Exquisite wooden hair sticks

wooden hair sticks
Many people dress up without the hair accessory of wooden hair sticks.

Wooden hair sticks, also known as wooden hair pins, are a type of fashion accessory used to hold hairstyles in place. Often made of wood, they have a sophisticated design and unique shape that can both hold your hair in place and add to your style and charm.

The wood used for wooden hair sticks

1. Types of wood

Wooden hair sticks are usually made from natural woods such as sandalwood, green sandalwood, mahogany, ebony, and cherry wood. These woods have a good texture and beautiful grain and are both environmentally friendly and healthy.

2. Characteristics of wood

Wooden hair sticks made of different woods have different characteristics and styles.

  • Sandalwood: Hard texture, beautiful grain, light fragrance, anti-insect, anti-inflammatory, calming and other effects.
  • Green sandalwood: Fine texture, clear grain, bright color, strong antioxidant ability, suitable for wearing.
  • Rosewood: Hard texture, unique grain, deep color, looks noble and elegant, suitable for matching with formal occasions.
  • Ebony: Compact texture, bizarre grain, dark color, with a mysterious charm.
  • Cherry wood: Medium texture, fine grain, soft color, suitable for creating simple style hair.

The production process of wooden hair sticks

1. Selection

To make wooden hair sticks, you need to select suitable wood, such as sandalwood, green sandalwood, mahogany, and so on. These woods have good texture and beautiful grain, guaranteeing the hairpin’s quality and beauty.

2. Design

Design wooden hair sticks’ shape, size, and pattern according to the market demand and fashion trends. The designers will consider the products’ practicality, beauty, and innovation and strive to create unique products.

3. Cutting

The selected wood is cut to produce the blanks according to the design drawings. This step ensures that the wood is cut at the correct angle and size for subsequent processing.

4. Sanding

The blanks are sanded to a smooth, flawless surface. Care must be taken to avoid damaging the surface of the wood.

5. Carving

According to the design requirements, the surface of the wood is engraved with beautiful patterns and characters. This step requires excellent carving skills to ensure the clarity and beauty of the pattern.

6. Colouring

Color the wooden hair sticks according to the product style and personal preference. After coloring, the hairpin will have more personality and fashion sense.

7. Polishing

Polish the wooden hair sticks after coloring to make the surface brighter and add texture.

8. Assembly

Assemble the polished wooden hair sticks, such as installing hair sticks, carving decorations, and so on.

9. Quality inspection

Conduct quality inspection on the finished wooden hairsticks to ensure that the products meet the design and quality requirements.

Wooden hair sticks design style

1. Modern style

  • Modern-style wooden hair sticks are designed with simplicity, fashion, and practicality in mind and are suitable for modern women. They are characterized by smooth lines and simple shapes, which are both practical and add a personal touch.
  • It usually adopts clean lines and simple shapes, such as oval, diamond, geometric shapes, and so on. These designs can show modern aesthetics and satisfy women’s pursuit of fashion.
  • It is made of various materials, such as sandalwood, green sandalwood, mahogany, and so on. Wooden hair sticks made of different materials have different styles and characteristics, and consumers can choose them according to their personal preferences.
  • It is not only suitable for daily wear but also for formal occasions. Their simple design and elegant temperament can highlight women’s charm and taste.
  • It is easy to match with various hairstyles. Consumers can choose the right wooden hair sticks according to their hairstyles and occasions to create a unique personal image.

2. Classic style

  • Classic-style wooden hair sticks pursue an aesthetic of classic elegance and are inspired by the ancient tradition of hair sticks. These hair sticks are often characterized by intricate detailing and delicate craftsmanship, such as carvings and gemstones.
  • It often adopts traditional shapes such as circles, lotus flowers, phoenixes, etc. These elements represent the aesthetic symbols of classical culture, giving them a retro and classic feel.
  • The material of wooden hair sticks of the Classic style usually chooses wood with traditional characteristics, such as mahogany, ebony, etc., and the dark color and texture of these woods can enhance the classical atmosphere of the products.
  • It is suitable for formal occasions and traditional festivals, such as weddings and Chinese New Year. They not only add elegance to an individual’s look but also serve as a legacy of tradition and culture.
  • It is often handmade to ensure its fine craftsmanship and unique quality. Each piece is like a work of art, with its own unique story and value.

3. Other specialized styles

  • Apart from the Classic style, there are many other special styles of wooden hair sticks, such as Bohemian, Vintage, and Edgy.
  • Bohemian-style wooden hair sticks focus on natural and free design, often incorporating natural elements such as flowers, feathers, beads, etc., giving people a sense of relaxation and freedom.
  • Vintage-style wooden hair sticks are inspired by the fashions of a bygone era, such as the Art Deco of the 1920s or the vintage style of the 1950s. These hair sticks often have the character and style of that era.
  • Edgy-style wooden hair sticks are more avant-garde and bold, they may have irregular shapes, unique patterns, or bold color combinations for those who are looking for individuality and uniqueness.

These particular styles of wooden hair sticks not only meet the individual needs of different consumers but also add an extra dimension of personality and flair to hairstyles. Consumers can choose the right wooden hair sticks according to their preferences and styles, and express their unique charms.

How to use hair sticks?

Hair sticks, or hairpins, are tools that are inserted into the hair to hold the hairstyle in place. They are usually made of various materials, among which wooden hair sticks are favored by many people because of their natural, environmentally friendly, and aesthetic features.

