How long do hair transplant last?

hair transplants last
Will I still lose my hair after a hair transplant?

Hair loss is a big problem that bothers people nowadays, looking at the thinning hair volume, many people will choose to plant hair to solve the trouble. However, many people find that the problem of hair loss still exists after hair transplantation. So is it normal to lose hair after a hair transplant? How long can a hair transplant last? How to reduce hair loss after hair transplant?

Will you still lose hair after a hair transplant?

Hair loss can still occur during the recovery period after a hair transplant.

This is because the hair follicles at the back of the head need to be extracted from the dermis, and during this process the hair follicles will be stimulated by the external environment, resulting in an earlier shedding period of the hair inside the follicles. It is normal to experience hair loss after hair transplantation. After the hair follicles have passed the shedding period, they will enter the anagen phase again and new hair will grow again, therefore, although there will still be hair loss after hair transplantation, the implantee does not have to worry about it.

How long does a hair transplant last?

  • 1~3 months after hair transplantation, the transplanted hair will experience a short period of shedding;
  • 4~6 months after hair transplantation, the shed hair will start to grow and enter into a stable growth phase;
  • 7~9 months after hair transplantation, the transplanted hair will continue to grow, and finally reach the optimal result about one year after hair transplantation.

If the hair transplant surgery is successful, the effect of the hair transplant can be maintained permanently, and the hair grown after the hair transplant can be blown, pulled, dyed, and permed, and there is no difference with normal hair.

How to reduce hair loss after hair transplant?

The prevention of hair loss after hair transplantation is mainly about post-operative care and how to get through the shedding period!

1. Post-operative care

  • Avoid edema by putting your pillow up when you sleep after surgery.
  • Don’t drive, exercise, or sweat a lot for 1~2 days after surgery, or you will feel uncomfortable.
  • Three or four days after the wound scabs before washing your hair, wash your hair with more – a little patience, not rubbing and scratching hard.
  • One week after the operation, avoid eating hairy food, such as seafood, mutton, etc. and avoid spicy, fewer spices and seasonings, and stimulating food.
  • Hair follicles after hair transplantation are fragile, avoid ironing and dyeing.

2. Precautions for the shedding period

2.1. Put your mind at ease

Many friends because of the shedding period of a lot of hair loss are distraught, have psychological pressure, and even can not sleep at night, these are not good for hair loss. You can try to talk to your friends or doctor about your worries or listen to soothing music, such as beautiful, soothing pure music. Or do aerobic exercise to relieve stress, etc. You can also psychologically suggest that this is a normal phenomenon and that your hair will grow better after the shedding period so that you can maintain a calm state.

2.2. Healthy lifestyle

First of all, do not stay up late. Because when the human body stays up late, the body’s hormone levels, endocrine and so on will change, which will affect the health of the hair and affect the recovery after surgery.

2.3. Nutrient supplementation

Hair growth needs rich nutrients, such as protein, vitamins, trace elements iron, trace elements zinc, and so on. It is recommended that you supplement these nutrients appropriately after surgery. Seborrheic alopecia can take some vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 appropriately to improve the oiliness of the scalp.

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