How to take care of severe hair loss?

How to take care of severe hair loss
What are the causes of hair loss?

All of us lose our hair, but if the hair loss is more severe, it can affect our mind, body, and spirit as well as our physical health. Hair that falls out too much can lead to a show stopper, which is something none of us want to happen. So what can we do to take care of severe hair loss in time when we notice that it is gradually falling out more and more?

What are the causes of hair loss?

1. Genetic factors

Hair loss often has a certain relationship with heredity, if your parents have a hair loss phenomenon, often also causes children hair loss.

2. Disease factors

Some chronic diseases are also the cause of massive hair loss, such as ringworm, scalp eczema, anemia, kidney deficiency, etc. can lead to hair loss.

3. Endocrine disorders

Hair growth and endocrine have a close link, endocrine disorders may cause massive hair loss, such as the lack of thyroid gland.

4. Improper diet

The main component of hair is protein, so too little protein intake will also have an impact on hair growth. Protein, vitamins minerals, and hair growth have a close relationship, weight loss and dieting with excessive protein and micronutrient intake too may cause a lot of hair loss.

5. The use of contraceptive pills

Contraceptive pills contain a large number of estrogen and progesterone, after women stop taking them, due to the lack of vitamins at the same time often leads to hair loss.

6. Hairstyle influence

Women who love to wear too tight ponytails, crooks, and twists for a long time can cause damage to their hair, which may lead to hair loss.

What vitamins are needed for hair loss?

1. Vitamin B

Vitamin B, B1, B2, B6, and B12 are important nutrients that can promote hair growth once the lack of will cause hair loss.

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium, which in turn has a certain impact on the quality of hair, it is conducive to normal hair growth and will not be too thin.

3. Vitamin A

Vitamin A and scalp oil, once the lack of dandruff will create more dandruff, dry hair, and other problems.

What trace elements are lacking in hair loss?

1. Zinc deficiency

Insufficient zinc intake or impaired absorption or use of zinc, as well as certain zinc metabolic diseases, can cause zinc deficiency, which in turn causes hair loss. Zinc deficiency hair loss patients will generally appear with excessive dandruff, and a serious lack of zinc due to impaired protein synthesis, hair growth to slow down, forming white hair, or poor hair growth.

2. Calcium deficiency

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body, and hair growth has a close connection. Calcium deficiency hair loss will also appear in grey hair, which shows the low calcium content in the hair.

3. Iron deficiency

Iron is an important trace element in the basic metabolism of the human body, iron deficiency is light so that hair growth is impeded, heavy triggering baldness and extensive hair loss.

4. Copper deficiency

Copper is a necessary component of many enzymes in the body, copper is conducive to the body’s absorption of iron, and lack of copper can make the hair dry and yellow.

How to judge whether hair loss is abnormal?

1. Hair loss higher than 100 per day

Normal people lose hair every day 50 to 100, if you lose hair more than 100 is likely to be abnormal hair loss. Occasionally more than 100 is not a problem, but long-term persistent hair loss of more than 100 is a hair health problem.

2. Hair greasy dry

Unusual hair loss is accompanied by greasy hair, burnt hair, some yellowish scales that are stubbornly difficult to get rid of, or greyish-white scales flying.

How to take care of serious hair loss?

1. Effective cleaning hair

Washing hair can let the hair follicles get good breathing, thus improving the quality of hair growth and preventing hair loss. We can appropriately increase the number of times we wash our hair, and when we wash our hair, it must be cleaned carefully, not hastily.

2. Less permed and dyed hair

Perming and dyeing hair can cause great damage to the hair, which is very unfavorable to the growth of hair. Never pursue fashion, and destroy their hair growth, especially with the phenomenon of hair loss patients, should pay more attention.

3. Pay attention to diet

Hair growth also needs the absorption of nutrients, if the lack of certain nutrients, it will lead to hair loss. We can eat more such as black sesame seeds, walnuts, black beans, and other food for hair growth.

4. Adjust the mood

A person who is in a bad mood and moping all day long can also lead to the occurrence of hair loss. Therefore, we should maintain an optimistic mindset, no matter what happens to us, we should face it positively and bravely.

5. Additives

When you wash your hair, you can add some additives that are beneficial to hair growth. Friends with severe hair loss can add a small amount of brandy when washing hair, which can increase the toughness of hair and have a friendly promotion of hair growth.

6. Head massage

Head massage can not only relieve fatigue and nervous psychological pressure but also promote the absorption of nutrients into the hair, which can well prevent hair loss.

What is the best food for severe hair loss?

For people with hair loss, it is important to reasonably supplement the following foods:

1. Supplement iron

Frequent hair loss people often lack iron in the body. Iron-rich foods are soybeans, black beans, eggs, scallops, shrimp, cooked peanuts, spinach, carp, bananas, carrots, potatoes, and so on.

2. Supplementation of vegetable protein

With dry hair and split ends, you can eat more soybeans, black sesame, corn, and other foods.

3. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits containing alkaline substances

One of the factors of hair loss and yellowing of hair is due to acidic toxins in the blood. The reason is overworked physically and mentally, and long-term over-eating of pure sugar and fatty foods, which produces acidic toxins during the metabolic process in the body. Liver, meat, onions, and other foods with acidic substances easily cause too many acid toxins in the blood, so eat less.

4. Supplement iodine

The luster of the hair is related to the role of the thyroid gland, iodine supplementation can enhance the secretion function of the thyroid gland, which is conducive to hair health. You can eat more kelp, nori, oysters, and other foods.

5. Supplement vitamin E

Vitamin E can resist hair aging, and promote cell division, and hair growth. Can eat more fresh lettuce, cabbage, black sesame, and so on.

6. Other

Eat more black food such as black sesame, He Shouwu, black beans, and so on to promote hair growth, often eat celery, parsley, and broccoli to prevent hair loss.

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