What about the disadvantages of wooden comb?

disadvantages of wooden comb
Are wooden combs really easy to break?

Compared with other materials comb, a wooden comb with no static electricity can promote blood circulation in the head cortex, and for this reason, many people like it. But about the disadvantages of wooden comb? Do you know?

Disadvantages of wooden comb

1. Storage environment requires high

It is because the wooden comb is wooden, wood is easy to the environment of pollutants to play the role of attraction, and thus attached to the comb.
If wooden combs are not stored dry or exposed to humid environments, they are prone to mold and bacteria, which can adversely affect the scalp and hair. It is equivalent to a piece of wood that if left in a humid place for a long time, will become damp or even more so, moldy. If they are stored in an overly dry environment, they can develop cracks due to lack of water.
Therefore, the wooden comb can be improper storage environment, and easy to damage, and replacement speed affects the use.

2. Not water-resistant

Wood can swell and deform due to prolonged water immersion. If a wooden comb is accidentally soaked in water, it may lose its original shape and function. Prolonged soaking can lead to the rotting of the comb, so be sure to store it in a dry environment.

3. Regular maintenance

Wooden combs need regular maintenance, including cleaning, antiseptic treatment, etc., compared to other materials of the comb, need more extra work, always let the wooden comb deal with the best state.

4. Lead to hair loss

When using some wooden combs to comb your hair, although they can have a massaging effect on the scalp because of the “staccato” feeling, they may not be as friendly to the hair. Especially the poor quality of the comb, if the combing force is too large, often easy to pull down the hair, especially in the wet hair state, combing with a wooden comb will become very obstructed, more likely to lead to hair loss.

5. Higher price

Compared to combs made of other materials, wooden combs are usually more expensive because they are handmade and use natural wood. Unlike regular plastic combs, they can be mass-produced industrially and are relatively uncollectible.

Although wooden combs have some drawbacks, they are still preferred by many because of their natural material and unique look, while using proper care measures can minimize the appearance of these problems.

Advantages of wood comb

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