How to fix a high hairline?

How to fix a high hairline
What hairstyle is suitable for a high hairline?

A high hairline is mostly caused by hair loss, but some people are born with it. A high hairline will make you look full of heaven, but a high hairline is not a happy thing, especially for girls who pay attention to their image. How to fix a high hairline? A high hairline can be improved through make-up, medical treatment, massage, and changing the hairstyle.

How to adjust the high hairline?

1. Make-up to cover

This belief that the girls who make up should be able, to draw out their hair and so on should not be a problem. Through concealer and so on to make the forehead smooth, and then using eyeliner mascara, and other cosmetics to modify, some make-up technology high girls paint simply can be false.

2. Smear ginger

Ginger applied near the hairline can help the blood circulation of the skin to accelerate and stimulate the growth of potential hair, which can be beneficial to trim the excessive hairline. Therefore, ginger has a boosting effect on treating high hairline and can effectively treat hair loss troubles and stimulate hair growth. Every day with a ginger slice rub the hairline, be careful not to use too much force, and rub until the hairline is slightly warm. Can improve the problem of clogged hair follicles, but to insist, and varies from person to person.

3. Massage scalp

Daily before going to bed and the next day after getting up, the hands ten fingers into the hair, from the forehead to the top of the head to the back of the head rubbing the scalp, each time for 2 to 4 minutes. Regular massage scalp, can improve scalp nutrition, regulate sebum secretion, promote scalp blood circulation, and enhance local metabolism.

Before massaging, applying hair oil on the scalp can improve the effect. In addition, using a brush made of bristles and patting the scalp at a right angle every day can also be effective. Massage can also strengthen the part of the hairline, use the thumb and forefinger in the contour line of the face to clip a clip, or the thumb fixed under the ear, with the forefinger and the middle finger belly massage hairline, can help maintain a strong and healthy hair.

4. Hair follicle repair

With this restoration procedure, our hairline can be reshaped. The principle of hairline restoration surgery is similar to what we usually know as hair transplantation. Both procedures involve transplanting healthy hair follicles from the occipital region of the back of the head, which are then processed and treated by professionals and then planted into the area of the hairline that needs to be repaired. After the transplanted hair follicles have adapted to the new blood flow, new hairs will grow slowly.

What kind of hairstyle is suitable for a high hairline?

1. Eight bangs

Eight bangs are especially suitable for girls who do not have a good enough forehead, these fringes can cover the high forehead so that the whole face looks more harmonious.

2. French bangs

French bangs are also a great tool to cover the hairline, but the amount of hair on the page has certain requirements, if it is too sparse to play the effect, compared with the heavy bangs, French is more lethargic and casual.

3. Air bangs hairstyle

Quite sweet a hairstyle, Qi Meng’s air bangs modeling just blocked the high forehead, it can be said that this kind of hairstyle is tailor-made for the high hairline girls kind of oh.

4. Half pill

If you just have a high hairline, but your face shape is not bad, you can try a pill head. The fluffy fringes can cover the forehead so that the eyes are on the cheeks. No matter how high your hairline is, combing it is a chic and playful young lady.

5. BF short hair

BF short hair can also save the hairline, messy bangs in front of the forehead can fully block the forehead. Even if the jawline is more square, it doesn’t matter. What a great example of one hairstyle solving two major problems!

6. Eyebrow rolled bangs hairstyle

This hairstyle has a European aristocratic vibe and looks very sexy! Small bursts of volume modeling also through a free romantic casual sex, the forehead hairline high girls can be beautiful out of a different kind of feeling!

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