How much hair is normal to lose in a day? Hair loss?

hair loss
What are the causes of hair loss or hair fall?

Hair loss is the phenomenon of hair falling out, so how much hair is normal to fall out in a day? Generally speaking, it is normal for the human body to lose 50-100 hairs per day, but what should we do if hair loss or hair fall is serious? Eat more black sesame, walnuts, kelp, and other foods, and also pay attention to good lifestyle habits. Here, Geeshair and you will take a look at the causes of hair fall, care methods, and common problems!

Hair loss or hair fall causes

1. Hereditary hair loss

Hereditary hair loss, also called congenital hair loss, is inherited from parents. Generally, it is dominantly inherited by men and negatively inherited by women. So we can see that male friends have more hair loss, more common, while female friends can see less hair loss.

2. Mental stress

Life, work, learning processes of mental stress, mental tension, often staying up late, and other reasons, lead to a reduction in our rest time, insomnia, and anxiety, so people are in a state of long-term mental disorders. This will lead to endocrine disorders, resulting in the deterioration of the internal environment, body malnutrition, hair follicles lack of nutrients atrophy, and then hair loss from the hair root.

3. Physical and chemical hair loss

Physical hair loss is caused by long-term exposure to radioactive sources, playing computer and mobile phone for a long time, watching TV, and other reasons.

Chemical hair loss is caused by using poor-quality shampoo, irritating hair dyes, frequent dyeing and perming, and styling!

There is also a long time without washing hair, resulting in hair follicle pore blockage, the formation of hair loss.

4. Body diseases

The body is affected by viruses, and high heat on the hair mother cells damage inhibits the normal division of the hair mother cells so that the hair follicles are in a state of shock and lead to hair loss, such as acute infectious diseases, long-term use of certain drugs and so on. As we all know, in the process of chemotherapy, there will be a large number of hair loss, and even fall into baldness is possible.

In addition, excessive obesity, although not strictly body-body disease, will also lead to hair mother cell gamble race, resulting in malnutrition and hair loss.

5. Bad habits

Irregular work and rest, often staying up late to work overtime, and playing games all night, result in metabolic disorders, and the body’s functioning of the Ministry of normal, these will lead to insufficient kidney qi, and then lead to hair loss, and hair loss.

Hair Loss Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much hair loss is normal in a day?

There are about 100,000 hair follicles on each person’s scalp, and the growth period of each hair is about 2-4 years, after which it enters the resting period and naturally falls off after a few weeks. Therefore, everyone will have different degrees of hair loss every day, how much hair loss per day is considered normal? Generally speaking, there are four criteria to categorize the number of hair loss per day.

The first category: 0~20 hair loss per day, for good hair quality, indicating that the physical condition is very good;

The second category: 20~50 hairs per day, for healthy hair, good health condition;

The third category: daily hair loss of 50 ~ 70 roots, hair loss crisis, physical condition – some problems, such as staying up all night and so on;

The fourth category: more than 70, belongs to the obvious hair loss, which may be the role of physical health, habits, genetics, and other factors.

TIPS: fall out of the hair, if the tips and roots are of the same thickness, the root, has a small white spot, which indicates that the hair is still very healthy when it falls, it is not normal to fall out.

2. Hair loss hang what section

General hospitals do not have a special hair loss treatment department, so if you go to a big hospital, you can only go to the dermatology department.

If you are not sure of the cause of hair loss, you can first go to the hospital for diagnosis – down, can cause hair loss for many reasons, but most of the hair loss is androgenic alopecia, that is, in the role of genetic factors, DHT attack hair loss area of the hair follicles, resulting in hair more and more fine, and then disappear.

If only external factors caused by temporary hair loss, hair follicles have not yet closed, you can try to stimulate the hair follicles with drugs to promote hair regeneration.

3. Can hair loss be cured?

Even if medical science is more developed now, but for hair loss, any hospital or any doctor, cannot guarantee that can cure hair loss, in general, can only be based on the individual situation to give a relatively reasonable treatment plan and the efficacy of the actual results of the treatment as a reference.

Before the treatment of hair loss, one must fight the psychological preparation for a long war, the treatment of hair loss does not a day or two days can be cured, one must adhere to the treatment, of course, but also do a good job of not being able to cure the preparation. At the same time, do not rush to the doctor, must find a regular hospital doctor consultation, and listen to the doctor’s advice.

4. Hair transplant is good or medicine is good

In early hair loss, hair is only slightly thinning, generally used drugs to extend the hair growth period, and slow down the degree of hair loss, this time the use of drugs will be more appropriate.

If the early hair loss is not slowed down, hair loss to the late stage, hair is thinning, and you can see the scalp, this time with the drug is not very effective, because the hair follicles have been atrophied, so you can consider hair transplant surgery.

5. Harmful effects of hair transplantation

Human hair is like any other tissue in the body – it can be transplanted, and many people watch the adverts for hair transplants and learn about the benefits of hair transplants, but they still have a lot of questions. For example, what are the dangers of hair transplantation?

