How to use hair care essential oils?

How to use hair care essential oils
What should I be aware of when using hair care essential oils?

Using hair care essential oils in your daily hair care routine will achieve unexpected hair care results. There are two ways to use hair care oils, oils for simple hair care and fine hair care.

How to use essential oils for hair care?

1. Essential oil simple hair care

In the usual use of shampoo (or conditioner), 1 drop of hair care oil (essential oil), mix well after shampooing, or the ratio of essential oils and shampoo is 1:10. you can also just wash your hair, if the hair is still wet, with the base oil gently coated with a single oil diluted in the hair instead of the conditioner link, then the conditioner has a better nourishing effect.

2. Essential oil fine hair care

Essential oils fine hair care relative to essential oils simple hair care a little trouble, but it can make the hair get a deeper level of nourishment, the role will be more obvious!

The use method is shampoo to clean hair, clean hair more easily absorbs the nutrients of essential oils, and then use a good blend of essential oils coated in hair scalp, massage for 20 minutes, and wrapped in plastic wrap so that the hair fully absorbs the ingredients of essential oils! Then rinse off.

What are the precautions for the use of hair care essential oils?

1. Control the dosage.

Hair care essential oil does not need to be used too much, each time about 2-3 drops, of course, this still depends on the amount of hair and the degree of damage, but it is not recommended to use too much.

2. Do not use it every day.

Hair care oil does not need to be used every day, generally a week can be used once, every day with the fact that it is not necessary, in addition, there may be a risk that the hair can not absorb the impact.

3. Do not think oily hair can not be used.

Oily hair can also use essential oils for hair care.

4. Hair care oil is not just used after shampooing.

Dry hair or wet hair can be used in the state of hair care oil.

The wrong way to use

  • There are some friends to facilitate, the essential oil will directly drop into the shampoo bottle, and this practice is not desirable! Large bottles of shampoo will generally be used for several months, and the deployment of essential oils can generally only be stored for a week, which will lead to the deterioration of essential oils, can not play the role of hair care, the correct method is to use with the adjustment, or each time to adjust the amount of a week.
  • Casually using a shampoo to mix the essential oil is not right. Purchase the best choice of natural hair care products, to ensure the maximum effectiveness of essential oils and the best smell.

For prevention, why not start by combing your hair?

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