How to turn grey hair black?

How to turn grey hair black
What are the causes of grey hair?

Grey hair is usually found among the elderly, but with the influence of stressful life and poor dietary habits, many young people are also starting to grow grey hair. So, how to turn grey hair black? Apart from reducing stress and improving bad habits, what else can be done?

What are the causes of grey hair?

Giving birth to grey hair is due to the reduction of melanin particles in the medulla and cortex of the hair or being filled with air, and its causes are congenital and acquired.

Under normal circumstances, there are abundant blood vessels in the hair papilla, which provide sufficient nutrients to the hair papilla and bulb, and melanin granules are synthesized smoothly. When the formation of melanin granules in the papilla and bulb of the hair is impaired, or although formed due to certain factors, cannot be transported to the hair, thus reducing and disappearing the melanin granules in the medulla and cortical part of the hair, then grey hair will appear.

1. Gray hair in old age

This is mostly a normal physiological phenomenon, when people reach a certain age, often from both sides of the beard corner begin to appear white hair, and gradually to the central extension. A few years later, beard, nose hair, etc. also become grey, but chest hair, pubic hair, and armpit hair even in old age do not change white.

The reason for senile grey hair is mainly the disappearance of melanin, with the aging of the body, the human hair bulb in the melanin cells in the progressive loss of tyrosinase activity, and the hair shaft’s gradual disappearance of pigment.

2. Genetic factors

A certain family genetic history, in addition to grey hair more than people of the same age, does not affect physical health. However, there is no treatment for hereditary grey hair.

3. Mental factors

If a person is depressed for a long time, in a poor state of mind, or has a high degree of mental tension, life stress, long-term late night, and being overworked, can make the hair from black to white.

When you feel stressed, your muscles will be tense and stiff, and your blood vessels will contract and slow down the blood delivery. Before going to bed, take a warm bath to relax your body and mind, or watch an interesting film, don’t let the pressure put you out of breath.

4. Malnutrition

Hair is the appendage of the skin, and it with other parts of the body organs, and tissues the same needs adequate nutrition. Different races and hair colors are different. Yellow hair pigment particles contain copper, cobalt, and iron, so it is brownish-black, if the diet for a long time lacks copper, cobalt, and iron these inorganic salts, naturally affect the synthesis of melanin, so that the hair from black to white.

In addition, if the body long-term lack of protein, vegetable oil, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin B6, will also lead to hair from black to white.

5. Insufficient qi and blood

According to traditional Chinese medicine, one of the main reasons why hair turns grey is insufficient qi and blood.

Hair is the body of the important performance of the situation of qi and blood, hair black, thick, smooth, and shiny on behalf of qi and blood; and white hair, hair loss, dry hair, etc. are women with insufficient qi and blood performance.

It is recommended to eat more jujube, cinnamon, angelica, and other foods that help replenish qi and blood. Head long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, melanin cells are susceptible to damage, not only does hair become frizzy, but hair colour will also fade. Usually must do a good job of hair sunscreen, to avoid the ravages of ultraviolet rays.

6. Kidney deficiency

Chinese medicine believes that hair is for the blood, and published in the kidneys, so that the kidneys and China in the hair, when the heart and kidneys do not meet, the innate endowment is not enough, overthinking depletion of essence and blood, fear of injury to the kidney so that the hair becomes white. Be sure to pay attention to the maintenance of the kidneys.

7. Lack of sleep

Irregular life or serious sleep deprivation will disturb the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nerve controls the secretion of growth hormone and blood circulation throughout the body. If the autonomic nerve is disturbed, it will lead to metabolism and blood circulation disorders, thus producing grey hair.

How to treat grey hair?

1. Dietary therapy against grey hair

1.1. Sesame Paste

Black sesame, round-grained rice ratio of 1:1.5. first, wash the black sesame, dry it, and fry the fragrance, but do not fry burnt, and then has be immersed in 1 hour of rice, and black sesame mixed, together with grinding, grinding over 2-3 times, and then filtered with gauze and water, repeated filtration many times, slagging, and then add the right amount of water, can be boiled into a sesame seed paste, add sugar to consume. With the benefit of the stomach and intestines, prevention and treatment of grey hair effect, and can keep the skin tender.

1.2. Royal Jelly

Royal jelly contains high nutrients, especially because it can provide the melanin secretion and synthesis of the necessary substances, and the melanin particles are transported to the hair follicle blood vessels, so that they become more usual and active, enhancing the function of the melanin particles, so that the melanin can be a steady stream of production and secret, the hair will become black.

1.3. Goji Berry

Effects: tonic liver and kidney, liver and kidney deficiency caused by blurred vision, and premature whitening of hair have a therapeutic effect.