5.1. Hair follicle damage

After some people have a hair transplant, raised bumps appear in the area where the hair transplant was done, and they are particularly painful. It is only when they go to the hospital for examination that they realise that the damage to the hair follicles is caused by the poor technique of the doctor and the improper selection of the tools when doing the hair transplant.
Damaged hair follicles not only can not survive, but will not grow new hair, which will directly lead to hair transplantation and the previous hair density is not uniform, and looks very unnatural.

5.2. Numbness at the back of the head

Some people may feel numbness and pain in the back of the head after hair transplantation. This is because hair follicles in the back of the head need to be cut off during hair transplantation surgery, so the nerves in the back of the head will be slightly damaged. Once the damage occurs, some hair transplant patients may feel numbness and pain after the hair transplant.

5.3. Post-operative infection

Hair transplant surgery involves cutting the skin to extract the hair follicles, a process that can lead to the appearance of wounds. If the surgeon does not pay attention to the sterilisation of the implantation instruments, it may lead to postoperative infection, which is usually manifested by redness and pain.

5.4. Post-operative swelling

Some friends in the hair transplant will appear after the phenomenon of postoperative oedema, the cause of postoperative oedema after hair transplantation is because of the surgical process of injection of saline some of the saline is not absorbed promptly and is caused by the general 3 days after oedema can automatically subside.

5.5. No hair growth in the hair transplantation area

Hair transplantation may lead to harm if the hair extraction site does not grow hair, because the hair follicle tissue is a non-renewable resource, once the hair transplantation planting takes away the back of the head of the hair, then it will not grow out again.
However, hair transplants do not have to worry too much about this harm of hair transplantation, because the number of hair follicles in the back of the head is three times more than in the front, so even if the hair follicles no longer grow hair, it will not affect the overall appearance of the image of the hair.

5.6. Hair loss in the hair transplant area

Some people complain about the danger of accelerated hair loss after a hair transplant this is due to changes in the growth environment of the hair follicles, and hair follicles extracted from the dermis, by the outside world make some of the hair follicles shed ahead of the cause. Generally, the shedding will stop within three months, and the hair follicles will grow new and healthier hair.
Many people mistakenly think that hair loss at the site of hair transplantation is also a hazard of hair transplantation the hair will grow while shedding, the overall thinning effect is not very obvious, and no harm to the image. Therefore, hair transplant patients do not need to worry too much about this hazard.

What to do about hair loss or hair fall?

1. Hair loss with what products choose anti-hair loss shampoo

One of the ways to prevent hair loss anti-hair loss shampoo, specifically for hair loss, hair breakage, and other scalp lack of nutrients and hair shampoo, can replenish the hair loss lack of vitamins proteins, and other nutrients, to stimulate hair growth, reduce the severity of hair loss until it returns to normal. Hair washing interval of 2-5 days is good.

1.1. Choose an anti-static comb

The selection of friction with a static electricity comb will also increase the number of hair loss. Selection of a wooden comb or horn comb will reduce hair loss because sandalwood comb or horn comb will reduce the friction with the scalp, scalp massage effect on the scalp to protect the scalp, reduce hair loss, and sandalwood comb or horn comb can be according to their strength to massage the scalp, stimulate the development of hair follicles.

Comb brand recommendation: Geeshair

1.2. Choose a nourishing conditioner

Hair loss of short hair is a very important factor in the lack of hair nutrition, especially permed and dyed hair, you should choose a brand of high-quality nourishing conditioner to supplement the lack of hair nutrition, not only to prevent hair loss but also repair dry and other hair damage, every time you wash your hair should be evenly coated to the head, to be absorbed a certain amount of time and then washed off with water.

1.3. Choose a negative ion hair dryer

People with hair loss phenomenon try not to use or less use hair dryer to blow their hair, long time high-temperature close blowing easily damages the hair, so must choose the hair dryer, it is recommended to choose a negative ion or water ion hair dryer, the ion is a kind of negatively charged ions particles, can be neutralized and the hair in the often positive charge, to eliminate static, smoothing messy hair, so that the hair fit and smooth.

2. Eat what food is good for hair

2.1. Black sesame, black beans, black rice.

Black food in cereals is extremely beneficial to hair. Black sesame contains a lot of oleic acid, folic acid, protein, palmitic acid, vitamin E, calcium, and other trace ingredients needed by the hair. It has a nourishing effect on the scalp. Not only inhibits hair loss but also lets the hair get rid of dry and yellow, restoring soft and bright hydration. In addition to cereals, black fungus is also very good for hair.

2.2. Walnuts, sunflower seeds, and other nuts

Walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sultanas, and other nuts. Cystine deficiency is one of the causes of hair loss. The best way to replenish cysteine is to eat nuts. Nuts are nutritious, tasty, and good for your hair, so it’s a win-win situation.

