Ox horn hair comb? Hair growth?

ox natural horn hair comb
Can a natural horn hair comb cure grey hair?

In our daily life, we have to comb our hair every day. As the saying goes, “A thousand over combing, head not white”, no matter hair loss white hair, can be used for a thousand years with a simple method, with the horn comb combing hair. The reason why you need to use the horn hair comb is because the horn is a traditional Chinese medicine, that has the effect of cooling the blood. Can ox horn comb hair growth? Here to understand the role of the horn comb combing.

What is an ox horn comb made of?

Ox horn comb is made of ox horn as raw material, using traditional craft handmade carefully. The horn comb material has rhinoceros horn, buffalo horn, yellow horn, yak horn, and so on. Good ox horn comb feels warm like jade, thick, ox horn color and luster round, feels good, not static electricity. Ox horn comb solid texture, not easy to bend crack, does not hurt the skin, does not hurt the hair, and has a very good hair care effect. Combing your hair with an ox horn several times a day can play a role in massaging the brain scalp and head nerves, promoting blood circulation, relaxation of tension, and fatigue emotions.

Can ox horn hair comb cure grey hair?

Ox horn comb can not cure grey hair.

However long-term use can promote blood circulation in the head. This is because the horn comb teeth in the head back and forth gently crossed, can stimulate the nerve endings, through the cerebral cortex to regulate the head nerves and let the head tense state be relaxed, so that the hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands to get full nutrition, to prevent the hair nutritional deficiencies and lead to long grey hair, yellow hair, and hair loss, so often correctly use the horn comb on the scalp and prevention of grey hair, yellow hair, etc. have a positive effect.

Can ox horn comb hair growth?

Ox horn comb can not produce hair.

But can reduce hair loss. Comb made of horn material, will not produce any static electricity, in addition, its pharmacological properties in the massage of the human brain scalp, and head nerves promote blood circulation, and invisible penetration into the body.

At night with a natural horn comb massage head, its “cool blood detoxification” pharmacological properties make people relax days of tension and fatigue. Regular use of a horn comb can effectively reduce hair loss, and hair breakage and eliminate dandruff. Long-term use can eliminate headaches and other head diseases so that you are clear-headed, refreshed, and agile thinking. So the natural horn comb is the most suitable material for the comb.

How to comb your hair with a horn hair comb?

Ox horn hair comb, not combing hair, but combing the scalp, the correct method is every morning and evening with an ox horn hair comb in the direction of the meridians, starting from the forehead in the middle, with even strength, to the head, occiput, neck comb paddling, the action should not be too fast, combing and kneading. Generally about 100 comb each time, comb until the scalp is slightly hot best.

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