Method of consumption: internal decoction, stewed food, 9-15 grams each time; boiled ointment soaked in wine or into the pill, loose can be.

1.4. Walnut dip

Walnut kernel 1000 grams, soaked in cold water for 3 days, remove the tip of the skin. Then put the right amount of sugar into the pot, to be melted and poured into the walnut kernel stir, and cold can be eaten. Eat 2 times a day, 10 grains each time.

1.5. He Shou Wu

Firstly, put the shows into a small casserole, fry the juice, remove the slag, and put into the washed round-grained rice and jujube, add the right amount of water to cook the porridge, porridge cooked add brown sugar that is.

This porridge has the function of nourishing the blood and benefiting the liver, fixing the essence and tonifying the kidney, and making the beard and hair white, suitable for people with premature whitening of the beard and yellowish hair. Daily dose, divided into two times to eat, eat 7-10 days for a course of treatment, the interval of 5 days, and then the next course of treatment. It is not suitable for people with loose stools.

How to prevent grey hair growth?

1. Relieve stress

Stress is one of the main reasons for the early onset of grey hair and makes us age faster. To prevent yourself from looking older than your actual age, you should be smart enough to give yourself as much time as possible to relax, even if it’s just a nice relaxing bath after a long day of work. We need to learn to live a positive life, learn to say “no”, lock the bathroom door if necessary, and let ourselves enjoy a moment of peace.

2. Stop smoking

Research has proven that smoking causes premature aging, so quitting should be your first step. Stopping smoking will also improve blood circulation, which can also help reduce the production of grey hair.

3. Supplementation

3.1. Copper

Grey hairs begin to appear due to a lack of copper in your diet. Copper-rich foods include Brussels sprouts, lima beans, yams, spinach, and most meats. Also, copper is found in blackberries, pineapple, pomegranate, almonds, and pumpkin seeds.

3.2. Lodine

Many people have grey hair because their diet lacks sufficient iodine; therefore, eat plenty of iodine-rich foods such as carrots and spinach.

3.3. Protein

A neutral and high-protein diet is vital for your health, including skin and hair health. You need to eat more lean meats, such as turkey, to balance the protein in your diet.

3.4. Vitamin B12

A deficiency of vitamin B12 may lead to premature aging, which can be improved by eating more foods rich in vitamin B12, like eggs, cheese, beef, bananas, fish, and lamb.

4. Improve blood circulation

Good blood circulation is one of the most important ways to prevent greying hair. Even if you eat enough vitamins and minerals, it won’t help if they can’t reach your scalp and hair.

5. Massage your scalp

To prevent grey hair, you can insist on waking up in the morning and before going to bed with the index finger and middle finger on the scalp in small circles, and rub the scalp: first from the forehead through the top of the head to the back of the occipital part, and then from the forehead through the two sides of the solar plexus to the occipital part. Each massage 1-2 minutes, rubbing back and forth 30-40 times per minute, and then gradually increase to 5-10 minutes.

This massage can accelerate the local blood circulation of the hair follicle, so that the hair papilla gets sufficient blood supply, so that the pigment cells of the hair bulb nutrition is improved, the cell activity is enhanced, the division is accelerated, will be conducive to the secretion of melanin and make the hair black.

6. Comb your hair diligently

Diligent combing is also a kind of physical massage method, diligent combing, not only can keep the scalp and hair clean but also accelerates blood circulation, and increases the nutrition of the head of the pores, to achieve the effect of preventing hair whitening.

7. Treatment of disease

Certain infectious diseases and chronic local focal inflammation. Such as dental caries, tonsillitis, purulent sinusitis, etc., through the role of bacteria and nerve reflexes, can also cause white hair.

In the endocrine aspect, the pituitary gland, adrenal glands, and the vegetative nervous system are all closely related to the secretion function of the black excitatory hormone that secretes and promotes the formation of melanin. Endocrine normal, the secretion of the black excitatory hormone, the formation of melanin is more, the hair color is also darker; on the contrary, grey hair from birth.

In addition, sexual dysfunction can also cause grey hair. Therefore, to prevent the growth of grey hair, it is important to treat the above diseases as soon as possible.

What are the common problems of grey hair?

1. Can grey hair become black?

Under normal circumstances, except for genetic and natural aging caused by grey hair, can not be reversed, but for the body trace element disorders, protein, vitamin deficiencies, and mental factors triggered by grey hair problems, especially in the younger group, can be improved through some treatment means.

As long as the hair cells in the hair papilla exist normally, and remove certain obstacles or pathogenic factors, the hair can still turn black.

