How can I prevent my hair from getting greasy?

greasy hair
What is the reason for greasy hair?

Hair greasy is very annoying, and affects the personal image, after the greasy hair sticks to the scalp, no modeling sense can be said. Always just washed the head, but not after will be again greasy? What exactly is the reason for this? A lot of factors, such as the body’s heavy moisture, water, and greasy imbalance, their own for greasy skin, etc., can cause hair greasy.
Let Geeshair teach you how to treat and prevent it by changing your habits and diet.

What is the reason for greasy hair?

1. Water and greasy imbalance

Many people are surprised that the scalp can also have a water-greasy imbalance. The scalp and our human skin are the same, so the phenomenon of water-greasy imbalance will naturally occur. The reason for this imbalance is usually the shampoo. If the shampoo’s irritation is strong, it is easy to cause the scalp water and greasy imbalance. So when we change to a more gentle shampoo, the phenomenon of hair greasy can be effectively alleviated.

2. Heavy moisture

The word “dampness” is not unfamiliar to everyone. When the body’s moisture is too heavy, it will affect all parts of our body, hair is no exception. So when the moisture in our body is too heavy, it will easily lead to hair greasy. In addition, if the body feels weak, and prone to constipation, this time may need to remove moisture.

3. Themselves for greasy skin

Some people have greasy skin, so the scalp’s greasy secretion will also be more vigorous, so it is easy to lead to hair greasy.

4. Androgenic alopecia

For this statement, you may not be very familiar with it. This situation is also very easily causes hair greasy, and will also aggravate the phenomenon of hair loss. So when the hair is greasy and hair loss has occurred, it is necessary for timely treatment.

Improve the hair greasy diet therapy

1. Eat more fish

Because fish is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and collagen needed by the human body, especially deep-sea fish, so fish is deservedly healthy meat. The consumption process is recommended to steam or braised, which can retain the delicious taste of fish, but also will not cause a burden on the body, it is not recommended to fry, as it is too greasy.

2. Corn

Corn is a treasure, rich in calcium, selenium, lecithin, vitamin E, etc., not only can clear fat, and reduce cholesterol, but also reduce the hair love greasy, and diuretic effect.

3. Winter melon

Winter melon has a very good fat effect, containing malonic acid, which can be effectively converted to fat in the body sugar, thereby reducing the accumulation of body fat, playing the role of fat clearing, Eating more winter melon can reduce hair loss and the situation of greasy.

4. Green tea

Green tea not only has the role of fat, which is rich in vitamin B can also promote the growth of hair, while tea polyphenols have to go to edema, a detoxification effect.

5. Oats

Regular consumption of oats can promote intestinal peristalsis, and body metabolism, thereby removing excess body fat, and ultimately alleviating the scalp love greasy situation!

6. Supplement B vitamins

Foods containing vitamin B are fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and sardines, and if food supplementation is too cumbersome, you can consider using vitamin B nutritional tablets.

How to prevent hair from becoming greasy

1. Comb your hair less

Experts said that although the morning and evening with the belly of the finger massage scalp has a certain health effect, an easily greasy scalp, will make the greasy passively dispersed to the hair dry, stimulate greasy secretion, and aggravate the greasy. It is recommended that people with greasy skin, non-essential, less combing.

2. Eat a reasonable diet

Daily life must ensure adequate sleep, regular work and rest, and eating less high-fat, high-calorie, spicy food. But also more exercise, maintaining a good state of mind, and avoiding too much tension.

3. Choose the right shampoo

Greasy hair should not use moisturizing shampoo but should use plant-derived herbal shampoo, not only gentle but also improves scalp greasy secretion problems, and reduces the symptoms of hair loss.

4. Shampoo temperature should be moderate

Shampooing with water too hot will stimulate the scalp, causing sebaceous gland hypertrophy, easy to greasy.
The practice of using cool water to wash your hair to be cool is equally undesirable. On the one hand, too low a temperature will stimulate the head skin, on the other hand, cool water is not conducive to the dissolution of the head greasy, and easy to clean is not complete, resulting in increased greasy. Therefore, the hair washing temperature should be controlled at 37 degrees Celsius, which is similar to the body temperature and is most appropriate.

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