The basic steps in using hair sticks are as follows:

  1. Brush your hair neatly and tie it into a ponytail or up as desired.
  2. Starting from one side of the hair, insert the hair stick into the hair as close to the scalp as possible to ensure that the hair stick is stable.
  3. Gently rotate the hair stick so that it fits snugly into the hair while adjusting the position of the hair stick until you find the perfect angle and position.
  4. After inserting the hairpin to the proper depth, gently pull out some hair to cover the hairpin for added concealment and aesthetics.
  5. Repeat on the other side of the hair, using the same number of hair sticks to maintain symmetry.
  6. When using hair sticks, be careful not to use too much force to avoid damaging the hair. Also, choose the right length of hair sticks to ensure comfort and stability.

Choosing the right hair sticks

1. Daily traveling

In daily life, you can choose simple and fashionable modern-style wooden hair sticks, whose simple design and practicality can be easily matched with various daily hairstyles.

2. Work or business occasions

For formal work or business occasions, wooden hair sticks in classic style are more suitable. They present an elegant and professional image and meet the dress code of business occasions.

3. Weddings or other special occasions

For weddings or other special occasions, choose classic-style wooden hair sticks with delicate carvings and gemstones, which add to the festive atmosphere and personal touch.

4. Party or nightclub

For casual occasions such as parties or nightclubs, choose wooden hair sticks in special styles such as Bohemian, Vintage, or Edgy. They have more personality and unique style and can make you stand out from the crowd.

5. Matching your outfit

When choosing wooden hair sticks, you should also consider matching them with your outfit. For example, if you are wearing traditional clothes, it is more appropriate to choose classic-style wooden hair sticks with traditional cultural elements; while if you are wearing modern clothes, you can choose simple modern-style hair pins.

How to care for hair sticks?

1. Cleaning

Regularly wipe wooden hair stick with a clean soft cloth to remove dust and dirt from the surface. Avoid using wet cloths or chemical cleaners that may damage the surface of the wood.

2. Drying

After use, place wooden hair sticks in a dry and ventilated place to avoid deformation and mold caused by humidity.

3. Avoid exposure to the sun

Avoid exposing wooden hair stick to sunlight for a long period to prevent the wood from drying out or discoloring.

4. Prevent collision

When storing wooden hair stick, avoid bumping them against other hard objects to avoid damaging their shape and surface.

5. Regular oiling

To maintain the lustre of wooden hair sticks and to prevent drying out, oil the surface of hair pins regularly (about once a month) with edible grade mineral oil or special oil for wooden jewelry.

6. Proper storage

Store wooden hair sticks in a safe storage box to avoid loss or damage.

Tips for accessorizing wooden hair sticks

1. Tips for matching hair sticks with clothes

1.1. Colour matching

When choosing wooden hair sticks, consider matching the color of your clothing. For example, when wearing light-colored clothes, choose light-colored or metallic wooden hair sticks; when wearing dark-colored clothes, choose dark-colored or shiny hair pins.

1.2. Style matching

Choose the appropriate wooden hair stick according to the style of the clothes, for example, when wearing traditional clothes, choose classic-style wooden hair sticks with traditional cultural elements; when wearing modern clothes, choose simple modern-style hair sticks.

1.3. Material matching

Consider how the material of the wooden hair stick matches the material of the clothing. For example, when wearing soft fabrics such as silk, choose wooden hair sticks with wood or other soft textures; when wearing hard fabrics such as denim, choose edge-style wood hair sticks with more personality.

1.4. Occasion matching

Choose the right wooden hair stick for each occasion, for example, for formal occasions, go for the elegant classic style hair pins; for casual occasions, go for the relaxed Bohemian style hair sticks.

1.5. Details

Consider how the details of the wooden hair sticks match the details of the outfit. For example, if there are floral patterns on the outfit, choose wood hair sticks with floral decorations; if the outfit has delicate details such as lace, choose delicate hair pins to complement them.

2. Tips for matching hair sticks with hairstyles

2.1. Choose according to the type of hairstyle

Different hairstyles are suitable for different types of wooden hair sticks, for example, a simple ponytail is suitable for modern wood hair sticks, while a complicated coiffure is more suitable for classic hair sticks.

2.2. Consider the position of hair sticks

The position of the hairpin will affect the overall effect of the style. Generally speaking, inserting hair sticks into the centre or side of the hair can create different styles. You can choose the appropriate position according to your face shape and hairstyle.

2.3. Adjusting hairstyles with hair sticks

Using hair sticks not only fixes the hairstyle but also can be used to adjust and modify the hairstyle. For example, hair sticks can be inserted into a bun to make it more stable; or hair sticks can be used as parting lines for hair to create a natural parting effect.

2.4. Experimenting with different wearing styles

There are many ways to wear wood hair sticks, such as horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Experiment with different ways of wearing them to create different looks and styles.

2.5. Matching hair accessories

In addition to wooden hair sticks, you can also wear other hair accessories such as hair bands and hair clips. Choosing hair accessories that coordinate with wood hair sticks can add layers and richness to the overall look.


As a fashionable hair accessory, wooden hair sticks can not only fix the hairstyle but also add to one’s temperament and charm. By understanding how wood hair sticks work with clothes and hairstyles, we can better add a unique look to our hairstyles and show off our charms. Are you excited?

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