How to choose a wooden beard comb?

wooden beard comb
Trust me, choose the wooden beard comb.

Choosing the right beard comb is crucial to keeping your beard neat and presentable. With so many options available, how can you know which one is best for you? The choice of the best beard comb depends on your beard shape, beard length, and facial hair texture.

How to choose a beard comb?

Beard combs can be subdivided into many types of beard combs in terms of material, tooth width, folding, size, etc. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of each of these beard combs.

1. Subdivided from the wood

1.1. Pear wood beard comb

Pearwood beard comb hard texture, and smooth surface, does not easy to produce static electricity, and can effectively comb beard, to prevent knots. Pearwood beard comb usually has a fine spacing between the teeth, suitable for combing men with delicate beards.

1.2. Peach wood beard comb

Mahogany beard comb has a soft texture, smooth surface, and a warm feel, making it comfortable to use. The distance between the teeth of the mahogany beard comb is generally more moderate, sparse, and dense, suitable for all types of hair for men to use.

1.3. Sandalwood beard comb

Sandalwood beard comb has a hard texture and a light sandalwood scent, which helps to soothe emotions and promote blood circulation. Sandalwood beard combs generally have loosely spaced teeth, making them ideal for men with thick beards and hard hair. Sandalwood beard combs also have anti-bacterial and anti-static properties, which help to keep the beard clean and tidy.

2. From the teeth of the spacing on the points

2.1. Wide tooth wooden beard comb

Wide tooth combs are ideal for long beards. With thicker, more widely spaced teeth, they make it easier to comb through long, full beards, helping to tie up knots and prevent breakage.

2.2. Fine tooth wooden beard comb

A fine-toothed comb is ideal for shorter beards, as the smaller comb and thinner, narrower teeth will groom the beard better and provide precise styling.

3. Divided in terms of whether it can be folded

3.1. Folding wooden beard comb

  • Easy to carry: A folding beard comb can be easily folded into a compact size and carried in a pocket or bag, perfect for traveling or on the go.
  • Protect the teeth: The folding design can effectively protect the teeth of the comb from friction wear and tear or breakage.
  • Dustproof and portable: The folded beard comb can be closed when not in use, avoiding dust or dirt, and keeping it clean and hygienic.

3.2. Non-Folding beard comb

  • Stable structure: A non-folding beard comb is generally a whole structure, more stable and durable, relatively long service life.
  • Convenient operation: No need to fold the operation, more convenient and quick to use.
  • Diversity: Non-folding beard comb variety, according to personal preference to choose different styles, materials, and styles of beard comb

The above is to show the different beard combs from the material, tooth width, and folding aspects, in addition to mens wooden beard combs can be subdivided into small wooden beard combs, engraved wooden beard combs, personalised wooden beard combs, handmade wooden beard combs, and so on.

Why use a wooden beard comb?

There are several benefits of wooden beard combs when using a beard comb for grooming:

1. Avoid static electricity

Wooden beard combs are less prone to static electricity than plastic or metal combs. Static electricity can cause knots in the beard. Using a wooden beard comb reduces the occurrence of static electricity and helps smooth out the beard.

2. Maintains natural oil production

Wooden beard combs have natural oil-absorbing properties that absorb the natural oils from the beard and scalp and then slowly release them when combing. This helps to keep the beard moisturized and prevents dryness and split ends.

3. Soft and harmless to the skin

Wooden beard combs generally have a smooth surface and smooth teeth that are not as sharp as metal combs, making them softer and gentler to use and not irritating or damaging to the skin.

How to clean a wooden beard comb?

1. Use a toothbrush to remove any residue.

2. Wash the comb

3. Dry the comb

4. Dry naturally

5. Maintain it regularly

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3 Common beard style

1. Eights Beard

Eight beards are in the upper part of the lip to stay two eight-shaped clipboards, it is not so thick, even if the amount of hair is not much of the type of man is also able to try to see. Asian men’s cheekbeard beards are not easy to grow, but basically can still stay on the upper lip of the two moustaches, and can be combined with a small handful of lower lipbeards and chinbeards, to create a similar “goatee” sense of vision.

2. Mouth character beard

In addition to the upper lip two eight-beard and chin beards, if you can stay out of the mouth on both sides of the beard, it will form another kind of beard type called “mouth word beard”, compared to the eight beards, the maturity index and a higher level, and no matter whether the round face or pointy face can be managed. Although it is a “mouth beard” when trimming, pay special attention to the lines of the corners, and try to make it appear natural “O” shape, otherwise, it will look a little hard and strange.

3. Cheek Beard

The whole chin, lips to both cheeks are connected into a piece of beard, the global sense of men love beard type. If you belong to the natural beard is a very lush type of man, then you have to make good use of your advantages, stay handsome death is not the death of the cheeks of the beard. The point is that the sideburns and chin beard are almost connected, showing a U shape, with the beard around the lips, can do more changes, highlighting your charming masculinity.


There is practically no such thing as the best wooden beard comb! It’s all about understanding the different uses of combs, and choosing the right one takes trial and error, so it’s wise to read as many beard comb articles and reviews as possible before making a decision.

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