2. Can white hair be pulled out?

“You can’t pull out grey hairs, or you will get more and more!” You may have heard of the saying that “if you pull out one grey hair, seven will grow”, but what is the truth?

First of all, hair grows out of the hair follicle, and what determines the color of hair is the melanin in the hair follicle at the root of the hair. If there is a decrease in the production of melanin, the hair will be lighter in color, grey or all white, or darker.

Secondly, the amount of hair depends on the number of hair follicles. Generally speaking, people do not grow new hair follicles, the number of follicles is fixed, and new follicles and more hair will not grow just because a hair is plucked.

To put it simply, pulling out hair does not increase the number of follicles, nor does it affect the production of melanin, so grey hairs do not grow more and more as they are pulled out.

But even so, it is not recommended to pluck grey hairs indiscriminately. Forced plucking or frequent plucking may harm the hair follicles and scalp, cause folliculitis, and also affect other healthy hair, or even lead to hair loss.

3. White hair will be more and more?

In general, if it is not the normal sex of the elderly with white hair, teenagers find more and more long white hair on the head, maybe because of bad habits or the body of some disease signals.

What are the links between grey hair and diseases?

1. Sideburns white: liver fire exuberant

The head of the two bik corresponds to the internal organs of the reflex zone the liver and gallbladder, the liver and gallbladder fire or grumpy or angry people, often accompanied by dry mouth, bitter mouth, dry tongue, sore eyes, and other symptoms. This is caused by the liver and gallbladder fire, commonly known as “fire”, which will damage the spleen and stomach.

The two stacks of white countermeasures: In this situation, the patient should eat a light meal, you can eat a little more than eight treasures porridge, lotus seed porridge, lotus seed white fungus porridge, lotus heart tea, rose tea, hawthorn tea. If the mouth is bitter, dry mouth is serious, can eat more lotus heart and bitter melon. In terms of medication, you can take Gentian Liver Pills orally to soothe the liver and benefit the gallbladder.

Of course, a bad mood is also a cause of the fire. Therefore, this kind of grey-haired people should maintain a relaxed mood, and then carry out some can increase their interest in life culture, and sports activities.

2. Forehead grey hair: spleen and stomach disorders

The forehead corresponds to the reflex zone of the spleen and stomach, and people with bad spleen and stomach often have abdominal distension, abdominal pain, stomach acidity, thirst, and lack of warmth in the limbs. Others are often accompanied by bad breath, excessive appetite, or swelling of the limbs, fear of cold and warmth, urine clear long or unfavorable, female leucorrhoea, and more.

White hair long forehead countermeasures: spleen and stomach cold patients can every three, to five days pot pot ginger porridge.

Ingredients are very simple, that is, 3 grams of fresh ginger, 60 grams of japonica rice, porridge, fresh ginger shredded, and japonica rice up to the pot to cook to thin, morning and evening meals can be warm while drinking on 1-2 small bowl, eat also according to personal taste sprinkled with some sesame salt.

Fresh ginger pungent temperature, with cold sweating, warm stomach analgesic, and antiseptic anti-inflammatory effect, with which the treatment of cold gastritis, and ulcer gastritis has a good effect.

3. The back of the head has white hair: insufficient kidney qi

The back of the head corresponds to the bladder meridian organs reflex zone. The bladder meridian is weak, often accompanied by frequent urination, urine, incontinence, or urinary symptoms. Because the main function of the bladder is to store urine and urinate, so these types of people are not easy to hold urine.

Grey hair grows back of the head Countermeasures: Benefit the kidney in kind a lot. Men should consume animal kidney, dog meat, mutton, venison, sparrow, eel, mud resuscitation, shrimp, rooster, walnut kernels, black beans, etc.; women may wish to consume dried scallops, perch, chestnuts, Chinese wolfberry, shows.

Of course, in the above recipes, male and female patients should also be based on their own kidney yang deficiency or kidney yin deficiency have to choose.

4. Hair white beard not white: kidney deficiency

There are people in life with hair white, beards not white, “Huang Di Nei Jing” said the first, the beard is mainly by the main Qi Jing eight veins. If the kidney is weak but Qi Jing and eight veins are not injured, and the beard is not white, such people often manifest poor mental health, dizziness, forgetfulness, insomnia, lack of concentration, lack of energy, no enthusiasm at work, no passion for life, irritability, anxiety, depression, vision and hearing attenuation, hair loss or premature whitening, and so on.

5. The beard’s white hair is not white: Rendu Chong chi injury

If the beard is white, the hair is not white, is that RenDu ChongQin has been injured, such people often exhibit hot flashes, sweating, headaches dizziness, insomnia, mental depression, irritability, loss of appetite, and so on.

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