How to adjust a low hairline?

How to adjust a low hairline
What can I do if my hairline is too low?

A high hairline is annoying, not only does it look old but it is also easy to get balder and balder, improving a high hairline is a problem for many people. Although a low hairline is youthful, a low hairline is not in line with public aesthetics, and a narrow forehead will make your features look crowded and give you a feeling of inflexibility in your face. So, what should I do if my hairline is too low?

What hairstyle is suitable for a low hairline?

1. Expose your forehead

Because of the low hairline people generally have a narrow forehead, the low hairline people try to reveal the forehead, so they can comb a big back head, try not to stay bangs, and comb up all the hair instead of appearing to be clean spirit.

2. Short hair with long bangs

This is the most suitable for a low forehead hairstyle, according to the broken hair-cutting treatment, the whole hairstyle has a jagged effect, and the top texture is a fluffy, natural transition to bangs, all in one go, so that you can not see your forehead, the sides can increase the length of the side area border, but also can play the effect of modifying the face.

3. Short oblique bangs

The short oblique bangs effect is genuinely good, but the fluffiness of the hairstyle must be there, modifying the forehead will be more perfect.

4. Short hair

If your hair is soft, it is easy to find good short hair. short LOB hair is the most suitable, if you want to cut it even shorter, cut the bangs also extra short, above the eyebrow like that, the top of the head of the hair three-dimensional.

How to adjust the low hairline?

1. Surgical adjustment

Hairline problems can be adjusted through hair transplant surgery, first of all, the hair transplant surgeon according to the hairline of a friend of the hairline to designs a suitable surgical program, and then uses high-precision micro-instruments, the healthy hair follicles in the occipital region of the posterior region without the influence of the androgenic receptor dispersed extraction, after processing and processing, transplanted into the pre-designed part of the hairline, hair follicles become alive, the original frontal hair missing parts will grow new hair, and will not fall off again. After the hair follicles become alive, new hair will grow in the area where the forehead hair is missing, and it will not fall off again.

2. Laser Hair Removal

Women with low hairlines can adjust their hairline through hair removal surgery, in this case, you can choose ice laser hair removal, mark the appropriate hairline position before surgery, and then go through the ice laser hair removal treatment, which usually requires about three treatments, each with a four-week interval, to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal, and make the hairline adjusted to the ideal position.

3. Shaving

Many people have concerns, can you shave with a low hairline? Generally, this situation can be shaved in moderation, generally, no effect, do not have to worry too much, after shaving can grow again, and as long as the hair follicle does not appear to be damaged, you can grow hair again. With hair removal creams and shavers, not only can you solve the problem of a low hairline, but you can also trim the outline you want yourself to avoid shaving too much, instead of looking bad.

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