How to clean wooden hair brush?

how to clean wooden hair brush
Do you know how to clean wooden hair brush?

Wooden hair brushes are a common hair styling tool that is widely used for combing and styling hair. They are usually made of natural wood and have a soft texture that reduces static electricity generation and distributes scalp oils evenly, leaving hair soft and smooth. Due to regular use, wooden hair brushes can accumulate hair and scalp oils as well as other impurities. If not cleaned regularly, these accumulations can lead to bacterial growth, which not only affects the effectiveness of the hairbrush but may also hurt hair and scalp health. So, how to clean wooden hair brush?

Material preparation

1. Warm water

Warm water is the basic substance needed to clean wooden hair brushes. Make sure that the water temperature is not too high so as not to damage the wooden material of the hairbrush.

2. Mixing detergent

Choose a mild detergent, preferably one with an alcohol-free and silicone-free formula to avoid damaging the wooden hair brush. You can use some household cleaning products like neutral dishwashing liquid or baby shampoo.

3. Sunlight or hair dryers

These are tools that assist in drying wooden hair brushes. The UV rays from the sun and the hot air from a hair dryer help kill bacteria and promote the drying of the hairbrush. However, when using a hair dryer, keep the distance and temperature moderate so as not to over-dry the hairbrush.

How to clean wooden hair brush?

1. Remove hair and residue

Firstly, use your fingers or a small comb to gently remove hair and other residue from your wooden hair brush. Make sure there are no large pieces of dirt on the bristles.

2. Wet the hairbrush

Pour warm water into a suitably sized container so that the hairbrush is completely soaked. Make sure the water completely covers the bristles and bottom of the brush.

3. Scrub the brush with the detergent mix

Place some of the detergent mix in the palm of your hand or on a dampened towel and wipe the bristles and base of the hairbrush with your hand or towel. Gently massage the bristles to allow the detergent mix to penetrate and clean fully. Make sure each part is thoroughly cleaned.

4. Rinse the hairbrush

Place the hairbrush in warm water and gently agitate it with your hands to thoroughly rinse away any residual detergent. Repeat this step several times until there are no suds of detergent on the hairbrush.

5. Air-dry the hairbrush

Gently pat the cleaned hairbrush dry with a clean towel, then place it in a cool, ventilated area to dry naturally. You can also place your hairbrush on a soft towel or absorbent pad to keep it in a fixed position and shape to promote faster drying.

Additional cleaning tips

1. Regular cleaning

It is recommended that you clean your wooden hair brush once a month to ensure it stays clean and hygienic.

2. Avoid over-wetting wooden hair brushes

Try to control the amount of water used and avoid over-wetting your wooden hair brush. Excessive water may lead to deformation or mold on the wooden hair brush.

3. Use natural detergents

Choose a natural, mild detergent to clean your wooden hair brush to avoid damaging it. Natural ingredients such as lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, or tea tree oil can be used to clean wooden hair brushes.

4. Expose hairbrushes to sunlight

The UV rays from natural sunlight help kill bacteria and fungi so you can expose clean and dry hairbrushes to sunlight for some time. You can also use hot air from a hair dryer, but be careful with the distance and temperature to avoid over-drying.


Cleaning wooden hair brushes not only ensures healthy hair and scalp but also maintains the effectiveness and quality of the hairbrush. Regular cleaning of wooden hair brushes removes accumulated dirt and bacteria, reduces the generation of static electricity, and keeps the bristles of the hairbrush soft and flexible. In addition, cleaning wooden hair brushes also helps to reduce dandruff and hair tangles, enhancing the shaping of your hairstyle. To keep your hairstyle perfect and healthy, make it a good habit to clean your wooden hair brush regularly.

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