What about seasonal hair loss?

how to prevent seasonal hair loss
Have you ever experienced seasonal hair loss?

Hair loss is affected by seasons, hair loss is most serious in summer and autumn, this is because of the higher temperature in summer and autumn, strong ultraviolet rays, the human body’s sebum secretion is related to the temperature, the higher the temperature, the more sebum secretion, the lower the temperature, the less sebum secretion. So how to cure seasonal hair loss?

Seasonal hair loss how to do it?

1. Frizzy hair

Autumn and winter cold wind or office heating, if it is a long time in this kind of dry environment, will destroy the hair surface scales of the water locking function, resulting in hair becoming dry and coarse, hair becomes fragile, easy to break, hair tail yellow and even forked, this seasonal hair loss, in the dry and cold winter, you may want to choose the shampoo with moisturizing ingredients as well as mild and moisturizing ability. After washing your hair, you can add moisturizer or conditioner to soften the scales on the hair’s surface and lock in moisture. But if you have an oily scalp, it is not suitable to use too moisturizing products.

2. Dandruff increase

Dandruff is the old waste cells of the epidermis of the head. This seasonal hair loss with the climate is more and more dry and cold, when the scalp does not have enough moisture and dry or epidermal cell proliferation, will promote dandruff more. In addition, low temperatures will make the scalp sebaceous gland secretion decrease, so that the scalp is dehydrated, and dandruff; a dry climate will also make the dandruff bacterium increase, so that the metabolism of the scalp cells is not normal, at this time the use of anti-dandruff shampoo should be able to improve the condition of the scalp.

3. Scalp oil, itchy

Seasonal temperature and humidity instability often affect the scalp, so that the sebaceous glands and sweat glands can not function properly, resulting in changes in the pH of the scalp, this seasonal hair loss will cause scalp oil, itchy, and even red allergic phenomena. If you have these phenomena, hair cleaning is very important, do not let the oil block your hair follicles, but also must choose the right shampoo for you, if the situation does not improve, you should ask the dermatologist to do a professional diagnosis and treatment.

Seasonal hair loss treatment precautions.

1. Comb your hair in the morning and evening

Comb your hair a hundred times a day, morning and evening, to stimulate the scalp and improve ventilation between hair. As the scalp is easy to sweat and get dirty, combing hair diligently may help prevent hair loss and dandruff. We’d better put a little effort into our hair to keep it shiny and moisturized.

2. Blood circulation

Hair loss occurs when there is poor blood circulation in the head. To prevent seasonal hair loss, we must keep the roots of the hair clean, shampoo with a weak acidic shampoo, rinse the hair, and then tease a little water, so that the roots of the hair contract. Usually need to apply hair milk or hair oil on the scalp, to be massaged and stimulated.

3. Trace elements

Prevention of hair loss should eat more food containing trace elements. Research has found that trace elements such as copper and iron play a very important role in hair health. Copper deficiency can lead to hair color fading. Green vegetable food is rich in alkaline inorganic salts, which can neutralize the acidic substances in the body that are not conducive to the growth of hair and make them non-toxic substances to be discharged from the body.

4. Eat more food for hair loss

Excessive intake of sugar and salt or animal fat is harmful to the circulation of blood. Such people should drink more raw water or eat more vegetables. Foods rich in iron, lean meat, egg whites, spinach, cabbage, celery, fruits, etc. are the best foods for treatment. People with hair loss or alopecia have a hardened scalp. The above foods help soften the scalp and help prevent hair loss.

5. Abstain from drinking alcohol

Nursing hair loss should abstain from drinking alcohol, white wine, especially scalding hot white wine will make the scalp produce heat and moisture, causing hair loss.

6. Change the direction of combing hair

If the direction of combing hair remains unchanged, the place where the hair is separated from the seam, due to the relationship of often being exposed to the sun, will show special dryness or thinning. If the parted area starts to become thin, you should massage it after applying hair cream or oil to moisturize the dry scalp. Sometimes it is better to change the direction of the parting, not only to enjoy the fun of hairstyling but also to avoid the dryness of the parting area, which may lead to the trouble of hair loss.

Hair Loss Prevention and Maintenance Guide

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