How to soften hard and coarse hair?

How to soften hard and coarse hair
What are the reasons for hard and coarse hair?

The hard and messy look of the hair makes many girls who love to look good scream for help, for example, sleeping can make the hair tend to go upwards. In short, there are a lot of problems associated with hard and coarse hair, and if you want to improve the coarse hair, you need to start from some aspects, including the need to add moisture to the hair, to choose the right conditioner and shampoo, and so on.

Reasons for hard and coarse hair

  1. Hair is thick and hard, usually because of congenital factors;
  2. Of course, if you often shave your head, and often keep short hair, will also lead to the hair becoming thicker and harder.

How to make coarse and hard hair soft?

1. Dietary conditioning of hair

Chinese medicine often says: “Hair for the blood of the rest, the kidney of the Hua”, meaning that the hair is the residual gas of the liver, the kidney gas of the flashy outward appearance, want to hair grow well, we must more complementary liver and kidney food.

Liver and kidney food: black beans, black sesame, mulberry camp, walnuts, goji berries, chestnuts, pine nuts, yam, Gorgon fruit, and so on.

2. The use of hair conditioner

Conditioners can play a nourishing hair moisturizing purpose, you can usually shampoo, or hair coat some are suitable for coarse hard hair with conditioner products, to achieve the purpose of soft hair.

3. Nourishing and moisturizing shampoo

Hair and our skin are the same, to have moisture, to smooth. Therefore, the best choice of shampoo is to have nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, such as shampoo, which can play a gradual improvement in the baby’s hair’s coarse and hard problems.

4. The water temperature can not be too hot

Hair washing water temperature is also an important factor in determining hair smoothness, water temperature must not be hot, can be a partial cold point, the last must remember to adjust the water temperature a little lower so that you can avoid the heat of the scales open Oh, hair naturally a lot of soft. The last must remember to adjust the water temperature a little lower, to avoid the scalp heat open Oh, hair naturally smooths a lot.

5. Vinegar egg hair care

In their shampoo add a little protein liquid, modulate after shampooing, pay attention to the process of shampooing to massage the hair, which will accelerate the absorption, and then wash the hair, with fresh egg yolks plus a small amount of vinegar after the mixture of liquid coated in the hair, and then wrapped in a wet towel for an hour or so, and then washed off with water, as long as to adhere to the process of a few months, will find that their hair is soft and a lot of.

What hairstyles are suitable for coarse and hard hair?

1. Girls’ coarse hard hair suitable hairstyle

1.1. Black long straight

Hair thick and hard ladies, the most suitable to stay this goddess temperament of black long straight, hair thick and hard can make the modeling look very clean and sharp, coupled with natural black hair, retro, and with a few points of innocence.

1.2. Short straight hair

Short straight hair is also super suitable for hair thick and hard girls, straight and smooth hair will not look bad hair, but enhances the sense of sharpness, and gives a cool feeling.

1.3. Medium-length hair

The classic section of medium-length hair is also a good choice for girls with thick and hard hair, you can add a buckle volume at the end of the hair, fashionable and can break the dull feeling, with air fringes that are also very sweet.

1.4. Big wave curls

Women with coarse hard hair are also suitable for perm this atmospheric big wave curls, this big arc of curls can make modeling a big show temperament, and very repair face thin face, the focus is enough Fan.

2. Men’s coarse hard hair suitable hairstyle

2.1. Big oil head

A large oil head, also known as a “suit head”, is hair with hair gel fixed in a meticulous, and then hard hair will be very flattering. The suit head is more inclined to the side parting style, with a medium length and parting line, more comfortable, neat, and very elegant.

2.2. Short broken hair

Short broken hair is better to take care of, the two sides of the shovel flat, the middle of the hair slightly longer, not only the two sides will not blow hair, but also very fresh and sharp, hard hair is very suitable.

2.3. Round inch

Manly-inch hair, hard hair boys are very dominant, will be shaved short hair can be, simple shaving can be done. Simple and generous without losing fashion.

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