse, or styling putty to create a long-lasting look.
  • Exceptionally Smooth Detangling – Smooth comb teeth configurations that prevent your hair from tangling and offer a more comfortable experience for your scalp. Smooth design while using without easy scratching your scalp for daily and hair salon use.
  • Features – Great for hairstyling, parting hair, backcombing, hair coloring, and post-styling hair; Regular use, adds brilliant shine and luster to dull hair; Leaves hair smooth and silky soft, your hair and scalp will be healthier
  • Boosts Hair Growth – The massage effects of a wooden comb stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, which leads to healthier follicles for better growth in the long run. You’ll soon be flaunting lush locks!
  • For All Hair Types – Suitable for women men kids with long short thick thin curly straight natural dry or wet hair, for daily use and travel. Whether your hair type is short or long, curly or straight, thick, thin, coarse, or dense, these well-weighted wooden combs will glide easily through the most unruly hair.
  • Geeshair Promise – If for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, simply contact us and we’ll take care of it.
  • Material: Green sandalwood
  • Color: Brown
  • Hair Type: Dry, Normal, Oily, Thick, Wavy, Curly
  • Size: 8.27 x 1.38 inches; 0.22lb; Pack of 1; Sample measurement, There is a slight difference.


Compared to plastic combs, sandalwood combs are naturally anti-static and can reduce static electricity generated by friction in the hair, reducing frizz and flyaways caused by static electricity, resulting in smoother hair.

Sandalwood comb is not a hair loss treatment, but it helps to minimize the effects of hair loss by promoting blood circulation to the scalp and providing a healthy scalp environment through the gentle combing process and scalp massage. It may be more effective when used in conjunction with other hair loss treatments.

Long-term use of sandalwood combs can improve the quality and appearance of your hair. The combing process helps to secrete natural oils from the scalp and distribute them evenly throughout the hair, thus keeping it healthy and shiny.

Sandalwood combs can help regulate the oil production of the scalp to make it more balanced. The gentle combing process can help evenly distribute the oil on the scalp and minimize the accumulation of excess oil.

Sandalwood comb combing stimulates blood circulation to the scalp and promotes the delivery of nutrients, which helps to maintain a healthy scalp and alleviate dandruff problems.

Sandalwood comb is suitable for all hair types, including dry, oily, normal, and damaged hair. It is especially suitable for long hair to keep it smooth and prevent tangles.

Sandalwood has some natural antimicrobial properties that can help keep your comb relatively clean. However, regular cleaning and maintenance are still recommended to ensure hygiene.

To maintain the beauty and quality of your sandalwood comb, care for it regularly with vegetable oils while avoiding exposure to sunlight and excessive humidity.
With proper care, it is durable and can last for many years. However, they may become deformed or damaged if immersed in water for a long period of time or subjected to excessive force.

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