Do you wear a sandalwood bracelet?

green sandalwood bracelet
Do you know the meaning when you wear a string of sandalwood bracelets on your hand?

Sandalwood bracelets originated in ancient India and were originally strung with beads made of sandalwood. Sandalwood is considered to have sacred properties and is widely used in religious ceremonies and meditation. Sandalwood bracelets are also used as a remedy in traditional herbal medicine and are believed to have mind-calming, air-purifying, and health-promoting properties.

How to make a sandalwood bracelet?

1. Materials and process

1.1. Material

Sandalwood: Sandalwood bracelets are mainly made of sandalwood, with a unique aroma and texture.

1.2. Production process

Wood treatment: Select high-quality sandalwood and cut it into small pieces or beads. For example, a green sandalwood bracelet.

Hand polishing: sandalwood beads are hand polished to make the surface smooth and even.

Carving process: Hand-carve sandalwood beads with patterns and decorative motifs as needed.

Wire braiding and beading: Sandalwood beads are strung into bracelets using durable wire, usually in a sturdy hand-woven method to ensure the strength and durability of the bracelet.

Different types of sandalwood bracelets

1. Traditional sandalwood bracelet

Single layer bead bracelets: traditional style, strung from sandalwood beads, simple and classic.

Nunnery Bracelet: usually with 108 beads, used in Buddhist and meditative practices, used during chanting and counting.

2. Modern sandalwood bracelets

Multi-layer bracelets: made up of multiple strands of beads to add layers and decoration.

Braided sandalwood bracelets: Sandalwood beads are braided with other materials such as twine or leather thread to present a richer and more varied appearance.

Inlaid bracelets: Sandalwood beads are inlaid with other materials such as metal, crystals, or gemstones to create a luxurious feel and unique design.

3. Customised sandalwood bracelets

Sandalwood bracelets can be customized in different sizes, shapes, and materials according to personal preferences and needs to meet individual requirements.

Some bracelets can also be paired with other auspicious objects or symbols such as Buddhist charm cards, crystals, or stones to add more meaning and significance.

Why do people like to wear sandalwood bracelets?

1. Fragrance and soothing effect

Sandalwood itself exudes a distinctive aroma which is believed to have a relaxing and soothing effect. Wearing a sandalwood bracelet allows one to feel this aroma, bringing a sense of calm and serenity that helps to relieve anxiety and stress.

2. Spirituality and faith

For some people, wearing a sandalwood bracelet represents their belief and pursuit of religion or spirituality. In religions such as Buddhism and Taoism, sandalwood is regarded as a sacred object. By wearing a sandalwood bracelet, people can feel a connection to the divine and help themselves enter a state of meditation and prayer.

3. Health and balance

Sandalwood is also believed to have properties that promote health and balance in the mind and body. The effects of the aroma can help calm thoughts, improve concentration and focus, and help alleviate insomnia problems and anxiety symptoms. As a result, some people wear sandalwood bracelets to seek inner peace and physical and mental well-being.

4. Aesthetics and fashion

In addition to the aroma and spiritual aspects, sandalwood bracelets themselves have an aesthetically pleasing appearance and attractive texture. The texture and tone of sandalwood are considered a natural and pure beauty and are gaining attention in the fashion world. Some people wear sandalwood bracelets to add to their style and demonstrate a commitment to natural materials and a sustainable lifestyle.

Overall, the reasons for wearing sandalwood bracelets vary from person to person; some may be motivated by spirituality and a quest for health and balance, while others may simply enjoy the aroma and aesthetics. Whichever the reason, sandalwood bead bracelets can play a special role in an individual’s life and provide them with a unique experience and sense of fulfillment.

Sandalwood bracelet benefits

1. Effects on physical and mental health

Sandalwood is believed to have a calming and relaxing effect, and its aroma can help to relieve anxiety, stress, and mood swings, and promote a balanced mind and body.

Some studies have shown that the aroma of sandalwood can improve the quality of sleep, aid in falling asleep, and increase the depth of sleep, helping to alleviate insomnia.

Sandalwood is also used in traditional herbal medicine to treat headaches, respiratory problems, and skin inflammation and is believed to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Religious and spiritual effects

In religious ceremonies and meditation, sandalwood bead bracelets are considered a sacred tool that helps to guide the devotee into a meditative state and deepen his or her connection with the divine.

The aroma of sandalwood bracelets is believed to purify the air and elevate the spiritual realm, helping to focus the mind, calm the heart, and increase inner strength.

Some devotees believe that wearing a sandalwood bead bracelet blesses peace, health, and happiness and represents a commitment and belief in faith and spiritual pursuits.


As a kind of jewelry with a long history and cultural tradition, the sandalwood bracelet carries a rich symbolic meaning and spiritual connotation. Not only does it have a beautiful appearance and unique aroma, but it is also believed to have the efficacy of promoting physical and mental health, balancing emotions, and enhancing spirituality. By wearing sandalwood bead bracelets, people can express their respect and belief in faith and spiritual pursuits, embodying the pursuit of inner peace and tranquillity.

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