What is the difference between white hair roots and white hair ends?

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Where does grey hair start to turn grey?

Oriental hair is usually dark and shiny, but many people develop grey hair for different reasons. Nowadays, grey hair is no longer exclusive to the elderly, but many young people also develop grey hair. Therefore, many people want to know: where does grey hair start to turn grey? What is the difference between white hair roots and white hair ends?

Where does grey hair start to turn grey?

Grey hair usually starts to turn grey from the roots.

Grey hair is formed because the formation of melanin particles is impaired or cannot be transported to the hair normally, so the melanin particles contained in the medulla and the cortex of the hair are reduced or disappear, forming the condition of grey hair, which may be related to nutritional deficiencies, prolonged mental stress, ageing, etc. After the reduction of the melanin particles, the hair will gradually turn grey from the root part, and then the whole hair will turn grey slowly. The hair will gradually turn white after the melanin particles are reduced, and then the whole hair will slowly turn white.

If you have grey hair, you should be careful not to pull out the grey hair by hand, which may cause damage to the hair follicle, and in serious cases, it may also cause folliculitis. You can choose to adjust your lifestyle, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of white hair, such as ensuring adequate sleep, not staying up late at night; maintaining a relaxed mood, and appropriate release of pressure; diet can eating more beans and vegetables, such as black beans, tomatoes, spinach, etc., the formation of melanin particles in the body has a certain degree of help, can reduce the occurrence of white hair.

What is the difference between white hair roots and white hair ends?

1. The formation of different reasons

Hair root white refers to the colour of the hair roots after the hair grows out a few centimetres, while hair tail white refers to the colour of the end of the hair white.

  • Root whiteness is due to the reduction of melanocytes, resulting in insufficient pigmentation of the hair;
  • The white ends of the hair are due to the ageing of the hair, dry cracks and other reasons that lead to light colour.

2. Different impacts on the individual

  • Hair root white will often cause uneven hair colour, appearance, and age feeling;
  • The white ends of the hair will make the hair look rough and lack shine and a sense of health. These effects can sometimes leave a bad impression and reduce the beauty of your image.

What happens when the roots of grey hair turn black?

The blackening of grey hair roots may result from personal life and dietary adjustments, or it may result from drinking traditional Chinese medicine if you eat more copper-containing foods such as animal liver, kidney, shrimp and crab, nuts, dried apricots and dried beans. Foods containing more B vitamins such as cereals, beans, dried fruits, animal liver, heart, kidney, milk, eggs and leafy vegetables may gradually darken the hair.

If it is after taking a period of Chinese medicine, there may be a situation that grey hair becomes black, if the root of grey hair becomes black, it is a better phenomenon, which means that it belongs to the black hair when it grows out. At this time, we must ensure that the quality of sleep, the mental stress should not be too great, and we should have a regular life, and eat more black sesame seeds or black beans.

How to make white hair black?

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