The wrong way combing hair with wooden comb

combing hair with wooden comb
What? Benefits of combing hair with wooden comb?

The way you have been taking for granted to comb your hair every day, is it the right way? Or is it wrong? Have you ever looked deeper? With this question, let’s explore and learn.

How do you brush your hair?

Combing hair with wooden comb for health should master the correct method. Generally speaking, it should be carried out in the order from front to back, from the center to the sides, from the right and left.

  1. the right hand holding a comb, first from the head of the front hairline back to the back of the hairline, and then slowly move to the right side, and finally by the sideburns along the back of the auricle to the back of the neck.
  2. Hold the comb in your left hand and comb from the center of your head to the back of the hairline, then slowly move to the left side, and finally from the temples along the back of the ear to the nape of the neck. This way of combing can stimulate the directional meridian, foot solar bladder meridian, foot Shaoyang bile meridian, and other meridians, dredge the head of qi and blood, and invigorate the yang qi.
  3. The strength of combing hair should also be grasped and should make the scalp feel comfortable or sore, but not painful. Strength is too small, and floating on the scalp can not play a role in health; too much force, easy to damage the scalp and hair, counterproductive.
  4. The center line of the head is the Dushi meridian, and the bladder meridian, gallbladder meridian, and Sanjiao meridian are symmetrically distributed to both ends. Correct health combing method using horn comb, jade comb, or wooden comb, can be combed upright or tilted, from the front section of the hairline along the meridians of the head backward comb to the back of the neck, to the scalp heat is appropriate.

Through the combing and scraping of the head, the head produces a feeling of heat, can promote blood flow, and then makes the head and neck of the intersection of the multiple meridians through, increasing the blood supply to the head and neck, played hair care, refreshing, wake up, brightening the role of the eyes, but also to alleviate the symptoms of headache due to some chronic diseases.

A suitable time to combing hair with wooden comb

1. After waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night.

Combining hair after waking up in the morning, can make people quickly eliminate drowsiness, refresh, energetic, for the day’s work, study, and life a good start. Combing our hair before going to bed at night can help us relieve the fatigue of the day, ease brain tension, release stress, and help us fall asleep.

2. Each combing of the hair for 5 minutes to 10 minutes is appropriate.

If the time is too short, the amount of stimulation is not enough to achieve the effect of health care; if the time is too long, it may damage the skin or hair on the head.

3. Secondly

when you have time to spare, use the bluntly rounded teeth of the comb to gently knock dozens of times from the middle line of the Yin Tang acupoint in front of the hairline through the top of the Baihui acupoint to the Tianzhu acupoint of the jade pillow acupoint in the back of the hairline; the two sides of the head through the Wei acupoints, the rate of Valley acupoints, Tianchong acupoints, up to the Fengchi acupoints, the Wind House acupoints, the four Shencongs, and the mute door and other acupoints. and make

What should I pay attention to when combing my hair?

1. Combs should be cleaned regularly

Combs used for a long time will retain dirt, especially in the root and side of the comb teeth, easy to breed bacteria, and even become the infectious agent of some scalp diseases, bringing hidden health hazards.
Cleaning method: first put the comb in water or soapy water soaked for 5 minutes to 10 minutes, and then use a small brush or toothbrush along the teeth of the comb in the direction of the teeth of the comb one by one for scrubbing, and finally rinsed, placed in a ventilated place to dry can not be exposed to the sun.

2. Prevent static electricity

If the weather is dry or the hair is dry, you can spray some water or moisturizing gel on the hair, which can prevent static electricity and reduce the damage of combing on the scalp and hair.

3. Brush your hair at a good frequency

The frequency of combing hair with wooden comb should not be too fast, nor too slow, 30 ~ 35 per minute is appropriate. This frequency is more soothing and suitable for playing health care.

4. Timely replacement of combs

If you find that the comb teeth are not straight, broken, or burrs, you should replace the comb in time.

5. Do not comb hair immediately after shampooing

After shampooing, the hair is more humid, and the hair health combing time is relatively long, at this time if immediately combing hair with wooden comb is easy to damage the scalp and hair follicles. Therefore, a combing hair regimen should be arranged after the hair is completely dry.

Notification of the above popular science knowledge, I believe that the smarter you have their judgment, to be healthy, from the simple combing hair with wooden comb to start.

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