2.3. Seafood such as kelp and clams

Iodine stimulates the thyroid gland to secrete adenosine, which makes hair dark and beautiful and strengthens the hair roots, thus reducing hair loss. Seafoods such as seaweed, kelp, and clams are rich in iodine, but some freshwater products are relatively less nutritious.

2.4. Iron-rich foods such as animal liver

Iron-rich foods such as aubergines, egg yolks, animal liver, bananas, carrots, potatoes, spinach, celery, and so on. Blood is the root of hair, and iron is the main component of hemoglobin. So to prevent hair loss from dietary iron supplements is very necessary.

2.5. Vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables

Containing vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin B1, all have the effect of hair nutrition. Can promote scalp metabolism, and accelerate the growth of hair. Such as lettuce, almonds, walnuts, spinach, carrots, mango, apricots, apples, wheat, tomatoes, lentils, and so on.

2.6. Protein-rich fish, meat, beans, etc.

Protein-rich foods such as eggs, fish, soy products, etc. The main component of hair is a protein containing sulfur amino acids, the lack of protein hair dry yellow and dry, and hair is fragile, which leads to hair loss very easily. Therefore, to prevent hair loss, we must start by replenishing protein.

3. Hair transplantation

Hair follicles from the back of the head are taken as the source of hair, separated into single or multiple follicular units, and then transplanted to the parts that need to be transplanted, such as the head, eyebrow, eyelashes, mustache, chest, eyelashes, pubic area, etc., through fine microsurgical techniques, so that they can survive and grow naturally in the new parts, thus achieving the purpose of fixing the density of the local distribution of hair to achieve aesthetic results.

4. Daily care methods

4.1. Cigarettes and alcohol should not be too much

Nicotine in cigarettes will cause poor blood circulation, accelerating hair thinning or hair loss; moderate drinking to promote blood circulation, and hair growth is favorable; excessive draining of oxygen and nutrients in the blood role.

4.2. Eat less spicy food

Eating too greasy and too spicy and ingesting too much oily food makes the sebaceous glands secrete too much and become blocked; eating too spicy things will cause dry hair; eating too sweet will speed up bacterial reproduction.

4.3. Reduce the use of mobile phones and computers

Frequently on the computer and mobile phones hair loss, the brain is easy to excite and radiation, and hair growth related to endocrine function disorders, so that the nutritional supply of hair obstacles, resulting in increased brittleness of the hair and easy to fall off.

4.4. Stay up late and exercise more

Lack of sleep is not conducive to metabolic endocrine loss, oil secretion is affected, and the burden of hair follicles increases, affecting hair growth, and seborrheic alopecia is more to understand this point. More exercise is conducive to accelerating the metabolism, and excretion of toxic substances.

4.5. Reduce the number of dyed and permed hair

Frequent hair dyeing and perming will make the hair lose its luster and elasticity and even become yellow and withered, and the hair will easily fall out due to lack of nutrients. Hair dyeing and perming intervals should be at least 3 months or more.

4.6. Keep a relaxed mind

The rejuvenation of male pattern baldness is inextricably linked to excessive stress and inadequate sleep. High stress, long-term tension, anxiety, and fatigue lead to poor sleep quality, which will aggravate hair loss. Relaxing the mind and improving the quality of sleep can help improve hair loss.

5. Tips to prevent hair loss

“Stroke your hair, grab a small handful” is how many hair loss or even hair loss people’s true portrayal. Although there is a beautiful saying that hair loss people are very smart, most of my friends of hair loss, I am afraid that they do not feel too smart, but also do not want to be very smart, right? Hairless, hair loss will make the appearance of a big discount, and a psychological inferiority complex, at this time understanding the causes of hair loss, to finding ways to prevent hair loss hair loss is very important. The following 5 points are for you to collate on the nudging anti-hair loss tips, I hope you have reference value.

  • The operator with both thumbs and thumb pressure patients on both sides of the spine of the liver point, that is, the ninth thoracic vertebrae spinous process next to open 1.5 inches, so that the patient feels some of the point of soreness, and then the operator wrist relaxation, with the forearm for the initiative to swing, drive the wrist and palm fingers for clockwise kneading 100 times, the technique should be gentle and gentle. Then use the same method to press and knead the kidney point, that is, the second lumbar vertebrae spinous process next to open 1. inch.
  • With the right thumb to press the sea point, that is, the right lower limb skeleton on the upper corner of the 2 inches, the patient feels soreness and distension when the clockwise kneading 20 times. Then use the left thumb to press the left Blood Sea point in the same way.
  • With the right thumb pressing the right Sanyinjiao point, that is, the right lower limb 3 inches above the ankle, the patient feels soreness and distension when the clockwise kneading 20 times. Then use the left thumb to press the left Sanyinjiao point in the same way.
  • Use the middle finger of the right hand to press and knead the top of the head in the middle of the Hundred Points, when the patient feels soreness and distension, make clockwise kneading 20 times.
  • With the middle finger of both hands press the occipital bone thick Chong Chong straight down between the hollow and mastoid process of the Fengchi point, and feel the soreness and distension of the clockwise kneading 20 times.

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