How to comb long curly hair?

how to comb long curly hair
Do you usually pay attention? Long curly hair needs to be well taken care of!

Long curly hair requires more care and attention than other hairstyles. This is because of the soft, voluminous, and tangle-prone nature of long curly hair and the challenges of keeping the curls in shape, preventing tangles, and maintaining the shine of the strands. So, how to comb long curly hair?

How to comb long curly hair?

1. What are the preparations before combing?

Use mild shampoo and conditioner: Choose mild shampoo and conditioner for long curly hair and avoid products with silicone and alcohol ingredients to keep hair soft and shiny.

Regular deep conditioning treatments: Use deep conditioning masks or hair masks to help repair damaged hair and keep long curly hair in healthy condition.

Avoid excessive use of hot tools: Reduce the use of hot tools such as blow dryers and curling irons to minimize damage to long curly hair.

Avoid frequent shampooing: Long curly hair is more prone to dryness. It is recommended to reduce the frequency of shampooing to maintain the hair’s natural oils, which helps to keep it soft.

2. Importance of combs and hair care products for long curly hair

Choose the right comb: Use a wide-toothed comb or a specially designed curling comb, avoid metal combs or fine-toothed combs to minimize damage and tangling of long curly hair.

Use hair care products: Choose hair care products that are suitable for long curly hair, such as hair oils, conditioners, and styling sprays, to help maintain the softness, shine, and curl shape of your hair.

Regular trimming: Trim split ends regularly to keep hair in a healthy condition and reduce the occurrence of knots and breakage.

Avoid excessive pulling: Be gentle and careful when combing long curly hair to avoid excessive pulling and damage to the hair fibers and to maintain healthy and beautiful hair.

Correct combing steps

  • Start combing from the tips: It is recommended to start combing gently from the tips of the hair and gradually combing upwards to avoid pulling and knotting.
  • Step by step towards the roots: The reader is instructed on how to step by step towards the roots to ensure that each section of the hair is properly combed to avoid tangles and knots.
  • Using proper combing techniques: Introduces techniques such as using fingers to gently untangle knots, avoiding rough combing, and avoiding wet combing to protect the health and beauty of long curly hair.

Combing techniques for different curls and lengths

  • Large, loose curls: We recommend using a wide-toothed comb or fingers to comb through to avoid straightening and damaging the curls gently.
  • Fine curls: It is recommended to use a fine-toothed comb or an anti-static comb and comb gently from the ends of the hair to avoid breaking the curl.
  • Long curly hair: It is recommended to divide the hair into smaller sections and comb them one by one to minimize tangles and mess.

Hair care tips

1. Tips to keep long curly hair healthy and shiny

Trim the ends regularly: regular trimming is recommended to remove split ends and breakage and keep the strands in a neat and healthy condition.

Regular deep conditioning: Introduces the importance of deep conditioning with hair masks or oils to nourish and repair long curly hair.

Avoid excessive heat treatment: suggests reducing hot tools such as hair straighteners and curling irons to minimize damage and dryness to long curly hair.

Preventing environmental damage: readers are reminded to protect long curly hair in environments such as the sun, sea, and wind, such as sunscreen spray or wearing hats.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle: Readers are instructed to maintain a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and moderate exercise to promote healthy and shiny long curly hair.

2. Products and methods for long curly hair

Shampoo products suitable for long curly hair: Introduces shampoos and conditioners with moisturizing ingredients and anti-static function to moisturize and condition long curly hair.

Conditioning oils or serums: Recommended to use conditioning oils or serums to keep long curly hair supple and shiny.

Hair masks or deep conditioning products: Describes the use of hair masks or deep conditioning products to provide extra nourishment and repair.

Common mistakes and solutions

1. Common mistakes in combing long curly hair

Rough combing causes breakage and damage: This explains why rough combing can cause breakage, split ends, and damage.

Combing wet hair causes tangles and breakage: Explain why combing wet hair can cause tangles and breakage.

Uneven curls due to non-segmental combing: a look at how non-segmental combing of long curly hair can lead to uneven curls and loss of volume.

Use of unsuitable combs and tools for long curly hair: to analyze how the use of unsuitable combs and tools may lead to problems such as static electricity and tangling.

2. Methods and suggestions to solve these problems

Solutions to breakage and damage caused by rough combing: Introduces how to use wide-toothed combs or anti-static combs to gently comb long curly hair to avoid excessive pulling and damage.

Combining wet hair causes knots and breakage: We recommend using a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to gently untangle knots and wait for the hair to dry a little before combing.

Uneven curls caused by combing without sectioning: Instruct your curly hair to be divided into sections to ensure that each section is properly combed to maintain even curls.

Solution of using combs and tools that are not suitable for long curly hair: recommend choosing wide-toothed combs, anti-static combs, or fingers for combing to avoid static electricity and tangles.


Everyone’s long curly hair may be different, and you need to choose the right hair care methods and products according to your curls, length, and hair characteristics. Caring for long curly hair takes time and patience, and it may take several attempts and adjustments to find the most suitable hair care solution for you. Adhere to the correct combing and conditioning methods for a long period and develop good hair care habits to maintain the health and beauty of your long curly hair.

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