What are the causes of fine and limp hair?

limp hair
What is the best hairstyle for fine hair?

It is said that people with fine and limp hair have a gentle character, which is a great advantage. But fine hair also gives people a lot of trouble, fine hair appears to be less hair, hair a little hair loss, and there may be exposure to the scalp, giving people a kind of hair loss is a very serious illusion. So, what are the causes of fine hair? Is it hereditary? Or is it poor maintenance?

What are the reasons for fine hair?

1. Genetic

  • Natural hair is born fine and soft but has been very stable, but also basically will not cause too much impact on the appearance;
  • It may be that hair loss occurs later in life, which is also known as hereditary hair loss. In this type of hair loss, the hair follicles slowly begin to shrink, causing the hair to become finer and softer, and hair loss begins to occur, in severe cases, the hair may fall out in large areas, resulting in baldness. These two situations, no matter which kind, it is difficult to completely cure through drugs, only through good dietary habits and maintenance habits slowly adjusted.

2. Improper maintenance

Some people are born with good hair, but then slowly become worse, such as perming and dyeing without a degree, shampoo overstimulation, infrequent washing, and excessive use of styling products (hair wax, etc.), these are from the outside world of strong stimulation of chemical substances. Our hair seems to be able to grow continuously, but bad like will make the structure of the hair continue to be damaged, and may even hurt the hair follicles, resulting in thinning and softening of the hair, and even hair loss.

3. Life Habits

Simply put, hair growth needs all kinds of nutrients and also needs to rest. If a person has long-term diet, malnutrition, or long-term late nights, smoking and drinking, mental irritability, depression, tension, and other problems, hair growth will be greatly disturbed. Because hair is also a part of the body when the body has problems, the hair also lacks a good environment for growth, and in the long run, it leads to soft hair.

What kind of hairstyle is suitable for fine hair?

1. Straight medium-length hair

If your hair is small and fine, then this straight and smooth medium-length hair will be a good choice for you. The whole design of the hairstyle looks very simple. But it can reflect the girl’s freshness and pure beauty, the soft and silky hair naturally draped with bangs, easy to collect the eyeballs.

2. Middle parting in the long hair

The whole shape gives people a kind of fresh and beautiful sense, this kind of middle-parting medium-length hair is quite charming. The design of the middle parting can not only use the two sides of the hair to modify the face, but also make the features and face more delicate and three-dimensional, and that slightly inward deduction of the hair tail let the hairstyle more a few points of spirit.

3. Medium-length curly hair

Hair thin thin soft sister can be fluffy and hot rolled to make the model fluffy full, in the visual look also shows more hair. In addition, it can also enhance the beauty of the temperament.

4. Short hair

If the hair is soft and the face is not big, short hair is the most suitable, temperament the short hair hairstyle can create a sense of fluffiness, the formation of a chic sense of air, the hair end of the slight inward buckle with the hair colour highlights the small dynamic.

How to make the hair hard?

1. Rice water shampoo

The second and third times to stay out of the rice water to accumulate – up, three days later will generally be naturally fermented, this time used to wash your hair, so that subsequently after some time, your hair will become hard hair some, and the amount of hair will also become more.

2. Dietary mediation

The main become of hair is keratin, eat more food containing keratin. You can also eat black sesame and other foods, which can promote better hair growth can also have black hair, and let the soft hair become hard.

3. The use of hair clay hair wax

The use of hair clay hair wax can make soft hair to a large extent to avoid the shortcomings to play advantage, but also can make the hair easier to model, and is not easy to return to the original state, in the visual to give a person head of the perfect hairstyle, but also can appear to be more temperament.

4. The use of dry cleaning spray

For people with fine hair, a dry cleaning spray is essential! Not only does it absorb excess oils, but it also roughens the cuticle, which makes the hair look bigger and says goodbye to collapsed or limp hair.

5. Backcomb your hair

Hair is softer and you can try to backcomb hair, many women will recall it for the damage to the hair, in fact, as long as you can use the correct method, then not only can avoid the damage to the hair, but also be able to make the hair more fluffy Oh.

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