How to repair damaged hair?

damaged hair
What are the symptoms of damaged hair?

In addition to the physical and physical appearance of a woman’s glamour, a head of silky hair will also add a lot of points to a woman’s glamour. However, many women are plagued by damaged hair. Inadequate care and dry air can cause hair to become frizzy, lackluster, and break easily. If you want to have soft and shiny hair, you need to put some effort into hair care. Geeshair will introduce you to several ways to repair damaged hair.

What are the causes of damaged hair?

1. Physical damage

  • Damage caused by incorrect combing;
  • Damage caused by incorrect use of scissors and sharpeners;
  • Damage caused by electric hairdressing appliances;
  • Damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

2. Chemical damage

  • Damage caused by incorrect use of daily shampooing, hair care, and styling products.
  • Damage caused by excessive perming, dyeing, bleaching, and incorrect operation on the hair
  • Damage to hair caused by environmental pollution
  • Damage to hair caused by seawater and swimming pool water quality.

3. Physiological and psychological damage

  • Due to the reasons of human internal organs, or their psychological factors can also cause hair weakness, greasy, shedding, grey hair, and so on.

What are the symptoms of hair damage?

1. Hair breakage

Symptoms: Hair is difficult to successfully pass to the tips after washing, often knotted, and many broken hairs are found after combing through.

2. Lack of luster

Symptoms: When the hair starts to get damaged, the scales on the surface will arch up one after another, making it impossible for light to be evenly refracted on the hair, and the hair will lose its luster as a result.

3. Lack of elasticity

Symptoms: Hair like hay, uncomfortable, lack of elasticity.

4. Hair turns yellow

Symptoms: When hair starts to get damaged, hair will slowly fade to yellow.

5. Dandruff increase

Symptoms: just washed hair, it grows white spots.

6. Too much hair falling

Symptoms: Pillow towel, hair comb, clothes everywhere the root of the hair, 100 hair falls daily are within the normal range, more than this range can be diagnosed as abnormal hair fall.

How to judge the degree of damage to your hair?

1. Mild damage

Hair begins to have a little bit of dullness and turns yellow.

2. Medium damage

Hair begins to feel fragile, lacks toughness, hair feels a little dry and lacks moisture.

3. Severe damage

Hair feels very coarse and dry, a lot of hair, hair feels especially dry when washing, tangles badly, hair ends begin to split.

How to repair damaged hair?

1. Mop up olive oil

After washing your hair, wipe some olive oil on your hair properly, then wrap it up with a hot towel and wash it off after 15 minutes, usually when you feel your hair is particularly frizzy, you can also do this.

2. As little as possible with a hair dryer

After washing the head, do not rush to blow the hair, the hair wrapped in a dry towel, for about 15 minutes and then put down, towel dry, and then comb smooth, if the hair is already dry, do not use a hair dryer, naturally dry is better, otherwise, blow a few machines; remember, blow away from the hair a little bit farther, blowing to stop when drying, do not blow dry completely, that is very harmful to the hair.

3. Choose a good shampoo

The choice of shampoo is also very important, must choose damaged hair specialized in the use of it because it will be rich in full nutrition.

4. Hair film care

Can also take a week or half a month to go to the barbershop to do professional care, on the contrary, buy their hair film at home to do it.

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