How do I take care of my hair after a perm?

How do I take care of my hair after a perm
What do to do when your hair is permed?

Now, more and more people like to perm hair, but many people find that their hair becomes frizzy after a perm hair, What How to do with frizzy hair after a bad perm? Then how do you care for hair after a perm?

Hair perm is bad how to do it?

1. Give the hair supplement nutrition

If you don’t want to cut off those scalded hair, then you can give your hair enough nutrients, you can use the hair film for hair care, by the regular method to operate, and after careful care, it will slowly restore the original luster.

2. Cut off the burnt part

If your hair is burnt, you can cut off the burnt part, which is also a better way to remedy the burnt hair. If the burnt hair is at the end of the hair, you can just subtract those hairs that have been burnt and just change the hairstyle which is still quite good.

3. Tie your hair up

This is also a very good remedy for bad hair, if you tie your hair up, you can make those bad hair be hidden. For example, now more popular pill heads are also more aged and look more playful. When the hair is long, then going to do a hairstyle, is also better for the hair.

4. Use a smoothing shampoo

Smoothing shampoos can make our hair a little smoother and make our permed hair not look frizzy. This way the hair won’t look so fluffy. There is also a type of shampoo that can help us care for curly hair so that our hair will not be damaged so much.

5. Use conditioner

Conditioners can give our hair some essence and effect that shampoo does not. Our hair should apply a conditioner after shampooing and rinse it off after ten to twenty minutes. After washing, you will find that your hair is not so fluffy.

6. Do not towel hair

Because towel hair will make our hair more and more fluffy, and then let the hair root damage. You can use a towel to absorb the water on the hair dry, and gently press your hair so that the hair will not become more and more fluffy because of the action of the towel.

7. Don’t use a hair dryer on the roots

The most important reason why your hair gets fluffy after a perm is that the curls at the roots are bigger, making it look messy and frizzy. The hot air inside the hair dryer is not good for our hair roots, so we can’t use the hair dryer to blow our hair roots directly, which will cause hair damage very much.

8. Use essential oils

Applying essential oils can make our hair smooth and not look so fluffy. Usually apply the essential oil when the hair is almost dry, don’t apply it in the direction of the scalp, you can apply it at the end of the hair.

How to take care of your hair after perm.

1. Avoid washing hair and using an electric curling iron

After perm, the first three days should try to avoid contact with the hair, do not wash your hair, and electric curling iron these do not use.

2. Washing hair precautions

Permed hair does not need to be washed every day, and when washing hair light rubbing can be done, avoid rubbing hard to prevent damage to the hair.

3. For hair nutrition

3 days later, you need to add some protein-rich moisture hair care products for your hair, you can also choose to use some of the permed hair conditioner or serum, etc. and if you have time, you can also go to do some care type of baking oil.

4. Blowing hair precautions

After cleaning the permed hair, should try to avoid using a high-temperature hair dryer to blow dry hair, you can let the hair dry naturally, and you can also use a large air blower to blow, so that out the effect of fluffy and not messy.

5. With hair products

To make the curls after perm more stylish, we can also use hair products for hair styling, so that the hair curls are more elastic, get good modeling as little as possible after touching it, and let the hair dry naturally, so that the effect will come out more natural.

6. Combing hair precautions

For permed hair is best not to use plastic combs, as plastic combs will produce static electricity, and are not conducive to combing hair, the correct method is to use a wide-toothed comb combed hair, pay attention to not pulling the knotted hair, which will damage the hair, if it is not possible to gently use your hands to unravel the knotted hair.

Essential oil or elastin?

Can be combined with the specific circumstances of the perm to choose, such as hot perm is recommended to use essential oils, and cold perm is recommended to use elastin. Because essential oils have a strong penetrating power, they can effectively restore dry hair and also moisturize and lock in water. The use of essential oils can increase the brightness and color of the hair so that the hairstyle is more refreshing, more suitable for dry hair, or hot after the styling. Elastin can restore the hair’s elasticity, making the hair color more glossy, generally applicable to wet hair types of hairstyles, such as curly hair after a cold perm.

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