How to fix a cracked ox horn comb?

How to fix a cracked ox horn comb
How to maintain the cracked ox horn comb?

Daily life with the ox horn comb, the head is good, every day with the horn comb several times, can massage the brain scalp, and head nerves, promote blood circulation, relaxation of tension and fatigue emotions. However, the horn comb is rich in protein so in the process of our use is easy to crack affecting its beauty, how do repair the horn comb cracking? How to maintain the cracked ox horn comb?

Ox horn comb crack how to repair it?

  1. Ox horn comb is made of ox horn as raw material a kind of comb, that because rich in protein so in the process of our use is easy to crack.
  2. Ox horn comb if cracked, you can apply olive oil in the cracked position, and then wrap it in plastic wrap, in the long run, cracks will slowly fade and finally disappear.
  3. Cracked ox horn comb can also use toothpaste, wipe with a cloth, and can eliminate cracks.
  4. If the crack is big, you can drill a round hole at the end of the crack to prevent the crack from expanding.

How to maintain the ox horn comb?

Ox horn comb health care role is strong but easy to crack, so in ordinary use should pay special attention to maintenance:

  1. You can’t use the ox horn comb when you take a bath or wash your hair. Ox horn comb absolutely can not contact hot water or warm water, or easy to deform crack. Ox horn is afraid of heat and humidity. After touching the water, we should dry the water in time and put it in a cool place.
  2. Cleaning: with a cotton thread, back and forth between the teeth of the comb pulling, or with a paper towel between the teeth of the comb drag. Let the dirt between the teeth of the comb all out, put the ox horn comb in cold water rinse for a moment, and then dry with a soft cloth, and put in the shade to dry.
  3. Ox horn combs are easily bent when exposed to moisture. After bending, you can use an iron at home to iron it softly, then press it flat with a heavy object and let it cool.
  4. The ox horn comb is easy to scratch with marks, you can usually use hand cream or essential oil rubbing, and drying, so you can keep its brightness.
  5. Ox horn comb avoids high temperature, sun exposure, acid, and alkali corrosion; Avoid hard pull folding, wrestling, and hard object collision. Can not be immersed in water for a long time, so as not to deform the ox horn comb or horny lamination, loss of luster.
  6. Prohibited when the saw pulling used, will cause the root broken teeth!

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