Finding your perfect match: Different types of hair combs

different types of hair combs
Different types of combs for hair. Change starts with choosing the right comb.

The comb is an item that everyone knows and can use in daily life, but many people do not understand the comb, and different types of hair combs for hair produce very different results. Which kind of comb is good to use?

Below, Geeshair introduces the comb types of comb, including single-row comb, large plate comb, nine rows of comb, and so on, to help you buy the preferred comb, with different combs out of a different you.

Different types of hair combs

1. Single row comb

Single row comb is the most common comb, mainly has wide teeth and fine teeth. Wide-toothed combs are generally used for long hair to prevent tangles and are also used when hair is wet and before blow-drying to prevent breakage, while fine-toothed combs are generally used for more delicate hairstyles.

Suitable for hairstyles

A single wide-toothed comb is good for thick, straight hair, while a single fine-toothed comb is good for different bangs or more delicate hairstyles.

Selection Tips

For the most commonly used single-row comb, convenient and easy to use is the most important, it is recommended to choose a single-row comb with wide teeth on one end and fine teeth on the other, two can be combed separately for different hairstyles, which is practical and convenient.

2. Large plate comb

The large plate comb is generally a wide rectangular or oval, before and after shampooing hair straightening, not to hurt the hair of the magic weapon. Before washing your hair, use a large comb to smooth your hair, which can effectively reduce hair loss. After washing your hair, use a large comb to smooth it first, and then blow-drying your hair will be easier, avoiding breakage of the hair and providing protection.

Suitable for hairstyles

The Big Plate Comb is ideal for long, thick hair.

Selection Tips

For hair combing before and after shampooing, it is recommended to choose a large plate comb made of cow horn, which has the effect of caring for the hair, effectively reducing hair loss, removing dandruff, and relieving itching.

3. Nine row comb

Nine rows of a comb “nine rows” is a general term, referring to the comb teeth in many rows side by side, which can penetrate the thicker long hair, if the hair is slightly curly, or unevenly thick, nine rows of combs under the teeth of the plastic cushion can be flexible to adapt to the trend of the hair, to prevent pulling the hair.

Suitable for hairstyles

The Nine Row Comb is ideal for short, fluffy hair or medium-length hairstyles.

Selection Tips

Because its main function is to focus on the end of the hair, combing, blow-drying, blow-drying, curling are very useful, so it is recommended to choose the elasticity of the plastic material to be heat-resistant, otherwise, it will not be long before the deformation of the comb teeth to be a little denser so that blowing out of the hair will have a glossy.

4. Rib comb

The rib comb as the name suggests is more like ribs, its comb frame is like a one-by-one rib, and the comb teeth are not very close, in fact, and nine rows of comb are somewhat similar to the comb, except that the comb teeth of the rib comb is more than nine comb to be a little sparse. If you have long, straight hair, a rib comb can complete your daily care.

Suitable for hairstyles

The Rib Comb is ideal for long, straight, thin hair.

Selection Tips

The small round beads on the tip of the teeth of the rib comb have the effect of massaging the scalp, stimulating blood circulation, and making the hair grow faster and better, so it is recommended that when choosing a rib comb, pick a comb with rounded teeth and a larger, smoother comb, which will reduce the damage to the scalp.

5. Cylindrical comb

A cylindrical comb is a common tool used by professional hairdressers for styling, usually used in conjunction with a hairdryer, not only to make curly hair curls but also to straighten hair and create bangs.

Suitable for hairstyles

Cylindrical combs are suitable for different types of bangs and curly hairstyles.

Selection Tips

For those who are skilled, it is recommended to choose a cylinder comb made of pig bristle for a better styling effect; for those who are less skilled, it is recommended to choose a cylinder comb made of pig bristle mixed with nylon for a good effect. Different diameters are suitable for different sizes of cylindrical combs, e.g., a diameter of 2.53cm is suitable for hair that is about 16 inches long.

6. Pointed Tail Comb

The pointed tail comb is a good helper for styling, it has a wide range of uses, most commonly used in hair parting, and layering can assist in picking and coloring hair, but also can do hair backcombing, hair, hair parting line, layering hair binding and so on.

Suitable for hairstyles

The Pointed Tail Comb is more suitable for coiffure, fluffy ponytail, and other hairstyles, it will work better.

Selection Tips

When choosing a spiked comb, because the tip of the tail is used to layer hair, pink hair, and so on, it is recommended to choose a more rounded tail to prevent damage to the scalp.

Love Tips

But for healthier hair, try a sandalwood comb.

Geeshair can help!

Static electricity from comb friction can increase hair loss. Choosing a wooden comb will reduce hair loss, and sandalwood combs reduce friction with the scalp, create a massaging effect on the scalp, protect the scalp, reduce hair loss, and stimulate healthy hair follicle development!

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