How to prevent hair loss in daily life?

how to prevent hair loss
How to prevent hair loss? What are the daily precautions?

Losing a lot of hair is a very distressing thing for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are smart or not, but if you are extinct, the problem is serious. How to prevent hair loss? What do I need to pay attention to in my daily life to prevent hair loss?

Anti-hair loss in daily life to pay attention to what?

1. Avoid bright light damage.

Ultraviolet rays in the sunlight on the hair are very harmful and will cause damage to the hair so that the hair is dry and yellow, in summer to avoid sun exposure, especially in open-air swimming pools should pay more attention to the hair of the sun. Air conditioning temperature to matter, air conditioning cold and warm winds may also cause hair loss or grey hair, in addition to the too dry or high humidity of the air on the hair is also unfavorable.

2. Scientific hair washing.

Diligent washing of hair is good, but also pay attention to the cycle of diligent washing of hair, general recommendations for weekly washing of hair times in about 3 times, wash the hair temperature control at 40 degrees or so the best, shampooing process while washing massage so that can help clean the scalp, but also accelerate the scalp blood circulation. Hair after washing do not rush to use the comb combing to be half dry hair in the combing situation, first of all, the tail of the hair combing is smooth, and then from the top to the bottom of the comprehensive combing.

3. Avoid chemical damage.

Frequent ironing and dyeing of harmful chemicals have long-term residue on the scalp and hair, it is easy to cause hair yellow and dry, and easy to break.

4. Develop good habits.

Smoking and drinking too much on the hair will cause damage. Smoking will make the scalp capillary contractions, thus affecting the development and growth of hair. Hot white wine can make the scalp produce heat and moisture caused by hair loss.

5. Avoid wearing hats for a long time.

Wear a hat for a long time the brim will oppress the capillary tube around the scalp, and impede blood flow. In addition, long-term wearing of hats causes hair and scalp long time airtight, more likely to aggravate the situation of hair loss.

6. Insist on exercise to maintain good health.

Strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, and improve human immunity. Ensure high-quality sleep, the body’s best metabolic time for the night is between 11:00-2:00 pm, this time deep sleep for hair loss is very helpful.

How to prevent hair loss?

1. A reasonable diet is important.

For people who want to prevent hair loss, it is important to supplement the following foods reasonably:

1.1. Supplement iron.

People with frequent hair loss often lack iron in their bodies. Iron-rich foods include soybeans, black beans, eggs, scallops, shrimp, cooked peanuts, spinach, carp, bananas, carrots, potatoes, and so on.

1.2. Supplement with vegetable protein.

If your hair is dry and split at the ends, you can eat more foods such as soya beans, black sesame seeds, and corn.

1.3. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits that contain alkaline substances.

One of the factors of hair loss and yellowing of hair is due to acidic toxins in the blood. The causes are overworked physically and mentally, and prolonged overindulgence in pure sugar and fatty foods, which produce acidic toxins during metabolism in the body. Acidic substances in foods such as liver, meat, and onions tend to cause excessive acid toxins in the blood, so eat them sparingly.

1.4. Supplement with iodine.

The luster of the hair is related to the role of the thyroid gland, iodine supplementation can enhance the secretion function of the thyroid gland, which is conducive to hair health. You can eat more kelp, nori, oysters, and other foods.

1.5. Supplementation of vitamin E.

Vitamin E can resist hair aging, promote cell division, and make hair grow. You can eat more fresh lettuce, cabbage, black sesame, and so on.

2. Appropriate exercise, and ensure sleep.

Exercise is conducive to relieving stress, and improving immunity, and adequate sleep can promote skin and hair metabolism, and metabolic period mainly occurs at night, especially at night between 10 pm and 2 am, this period to sleep enough, you can make the normal metabolism of hair. On the contrary, hair metabolism and nutritional imbalance will lead to hair loss. Suggestion: Try to sleep no less than 6 hours a day, and develop the habit of regular sleep.

3. Maintain an optimistic mindset.

Modern people work under great pressure, study tension, excessively use the brain, easy to happiness and sadness, these often cause hair loss. For people with excessive brain, or often heavy heart, boredom, or encountered something, the spirit is too nervous, so that the brain is very stimulated, sometimes also affecting the supply of hair nutrients and growth. Because all the activities of the human body belong to the brain tube, the brain is stimulated, and the activities of the chaotic footsteps, which can not play a normal role, are bound to make the body’s nutrition stimulated, and the situation of hair loss. So it is recommended that everyone usually work and study, to maintain an optimistic and calm state of mind, not get excited about things, and work, and study to combine work and rest.

4. Try to avoid hair damage by the environment.

Strong light, dirty air, chemical toxins, hair coloring, and so on will cause great damage to the hair, and destroy the growth environment of the hair follicles, which will lead to hair loss, so we should try to avoid it.

5. Wash and comb your hair diligently.

Every morning and evening comb your hair a hundred times, stimulate the scalp, and improve the ventilation between the hair. As the scalp is easy to sweat and dirty place, wash, and comb hair diligently to help prevent baldness and dandruff.

6. Have confidence in the treatment of hair loss.

Keep a positive mindset. With the development of science and technology, some advanced treatment methods for hair loss have been put into practical use and have achieved surprising results, I believe that with the further deepening of the understanding of the pathology of hair loss, human beings will be able to completely overcome this worldwide problem of hair loss!

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